PUBG Erangel map

From the best loot location to the safest area-tips on PUBG Erangel initial map

The PUBG Erangel map is the first map, so it holds a special place in the hearts of many people-especially if you win there. Fortunately, it is very interesting to visit now, forest areas, long grasses, multiple elevations, urban areas and waters complement each other. The PUBG Erangel map set the expected template, and this is for good reason-there are many coverings, the environment is diverse, and the entire place has been restored.

Although the loot is randomly distributed in PUBG, the game prioritizes risk-so you will find more and more impressive loot in cities such as major towns. This means that players usually flock to these areas in droves, leading to some intense early game shootouts.

In the guide below, we refer to these areas as “high-risk” areas, and novices may want to stick to “low-risk” areas-usually more scattered and remote, but there are more opportunities to build ordnance before entering the fire. Library.

Erangel Docks

The most recent patch added a series of piers and ports along the coast of Erangel. These not only increase the visual change of the coastline in the area, but also provide more opportunities for plunder in places where there was once only sand.

These piers are located in Novorepnoye, the ferry terminal on the southern beach of the mainland and the northern beach of Sosnovka. Each provides multiple tactical considerations, such as a lighthouse with increased elevation or a series of transport containers that can be covered.

PUBG Enrangel Map

1. Georgopol (medium-high risk)

Erangel is the largest town, but lacks modern facilities. For example, accommodation mainly consists of abandoned apartments. There are many opportunities to be robbed, and there may also be opportunities for other people to look for it, so this is a relatively dangerous place. However, if you can survive, there is a good chance of finding a vehicle, so it is worth considering when you are more experienced.

2. School, Rozhok (high risk)

The school is centrally located and most likely well-equipped, which is very popular. If you land here at the start of the game, there will be a direct battle-especially the school is an absolute death trap. Building looting may be slow, but there are always cars in nearby garages. It is located in the middle of the map, which also means that the safe area is rarely far away.

3. Quarry (medium risk)

This southwest location has a good opportunity to produce rare loot and many isolated buildings. If the safe zone falls in this way, then a good place, but open space and opportunities for conflict may pose risks.

4. Sosnova Military Base (high risk)

Perhaps the most dangerous point of descent on the entire map. It is full of rare weapons and armor, which means it is crawling with advanced players. It is also isolated in the southern part of the island, which makes it difficult to leave. Suppose you are completely alive.

5. Stalber (low risk)

A huge mountain with few trophies on top, so it is a safe starter. Come here and walk quietly, but don’t expect to find a lot of things, and don’t expect to get into the next safe area a little further.

6. The Bunkers (high risk)

There are always a lot of very strange equipment here, but there are also a series of concrete tunnels full of inflection points and corners. Oh, people are looking for all these guns. If you can come in, then luck is gone, good luck to you.

7. Novorepnoye (high risk)

The container yard/terminal is another high-risk area, because its container area is full of open areas and blind spots. A large number of buildings also means loot, making it dangerously attractive to experienced players, but the probability of finding quality equipment as well as cars and boats is high, which makes it worth the risk for some people.

8. The Crater, southwest of Lipovka (high risk)

This area of the map is basically a large hole with five warehouses, two houses and a large military building. Therefore, there are a lot of equipment here, which is a good place for complete training. However, many others have the same idea, and the recessed terrain also makes it a good place for snipers to camp, shooting at victims from a height. In short: danger.

9. The Villas (medium-high risk)

This is a small area consisting of 8 buildings. This is not a good place for loot, but its main advantage lies in its strategic significance-in an elevated area, the roof gives you a glimpse of the surrounding scenery. For a small team, hole punching and defense are perfect (assuming you have some good long-range weapons).

10. West of Novorepnoye (low risk)\

To the west of Novorepnoye, you will see a crossroad with several buildings around. It is small enough to be ignored by high-level players, but those houses mean great opportunities for equipment, and there are usually only a few cars on the road. The nearby bridge is not where you want to be late because it is usually a bottleneck when the playing area is narrow. But by getting in and clearing out as early as possible, you can have a good start.

11. North west of Lipovka (low risk)

On the northwest side of Lipkovka, above the crater, you will find several small houses. You won’t find a lot of equipment here, so it will be quiet, but it will hit enough buildings and you should carry enough broomsticks to get it started. Roads also mean good opportunities for vehicles.