Shazam  The best DC Comics superhero

Check out the parts in 1978 and start your journey. Please allow a license to skip “Superman and the Mole Man” or Adam West’s “Batman”. Early DCs turned into meat, bones and lycra.

Under the slogan of the year, “You believe people can fly,” Richard Donner is emotional in the story of Mario Puzo, modified with names like Robert Benton and Tom Manky Witch. Presented a classic full of charisma and stratospheric cast.

DC Comics Location

Since then, the last one, the one that destroyed Goranglobas, including the fun sequel, is more difficult to defend, but the movie set in the DC Comics world has experienced extraordinary moments, but in fact Curiously, the decline of the road to disaster began with a new adventure of the new Superman (also known as the “Steel Man”) who launched the new DCEU.

Thanks to Tim Burton’s wonderful “Batman”, it takes 10 years to return from the front door to the front door with other great characters. This movie is an occasional, fearless donor movie that emphasizes the breathtaking darkness of the viewer. .. Yes, I’m talking about that scream:

Like the red cloak hero, Gotham’s hero’s success blinded wealthy Warner executives, and Joel Schumacher’s installments were weird, but damaged. Behind them are the “Steel, Steel Hero”, the sad DC car servicing basketball players, or the “Catwoman”, a movie-sized blind stick that couldn’t be an undefendable disaster. To do.

In a panorama like this, I didn’t want to pay attention to the interesting “Constantine”, but a significant portion of the obstacle was Nolan’s first job in Gotham’s service. The strange fact is that both international collections are virtually identical, separating “Batman Begins” with boxes obtained in the United States.

Subtle nostalgia charm

Believe it or not for some, “Suicide Squad” is the worst movie of any of the malicious titles I’ve ever remembered. The problem is that people make money from the turmoil.

So it’s a big leap to David F. Sandberg’s incredible title, Shazam, to know the feeling that some of us have lost, or even another important division of the public. Talk about the feelings you couldn’t do. Innocence and purity.

Shazam! That’s exactly it. And now it’s very difficult to find. First, the theme song for this movie, composed by ubiquitous Benjamin Wallfish, is a pure fanfare from somewhere near Krypton. Absolutely classic, attractive and retro. It’s a hopeful movie, enthusiasm for life, light and color don’t have to conflict with nostalgia, but that doesn’t mean we always have to watch the kids on the bike. It’s not about H & M nostalgia full of retro memories for modern posers.

No one wears a 9-inch nail T-shirt, and no one remembers the old video store chains that helped sink the business. At least in Spain.

There is a lot of nostalgia, but it’s not loud. Nostalgia here is in the form of an ideal frame, carrying you to a childhood moment when you discover a “big city adventure”, or a subtle and unobtrusive landing that could be a classic General Zod. can do. The first confrontation between a hero and a villain here is very elegant.

If you were talking about the stratospheric cast and script by the author of The Godfather, and the eternal music by John Williams, in the donor movie, you couldn’t find one, yes, about a third. But you don’t need great support. In fact, you have the most important thing you can trust. Pay attention to me.

Of light and color

Shazam! Also, the references are unobtrusive, so the only underlines are those that try to remind you that you are in the same universe as Batman or Superman. Newspaper clippings and toys. Many toys. What happens is that the main character in this story is a child, and of course it works like a charm because it makes sense.

At first glance, what looks like a mathematical formula is a brave shift to common practice that actually starts with the prologue itself and ends with a cruel, rebellious, light and color climax. Of contagious joy. I want to make us happy.