In situations, you need to determine whether or not the smaller payouts make it worthwhile to play Super Times Pay. If the payouts for a full house, flush, or any of the other hands are significantly reduced in any way, you would be better off 메이저놀이터playing regular video poker games. However, if you get a higher payback – or at least one relatively close to the normal revenge – we highly recommend playing Super Times Pay because it is an enjoyable way to try video poker.


In that game, each player is dealt a single hand of five cards, and, as is customary in card games, they must choose which cards to keep and which to throw away. From there, ordinary Triple Play machines hold the selected cards and apply them to메이저놀이터 two other hands, for three total, before giving out finished hands from three separate decks. In this way, Triple Play provides players with three different draws to try and improve the same cards, and each of the three completed hands pays out according to the usual pay table.


When you play Triple Play with the Super Hand feature turned on, the cards are handed out rather differently, and when you first begin the game, you will receive not one but three different five-card hands. When this occurs, the game chooses the hand currently considered the strongest, places it at the bottom of the pile, and then prompts players to make their standard hold or discard decision.

Players can switch between the most popular variations of video pokers, such as Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Deuces Wild, adding an extra excitement element to the experience. Hence, in essence, one Super Hand Poker machine features all of the major video poker variations while simultaneously livening up each game by transforming it into either the Triple Play or Super Hand version of itself.

Now that we’ve established that the Super Hand Poker machine we’re using supports Jacks or Better, let’s get right down to the juicy details. Because Super Hand Poker is based on the Triple Play model, the game screen you’ll be using to play will show 15 card silhouettes or spaces. These will be organized as follows: five in a row for one hand on the bottom, five more in the center, and five more on the top.


You are required to play a minimum of five coins per hand to enjoy the game as Triple Play, and you can pay an additional five coins per hand to activate the Super Hand feature. The regulations of the game state that this is the case. We will assume that the Super Hand Poker feature is always turned on because this page is devoted to Super Hand Poker and not Triple Play Poker. Just playing the standard game would cost seventy-five cents at a rate of five nickels per hand; however, to activate the Super Hand feature, we must pay twice as much. Because of this, the cost per Play at the nickel stakes is now $1.50; nonetheless, for clarity, we have outlined the varied cost per cover rates for each of the four common coin denominations below.