Arena of Valor (Kings of Glory)

Arena of Valor (formerly known as “The King’s Strike”) is a type of MOBA where players can participate in exciting 5v5 matches with an average duration of 15 minutes. Victory usually depends on the good cooperation of all team members.

The Valor Arena control system is very suitable for touch devices. With the thumb of the left hand we can control the movement of the character, and with the thumb of the right hand we can attack and use the different abilities of the hero. Similarly, with the thumb of the left hand, we can purchase new equipment, which will be displayed under the small map in the upper left corner of the screen.

As with the usual genres, in the Valor Arena, we will find several different game modes, including the popular “Ranked” or the crazy “Valley Skirmish”, where the team will consist of three members instead of five. Similarly, we will be able to control more than 80 different characters, each with its own advantages and disadvantages and unique abilities.

There is no doubt that the Valor Arena is one of the excellent MOBAs for the Android operating system. The game not only has an overwhelming lineup of heroes and several different game modes, but also has excellent graphics and a large player base.

We want to get this trailer from the developer (Timi Studio Group) as an opportunity to test the game. Valiant Arena was launched in the European Union (EU) on August 10, 2017 after achieving great success in Asia in the third quarter of 2016. Interestingly, the European market opened earlier than the European market. US market (December 2017). According to Sensor Tower’s data, outside of Asia alone, this game has made $140 million in two years.

Arena of Valor, what is it about?

If I want to say that AOV is the MOBA of mobile phones, I am objectively right, but it cannot make the game fair. The Arena of Valor is a way of life, not just in Asia. The game sees itself as the younger brother of League of Legends. In fact, these games are very similar: the two teams try to defeat the hero and crush the opponent’s base. Once you get used to the intuitive touch screen controls, the only thing that matters is your skills.

Then there is a competitive ranking and microtransactions, that is… Warriors Arena League. First of all, AOV has ensured the security of the smartphone and tablet market and can be used on Android and IOS, but the developers are busy developing the version of Nintendo Switch, which was released in the third quarter of 2018. AOV is free, so why not try it?


Valor Arena odds

Among the German-speaking countries/regions, two betting companies stand out: Pinnacle and Betway. Both bookmakers have provided us with bets to participate in the European and North American World Championships and the two most famous leagues in Asia: King Pro League (China) and Korea King Pro League (South Korea). Valor Arena’s bets and world championship odds will be announced in late autumn. The betting markets of the two brokers allow bets on the respective winners of the game.

The top 3 bookmakers in the Arena of Valor markets

Betting on scores-Here, betting enthusiasts must bet on the correct score.

Round winner-The second most common bet is the winner of the first card. A classic pre-match bet, the odds are usually earlier than the tournament.

2/3 round champion

First blood in a round (2/3): Who gets the first blood.

The first tower in a round (2/3): The person who fought for the first tower.

Arena of Valor eSports leagues and tournaments

In addition to smaller-scale competitions, AOV became the subject of the Asian Games in 2018 and attracted much attention in the field of e-sports. From the Hong Kong qualifiers to the finals, everyone’s eyes are on AOV. In the end, China won the gold medal, Taipei won the silver medal, and Vietnam won the bronze medal. The selected format has left a deep impression, and can also be considered for use in future competitions. Eight teams participated in the three-game two-win finals and entered the finals, namely the winner and loser categories.

Out of fairness considerations, only need to criticize Indonesia’s entry, Indonesia, as the host country of the game, automatically took away the right to participate in the game. In addition, the championship was a huge success and won the title. Tencent Holdings also has a great vision for the future of e-sports. Next, we want to introduce you to the most important leagues in the Valor Arena, which are divided into regional championships and world championships.

Leagues and tournaments

Heroic Series: This year, the mobile e-sports professional league of the European Union and North America came for the first time. As of April 2018, the best teams from each region compete with each other in the 6-day competition. The winners in each region not only received a prize of $50,000, but also qualified for the Los Angeles World Championship.

Warriors World Cup Arena: AOV once again surprised us all. The developer stated that it planned and completed a perfect Western World Championship in Los Angeles and won half a million dollars in prize money. However, even if this is not the end of the vision, the developers hope to reveal more news about the future of the game in e-sports that year.