Recent rumors about Halo Infinite indicate that the game’s multiplayer game has been converted to a free-to-play game. Although the idea has been broken, 343 Industries confirmed the vulnerability and pointed out that it will move to 120 fps on Xbox Series X.

Halo is suitable for everyone. We can confirm that the Halo Infinite multiplayer game will be available for free and support 120 fps on Xbox Series X. There will be more details soon. ”

Regarding the significance of this movement to the monetization of the game, since it was announced that the game will not contain loot boxes or purchased items (these items will not affect the improvement of gameplay), the 343 industry has confirmed that it will contain decorative elements. To personalize the experience.

A few years ago, this idea seemed a bit crazy, but now it seems to be a logical and hopeful move. There are many reasons for you to bet on this model, which is likely to be a catalyst for franchising needs.

The largest player base in its history

The main point to consider is what it means for the multiplayer group. Although it has increased how much it has promised to include games in Game Pass, it is also open to Steam players in the form of free games, ensuring that there are a large number of users from day one.

We lined up to win, but this has nothing to do with Microsoft’s plan. Those who are obsessed with your multiplayer game through the free route are more likely to provide a hit for your campaign, and the cheapest way is through Game Pass.

Recent triumphs demonstrate their potential

Many recent Triple-A are imitating free multiplayer games. “Call of Duty” and its theater mode are the most obvious examples, but “Halo Infinite” exudes a feeling more like “Destiny”.

The recent Master Chief game introduction shows that 343’s idea is not to be carried out on the sequel, but to increase the game content in the next few years, which is very consistent with the results of Destiny’s attempts and the idea that Destiny 2 managed to prove feasible. .

The successful wake of Minecraft and Roblox

Perhaps facing the idea of free games, the first thing that comes to mind is the success of Fortnite, but the most important thing here is Microsoft’s experience in proposals such as Minecraft and Roblox. The Forge model is likely to become the “adult version” of content creation on those platforms.

Fortnite itself has turned in this direction in terms of creative islands and the possibility of creating games, but this aspect has not yet fully started, and Epic is forced to enhance it in the official game list. Those who have completed the creation of halo levels know the potential of the game in this regard.