Baldur’s Gate 3, a myth of role-playing games

The introductory video of Baldur’s Gate III matches in intensity and drama, as did the trailer that Larian announced last year for game development. In these five exciting minutes, I saw the rise of brainstorming people who played important roles in the story, and Bowder’s Gate appeared. From the first moment to the last moment of the video, it was full of tension, fighting and Surprise.

The game director Swen Vincke showed the media some of the most important features of the game and the spirit of its development in a three-hour presentation, and impregnated the machinery in the fifth edition of “Dungeon and Warrior” Shi & Dragons, restored the importance of fellow travelers from the early Baldur’s Gate, and combined some details that were very effective in “Divine Realm: Original Sin II”

According to the plan, we can test the game in this case, but there are still too many errors in the build to play the game without problems. Vincke reports that he thinks the game will provide early access “at some point.”

Since its founding 20 years ago, Larian has been constantly evolving, with only 15 employees at the time. David Walgrave, the senior producer of the game, explained: “One of Larian’s characteristics is that he has the courage to take risks. “I remember that we worked on “Larian” ten or 12 years ago. God Realm II: Self” Draconis’ work.

Swen said,’This is an RPG, you have become a dragon.’ Everyone said that it won’t work, you can’t become a dragon, you won’t be able to enter the house, you can’t fly, they fly fast…but He always tries to come up with these ideas, they are not very small details, they are very crazy ideas. Now he thinks we are going to do Baldur’s Gate III, and people say no, but here we are. ”

Larian asked the Wizards a few years ago to take over Baldur’s Gate III.

The road to “we are here” has spread somewhat. As Walgrave explained: “We were doing “Original Sin”, which was around 2014 and didn’t say anything to anyone. We went to Seattle and asked the Wizards to send us Bowd’s Gate III. Because honestly, this is your holy grail. The next big game you want to make is Baldur’s Gate III, even though today’s kids don’t know anything about it.

The producers think the Belgian studio is not well known. “So we did “Original Sin II.” Obviously, the people of “Dungeon and Dragon” started to play and they thought:’Wow, it looks a lot like what we want to do. There are a lot of freedom, a lot of choices, and Interaction will have consequences”, one of them realized that the game was for those Belgians who came to claim Baldur’s Gate III. Just like that, they knew that we were interested and liked Original Sin II very much.

The coastal boss wanted to enter the numbers again as before. The world, and continue to be because they make video games, but now they want big people like Baldur’s Gate III. The game we are making is the next generation of movies, movies.” Walgrave was thrilled when he first came to Seattle to define games: “I’ve been playing “Dungeon and Dragon” since I was 12, and now I’m in that building…like 12 years old and old again.

Walgrave told us: “When we started using design documents, I didn’t believe what happened. I still have this feeling. In the demo you see, there will be different changes every time. When Swen first told me It’s like the first time I saw a CGI or a trailer, we made a mess of hair… We have actually improved everything, the engine, this is ours, the video… We want to make sure everything is in Under control, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge. However, we have grown a lot, from the 60s or 70s to the present 300 spread all over the world. This is not only to obtain it, but also to build it.”

This research focuses on this task. What we have seen proves that Larian is in the best condition, although those who have been waiting for 20 years should know that the updated graphics will not be the same This game is the current game. It maintains the spirit of these games, but has new rules.

Wolgrave pointed out: “We will not make games based on nostalgia, because those people no longer play video games. They are older than me or my age.” The studio hopes that 12-year-olds can also play and treat them Said that the nostalgic games are “ugly and will not work”, but he will not forget them, because Larian wants to speak to two audiences at the same time. “I think this is what makes Orriginal not like it so much.

It is a classic RPG inside, but it looks very good and easy to understand. This is a tough game, but everyone understands what happened, and The classic RPG is usually very complex, which contains a lot of text, a lot of rules, statistics, etc.,” the producer said.

In the presentation commented by the producer, you can see that there are elements directly inherited from Original Sin II in Baldur’s Gate III. Walgrave admitted: “The biggest advantage lies in technology.” “But all the rules and mechanisms are very strict D&D. What we drew from the original Sin I and II is the drop-out multiplayer game system.

The team is important, but When we manage the group and its companions in Baldur’s Gate III, it is more mature and interpersonal relationships are very important (in fact, the age level will be +18). It also comes from the “surface, fire, smoke, and fire” in “Original Sin II” Everything else”.

But now, they have become part of the game. Before that, it became more important, and now it is another feature. When you launch a fireball, it will catch fire on the ground. It’s obvious in the fifth edition of the “Dungeon” manual.”

15 characters with origin stories

Larian’s huge demo version can respond to the producer’s request. There are 15 character categories to choose from, including multiple characters with preset origins. In the demonstration, Wink chose to play the role of a vampire, dividing points between different characteristics, and then embarking on an adventure. In the original video, the plot foundation of Baldur’s Gate III has been laid.

The revival of brainstorming can put some of on someone’s head. After five days of a process called “neuropathy”, they can become pathological. The story of the game takes place one hundred years after Baldur’s Gate II. Wizards of the Coast encountered the main story, so they can consider it in the board game module. The producers said that they have published “Descent to Avno”, which is a module of the fifth edition of “The Forgotten Kingdom”, in which something happened to prepare for the events of Bowder’s Gate 3. “This is a prequel.”

Wolfgrave explained that Larian made his own contribution to the construction of the D&D world: “We decided that in 1492, the whip of thought began to rule the world and included it in the manual. Within 50 years, people will read The thinking wizard walked up to Baldur’s door.

This is what happened to us. It’s great for the Wizards to publish a book with stories we thought of. “Become a Canon. The Belgian studio freed the Wizard from the plot. Americans sometimes rejected her and explained why “but the fact is that this relationship is very, very good.”

The demo program skipped the tutorial because all the actions we saw took place outside the city center, so we found the protagonist on the east side of the Baldur gate. Larian has always made it clear that the operation will also be moved to Baldur’s Gate. From almost the beginning, the protagonist realized that his heart had changed and he could perform actions prohibited by vampires, such as in the sun.

Unfortunately, you will soon realize that the parasite inserted into the brain can also cause strange connections and new instincts, so he must fight his instincts or allow evil to invade him, all of which will affect the character’s reputation. Vincke showed how to use the third-person camera behind the character to position himself from an isometric perspective, even though the latter seemed uncomfortable.

The protagonist quickly found the first partner, and as happened a few moments in the demo, we had to decide whether to continue this relationship and travel together or even end his life. The other character has a lot of personality, and it doesn’t seem to be easy in the transaction, but he does have some skills to suggest to follow his company.

Following the D&D rules, the first battle was almost quickly completed. The checklist and certain elements of the game do have an aspect of traditional role-playing games, such as rolling dice on the screen to determine whether certain attacks are successful, or whether there is any dialogue that will be as we wish; the screen shows what is needed for a successful operation The minimum number, and the mold rotates.

The verticality of all scenes is amazing, very useful in battle, and he can change the battle process at any time; situations that seem easy will be distorted due to calculation errors, and other complex situations can use all the elements we have. To resolve. Sometimes, Vinck will place his team members in high places where he can attack from a distance, or the enemies he kicks are too close to knock them down. A certain number of spells can be cast every day, and you must sleep to replenish energy.

A strategic battle that can easily improve wit

Strategy and imagination are the key to these confrontations. At the end of this presentation, a particularly ingenious presentation took place in the basement of a broken building, although we can also cross some ceiling beams or intervene from another floor. The character is on the platform of the stone ladder and next to another wooden ladder.

The enemy walked towards him. He tried to kill one of them by breaking the rope of a huge lamp on the ceiling, but failed. He first watered the spell and then cut the power to prevent the access to the stone steps and destroy the wooden ladder, but first prevented the enemy standing next to the character from climbing up the mountain, although he solved the situation with the following method: kicking the opponent to the lower level foot.

The objects on the stage (including explosive barrels) and the stage itself therefore become active parts of the battle. Outside of combat, Baldur’s Gate III rewards and encourages exploration. The purpose of the other battle was to save a group of unprotected groups. Losing one of the NPCs means that the mission branch will be lost, even though the player does not know it.

We can use stealth to get close to the enemy-or even turn off some stage lights so that they can’t detect us-depending on the character’s ability to avoid his line of sight and be in a better position faster. Fight or move certain objects on the stage, for example, move a box to create stairs and enter another area, or some archery shot from a wall or throw the same box (or corpse) to form a protective barrier. If the character is strong enough), then Move it towards the enemy or part of the stage. It’s like everything you wanted to do in RPG years ago, and it couldn’t be done.

The demonstration also showed the effects of whipping spirits, a race with spiritual powers that can interfere with the victim’s feelings and thinking. Wolfgrave remembers that when they first went to Seattle to lay the foundation for Baldur’s Gate III, they read some D&D books. Wink saw the voices of activists and commented that it was an interesting variety, “Dragon and “Dungeon” told him: “But no one will use you to whip them, because it is difficult to do anything with them, and they cannot be defeated by mental control, and we don’t know how to use level 1 characters and “brain thugs”. Start the game”, but Larian encountered this difficulty: “There is another reason. You can’t fly like a dragon in a video game, right? The Belgian studio turned this species into the backbone of the game. “The producers believe that these challenges set us apart because we are doing things that others have not done. ”

The importance of adventure companions

In order to reassure lovers of this series, it does retain one of the characteristics of former Baldur’s Gate players: the importance of adventure companions. Walgrave pointed out: “The way you talk and interact with them is that they have their own plans and can leave, and they may not like your work.” And the essence is also preserved, “There is no doubt that this is a very dragon Dungeons, they are forgotten areas. All characters, positions, terms, magic spells, concepts must be managed with colleagues, you must consider them, if you are willing to change your way of playing or to retain some important teammates To make a decision, you must ask yourself.

When setting up the camp, it was time to chat with the companions we had at the time, learn more about the history, and develop relationships between the teams. At that moment, the protagonist decides the fate of one of his companions, and the situation may become very ugly. According to Wink, he chose a very ugly decision, “You can’t imagine how dark the game will become”, notes. In a multiplayer game, you can play up to 4 players, and they don’t have to be together, but each person can perform different actions in different parts, and there are two players who can choose to split the screen in a local multiplayer game.