Guardians of Middle Earth

With the universe of “Lord of the Rings” and a very solid foundation. This is how the “Guardians of the Middle-earth” is presented, a MOBA style for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, which will be sold for 15 euros from December 4th.If you’re looking for gaming desk accessories, check out .

There is no doubt that the success of the MODO formula (multiplayer online battle arena) is harvested by games such as DOTA or the tenacious League of Legends. A genre where real-time action and strategy go hand in hand. In addition to cooperation, we also discussed a method to replace the classic RTS.

Many versions of this method have been released on PC, and now we also hope to make a difference on current game consoles. Under this premise, the Guardian of Middle-earth appeared. There is no keyboard or mouse, but the elements that make this type successful.

In order to protect the ancient civilization, the modified scene of Warcraft III was born (with the permission of the modified “StarCraft” map Aeon), resulting in a game style later called the “DOTA type” of video games. Later, “League of Legends” (2009) came out. This title successfully ranked among the games with the highest compatibility rate and created a community of professional players, and few people thought of the expectations of the game. Although this is the main goal of riot games. This type is booming, and Valve itself will be one of the next projects together with Dota 2.


Through this panoramic view, you can see “Guardians of Middle-Earth”, which is not exactly the first iteration from MOBA game console to game console. Not long ago, for nearly half a year, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 already had a name, hoping to bring this type of game closer to desktop platforms other than PC.

It is Awesomenauts, it is a MOBA in 2D format with a platform as a differential element. Compared with Ronimo Games’ works, “Guardians of Middle-earth” describes this genre more “fishbowl-like” and comes with the background of “Lord of the Rings”, which is for those who are not familiar with the genre. Interesting appeal. Monolith Productions left the path of the shooter through survival (conviction and fear) and entered a fantasy world, by the way, he stopped.


Tolkien strikes again

The world created by JRR Tolkien in this book series-and the Peter Jackson movie that many of us remember still fresh-came in the form of a video game, which has been happening for many years, and just Before the premiere of The Hobbit.

The idea of ​​this “Guardian of Middle-Earth” is to be able to play with dozens of iconic characters acquired from this universe. Starting from Gandalf himself, we will conduct tutorials with him to learn some game mechanics and continue to learn Other roles such as Galadriel, Gimli, Legolas, Rey Brujo, Gollum and other minor roles. As the game progresses, we can unlock more than 20.

The idea is to mix these characters in a five-player vs. five-player battle with a base on one side and the other in a limited scene. The main goal is to eliminate the competitors in front of us and destroy their base or score the most before the end of the game time (20 minutes). Work side by side and find opposing bases through the various classes forming a team-each character has a different fighting style. Therefore, we can use characters in these characters

classes: strategist , enchantress , defender , striker and warrior .

The difference is that before starting the battle, one of the most prominent characters among the elgimos characters. This has nothing to do with carrying a character like Galadriel. Three of his four attacks focused more on defense or vitality skills-such as consuming part of his life in exchange for other members of the team, increasing vitality or another vitality. The same is true for Legolas, such as being fatal at a distance. Compared with Gandalf, he has incredible tools to attack groups from closer areas.

This is why cooperation is so important. Each role has its own characteristics. You must know what role you should play on the battlefield to help the team, and should not become an obstacle. Just like an excellent MOBA, this title cannot be understood without the help of colleagues and the balance between our team.

We will continue to look for some games and test different styles until we find our own style. In addition, another advantage required by each League of Legends genre title is balance, that is, the game itself indicates “balance” to be checked when the game is loaded. Here, the Guardian of Middle-earth seems to be at the expected level.

During the meeting, we did not find any serious imbalances. Between the role and the attack, yes, the good news is that the tools that have been misused over time will not be confirmed until the community makes a decision hundreds of hours later. Or vice versa.


MOBA on consoles

Players starting from “Guardians of Middle-Earth” will find a genre in a classic format that mainly lives on the PC and is based on a five-on-five battle. In addition to the guardians of each team, we also have a series of soldiers, which are automatically generated from our base and act as advanced advance troops.

Other basic elements have also been added to these roles, such as base defense towers and certain strategic locations on the map to restore vitality. All these two types of maps-only one street map presented to us in two symmetrical forms-strain, and the friction points between the teams and the three streets are obvious, and the paths to the enemy base are different.

Except for special monsters, if we find them on the battlefield and defeat them, they will bring us extra excitement and accessory elements (they are neutral, if we disturb them, they will attack us).

Go forward with the soldiers. When we attack them from the other side, they will be the front line against other guardians or the focus of the tower, so that the enemy’s guardians will not be found and flanks around them.

If the guardians oppress us, After quickly escaping from the tower, look for the main points of rejuvenation, improve the towers, make them shoot at a higher rhythm, more power or improve other structures so that the soldiers coming out of there are better. With these simple foundations, we have a few hours of video games, and the reason is simple: all playable elements are working properly.

Each guard has many special attacks, which can be enhanced as the level increases. Usually, in the first game, we will definitely exceed the character level 14, so we will have the most authorized attacks-a total of four attacks will be performed, and the most powerful attack will be blocked until we increase the level of other attacks -Clash in the Guardians of Middle-earth for the first time before completing our skill points.

These attacks have their own range, damage and attribute characteristics, and will be charged every X seconds. When we use them, we will not be able to do it again until time passes. The skill upload format is interesting because it does not allow us to climb twice in a row under the same special attack. We will also provide multiple normal attacks for each role as needed.

On the other hand, we can put a lot of accessories on the character, these accessories can enhance the character quality we want. Therefore, we have a large number of gems, potions, relics and commands that can help us improve our attack and defense attributes, add elements such as shields, perform specific destructive attacks, display enemies to the entire map within a limited time, and increase explosions.

The chance of hitting… a large number of items are overwhelming, and we can unlock and equip them when leveling up. And we have money-earned in the game-to buy these upgrades and use them in battle. It is also important to understand how to combine these accessories with the types of characters we play. In addition, a lot of challenges and achievement titles will be unlocked based on our actions on the battlefield.

The game mode has made some modifications to the basic experience. We have five games-if you don’t participate in the game, and you can even have enough melee against a team composed entirely of CPUs, then these five games can increase the AI ​​of the CPU.

This prevents possible attacks on empty servers, which is one of the biggest concerns about online games published in a downloadable format. In the days when these titles were released, we found some games, although indeed, according to the schedule, in some cases we had to wait more than three minutes. Creating a stable online gaming community is a huge challenge for games.

Technically speaking, this is a game, it doesn’t need much, but it can correctly realize the content it wants to show. These sets are made of asphalt roads mixed with plant elements, and the most prominent are the characters, which are reproduced clearly and clearly on the stage. Everything will move with smooth animation, although sometimes the game will be a bit rush, and the action will become so chaotic, because of the light game, the circle marks the guardian’s range of motion and special effects.

The soundtrack is simply accompanied by an epic melody, and this melody is covered by the continuous action of skirmishes. When the game arrived, it was fully translated into Spanish and invoices. This allowed us to listen to phrases related to the “Lord of the Rings” universe, even though we didn’t touch anything else on the plot level, which made us think that the protagonist is who they are.