It took longer than expected, but finally Ronimo Games‘ first interesting “AwesomeNauts” character has arrived, and all of them are sold at prices that please anyone. Yes, zero euros. Come on, it is completely free. Although this is not the only thing we have seen in this update (version 1.01), as we expected at the end of May, some aspects of the game have been improved so that the experience of all awesomenautas has been improved.

As already said, in this 17 MB patch that is already available on PS3 and Xbox 360, we will also see two new characters that we could already see when it launched its version for Mac and PC a few days ago . On the one hand, we have Derpl Zork, the nephew of Dlabl Zork (President of Zork Industry), who is stupid himself (not us, but his own creator Ronimo Games) and passionate: hunting cats. It is a tank type (same as the “old car”) and stands out due to its medium speed and attack range. This is very dangerous because it has traps and a very special turret.

On the other hand, our first girl from “AwesomeNauts”, Cocó Nebulón, also describes herself as both sexy and great. She is from the psionic race of Okeanos. She is very fast. She likes short distance offenses. She is an auxiliary and very electronic.

Awesomenauts is now Free-to-Play on Steam and this is its re-release trailer

Originally released in August 2012, “Awesomenauts” chose to introduce the formula of MOBAS and the competitive 3 vs. 3 to the classic side-scrolling platform screen. It may be difficult to explain at first, but now you can see how crazy this method is and it’s completely free.

After a period of gradual transition, “Awesomenauts” entered the free game model with the launch of its latest update. Through this game, we will be able to play the title of the game completely for free, and unlimited. Ronimo Games studio.

What about those who got “Awesomenauts” on that day? As announced earlier this month, they will be rewarded with special equipment, which new players can find in the game store.

This is 3587. Conflict unfolds in the star space, endless war between the two armies. In the struggle for the supremacy of the galaxy, they called the most powerful mercenary group in the universe: Awesomenauts!

Join an online party with your friends or enter the battlefield online in a local split screen game!

Now, the news is not over. From May 31, version 4.1 will arrive, and with it a new batch of content, including a new playable character.

Awesomenauts Assemble! Digital Collector’s Edition

Awesomenauts collection! The digital collector’s edition is here! This is the ultimate version of Awesomenauts Assemble! And it includes everything needed to become the largest mercenary among them.

In addition to the game, the Digital Collector’s Edition also includes all five characters from the Starstorm expansion and two Costume Party skin packs-a total of 18 costumes are provided for you to use with various characters!

Awesomenauts Assemble! Power Pack

Jump into the fight! Awesomenauts collection! The Power Pack contains the complete assembly of Awesomenauts! The game and “Interstellar Storm” expansion. Add five new mercenaries to your roster, unlock them from the beginning, and then bring the battle to the enemy!


That year was 3587. As the huge robot army fell into a protracted stalemate, the conflict swept across the starry sky. In order to fight for the supremacy of the galaxy, they called on the most powerful mercenary group in the universe: Awesomenauts!

Awesomenauts collection! It is an accessible MOBA in the form of a 3-on-3 action platform game. Join the online party with your friends or go to the online battlefield together in the local split screen, don’t worry about having to wait for the online match to participate in the matchmaking!