Video games have come a long way, with days moving between screens between two white lines competing for points. There are developments in characters and stories. The graphics function has been improved. And the level of behavior has increased dramatically. The game’s enhanced abilities have created a bigger adventure that expands the world and offers more headroom.

Many games stand out with newspaper clippings and innovative titles in the action game genre, but only a few are the most popular in this genre. There are no best reviews, but the following games are overwhelmingly popular. In this list, only the sales recorded on the VG chart count towards the popularity of the game. In addition, it is a high octane action, but does not include first-person shooters. More or less, they are in their own category.

1. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Drake Deception is the third game in the Uncharted series, where adventurer Nathan Lake explores foreign lands, hidden temples, and fights huge criminal organizations and occasionally supernatural creatures. Drake’s deception tracks him from London to France, Syria and Yemen. Actions and adventures take place both high and low, with play sections for both adult Nathan and young and adolescent Nathan.

The game offers action without countless shootouts, wild and fast time combat sequences, extensive chase, climb and escape sequences. As a bonus, the game is multiplayer and fully expands the action. PlayStation 3 games total 6.32 million worldwide and are ranked 10th on the list.

2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The second and most popular entry of the Uncharted franchise, Thieves is, of course, next to Nathan Drake, along cliffs, caves, abandoned ruins, safe museums and very dangerous trains. This trip covers adventures as high as Istanbul, Tibet, Nepal and the Himalayas.

Characteristic among Thieves are the climbing, running, and gun-throwing actions that made the series a hit like PS3, as well as cooperative and competitive multiplayer. The game gains status as a top action title, with actions ranging from stealth stakedown to frontal fire with a firearm. It has sold 6.37 million units worldwide, slightly surpassing its successor products. And don’t worry. This is the latest Uncharted game to create lists.

3. The Legend of Zelda

Yes, not all best-selling action games are recent. Developed in 1986, this original Nintendo game is considered the oldest on the list and is the only such old game console. You can play with just six buttons, four of which were simple instructions, but the game had a massive adventure to serve the players and lots of sword fights.

All Zelda games are known for their focus on adventures, puzzles, swordplay, and special elements to conquer various enemies and temples that interfere with heroes and links. The game may seem a bit modest compared to modern action games, but it still has 6.5 million sales worldwide and has its place.

4. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Comic hero video games aren’t always the most successful, but weak attempts at movie success, in particular, prove that Batman: Arkham Asylum knows Batman the right way, the right way. did. The game introduced a powerful combat mechanic that uses the skills of the player to keep the battle at a uniform level. Different types of enemies have made combat interesting, and many of Gotham’s wicked people have consistently pushed their actions to their climax.

The action continued throughout the game, with stealth combat and tough quarterly battles. The game deserves additional credits to generate a successful franchise, but you only get credits for your sale. With sales of 7.24 million across multiple platforms, it ranks seventh.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

More modern iterations of the Zelda franchise have taken adventure to new limits and amplified action. The Twilight Princess presents a much more complex enemy than the original Nintendo title. The Wii remote acts as a sword swing control aiming at some weapons, making the action feel more realistic.

This game lets players fight many malicious things, such as familiar ones and new ones. The 3D environment makes combat more complex and intense. With hours of gameplay and a wide-open environment, the game definitely offers a wide range of action experiences. The Twilight Princess recorded worldwide sales of 6.94 million units, falling to 7th place on this list, but with GameCube, sales totaling 7.35 million units. I am playing with the Wii remote control. Of course, any fan of the Zelda franchise would guess this wasn’t the most popular.