Why is PUBG so hot?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launched on steam in March this year. In just six months, it became a phenomenon-level game, with the highest number of online players surpassing veteran competitive games such as dota2 and csgo.

As a buyout game, sales continue to rise. It is understood that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has the highest number of online users in the world reaching 2.9 million, and of the 21 million sales, more than 8 million are sold domestically, which can be said to overwhelm almost all current game projects. So what is the secret behind this phenomenon-level shooting game?

1 Game background setting and big world view

Excellent and creative worldview makes this game stand out among many sandbox FPS games. The first is a group of people living on the deserted island, survive by various means, but also to fight against others. In this game, players have only one life and need to avoid killings from the remaining 99 players on the deserted island and every few minutes initiated by the system. The poison ring. The winner is the one who survives.

What are the advantages of this setting? First of all, he rationalized all the game settings. The core of all operations and competition in our game is to survive to the end. Whether you are the spear master of FPS games, or “Voldemort” waiting for your prey, or just a lost lamb in the world, you can give yourself a game. The action in the process finds a reasonable exit, but the method is determined by each. It is close enough and reasonably interprets human nature in extreme environments.

At the same time, the energy drinks, bandages, body armor, and various firearms dropped in the game make the game feel strong, close to reality, and increase the sense of reality. A good game needs to balance the reality and the virtual, and the sense of reality is insufficient. , It is difficult for players to substitute, and if virtualization is not enough, gameplay cannot be guaranteed.

The background setting of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has precisely grasped this design point, allowing players to feel immersive role-playing in every game so that they can firmly grasp the hearts of players.

2 randomness of the game

This is the most important point that makes this game so popular, and it is also the most direct point that makes this game more playable than other fps games. Random maps, random initial equipment, random item assignments, random vehicles, random encounters, random battles… and even winning streaks are very random.

How important is randomness? Randomness allows everyone to stand on the same starting line, representing infinite unknowns and endless exploration. Even if you are an fps shooting master, you may be hit home by novices with a pan hammer after landing. No one knows what the next second is, and it is even difficult to find where the shooter is. Due to the open world and irregular behavior, each player experiences different things in each game, and it is also difficult to copy. The behavior of one game goes to the next game.

This random setting allows players to desperately explore for better guns and more powerful supplies. Curiosity is human nature, and the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds meets the needs of gamers.

3 gameplay

High risk, high return, and high confrontation are the core elements of this gameplay. In essence, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds encourages players to obtain resources through confrontation and finally win the victory. Of course, players can also squat in the dark, or Voldemort or other methods or eventually win, but the game’s playability is greatly reduced, which also encourages gamers By competing with other players.

Do you want to be a coward for a lifetime or a warrior? Moreover, the constantly shrinking map, the richness of resources in the central location is greater than the borders of the wild area, which also forces the players to fight hand in hand, greatly increasing the intensity of the game. In the later stage, the stimulating effect of this high-yield is more obvious: the circle gets smaller and smaller, and the equipment obtained by killing the enemy players gets better and better. These are the subtleties of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

In general, although PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has successfully emerged, if it wants to become a truly enduring phenomenon-level game, it may have a very long way to go. But for now, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is as popular as the League of Legends, which is a miracle in itself. Finally, eat chicken tonight, see or leave!