The gameplay of “Baldur’s Gate 3” is surprising, injecting classic role

Larian Studios held a conference in PAX East. The focus of the conference was on the already very advanced “Baldur’s Gate 3”. This is a continuation of the legend of mythical role-playing and faces a considerable challenge: to establish a franchise in today’s world Subvert the world. Computer role playing world. In 1998, Bioware used the rules in the second edition of “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D)”, and the game changed this genre forever.

However, fans have full confidence in the development of Larian Games, because the studio has an important precedent: “Divinity: Original Sin II”. In this highly acclaimed RPG, the company brought the essence of classic D&D back to the world, adding advanced customization features and rich multiplayer game features.

This game was announced by Google last summer as part of the Stadia series. In fact, the direct advertisement was broadcast through YouTube’s Google Stadia account. Although the company’s announcement of “Bald’s Gate 3” was coming a few days ago, it shows that the company believes the platform has important value. As an early access version of Steam for PC.

The result may be the opposite. It is closer to the “Divine” series than the original “Bald’s Gate”, which needs a significant makeover after more than two decades. However, many of Larian’s design decisions seem to pay tribute to the classic “D&D” game. For example, at certain relevant moments, you must roll dice to perform certain key actions. In fact, the role of the developer died from an unfortunate operation, so the demo had to be restarted.

A mind spanking intro

The original movie plot of the game, as well as all the sinister and fantastical expectations of “D&D”, show that a Mindflayer puts Placing in the eyes of various characters. They swallowed the brains of unsuspecting owners and made them illegal. Larian said that this classic franchise creature will play an important role in the game, which has never been seen before. Next, Nautilus caused damage to the city, and a group of dragons controlled by Githyankis hunted down and hunted him down.

After that, the studio entered the correct gameplay through the character creation screen. They are five, but not the final number, which includes humans, elves, wizards, priests, and warlocks. All content is mainly based on the fifth edition rules of “Dungeon and Dragon”. As always, the game is tailor-made, so the most impatient (or least customizable) players can enter immediately or spend hours on detailed customization.

The player’s personality will determine the future of the adventure and will be reflected in the dialogue. There are four or six options to choose from, depending on the character’s level and initial configuration, and is reminiscent of the recent Bioware game. Larian uses the Divinity 4.0 engine in this part of the game, leaving it behind based on the spectacular graphics. Personality will also be defined by an attitude system that may cause conflicts between peers and a criminal system that may affect reputation.

Unlike today’s type (you only need to check the development direction of franchise rights like “Final Fantasy”), and even different from the first two installments of “Bald’s Gate”, the battle will not be real-time, but shifts of. At least this is the option shown by the gameplay, although Larian once again injected “supernatural power” and game elements in real-time action into the game, such as the possibility of hiding in the dark area, more or less successful by the character Ability decision.

Actions are supplemented by throwing objects, demolishing, attacking by chance and even puzzles… All of these are taken from the most classic game of Dungeons and Dragons. This action seems to be openly aimed at fans rather than old players. types of school. There will be multiplayer games, but not visible in the presentation, there will be up to four online players, with two split screens.


Due to the commitment of more than one hundred hours, “Baldur’s Gate 3” may become one of the surprises of this type of year. This is due to the integration of classic mechanical principles and an update from Larian’s “Divinit” experience.