How to choose the best gaming chair for you? It is a basic question to start, or improve the level, in the world of video games. And dedicating hours and hours to gaming is no longer a simple hobby, some do it professionally. Therefore, a fundamental accessory when putting together your set-up is a good chair. Not only will it help you stay comfortable for hours, but it can also have a positive impact on your performance.

Today, gaming chairs are designed to offer not only comfort and stability but also to create a conducive condition for playing. As we said, due to the need for players to concentrate for long hours and stay in the game with constant intensity.

How to choose the best gaming chair for you?

Therefore, you should not only consider the style but also features such as a good backrest, sturdy design, support for the neck and arms, adjustable armrests, 360-degree swivel, adjustable recline, to name the most important.

We recognize that it is difficult to find a model that perfectly meets these characteristics. But it is possible to get great models online. It will depend on your tastes, your needs, and, also, your budget.

With that said, let’s move on to see what are the main characteristics that a gamer chair should have, and why.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomics is a discipline whose purpose is to make the design of things coincide with the physiognomy of the human body. Therefore, ergonomic design is the first thing to look for when buying a gamer chair, this guarantees that when using it you do not feel any pressure point on the body. Even when you are sitting for a long time.

With a simple search, you can find chairs with an excellent ergonomic design.

A backrest that allows air circulation

Another of the essential characteristics of a gamer chair, perhaps as much as the ergonomic design, is the backrest. This is where your whole back should rest, and if it is designed in a way that allows air circulation, it will prevent the accumulation of sweat. In normal chairs, one of the most common causes of discomfort is the accumulation of sweat after sitting for a long time.

To avoid this, it is necessary that the back of the chair has a special design that allows your back to receive the necessary ventilation.

Padded lumbar support

Lumbar support is essential, as it is the lumbar region of the body that supports the most weight while sitting. There are many chairs that offer excellent lumbar support. They are available with double lumbar support for greater comfort.

Padding is also essential as it increases comfort. There are many chairs with extra padding. The padding must be present not only on the backrest but also on the armrests.

Remember that no matter what type of gamer you are, or what your body texture is, the chair you choose must always have adequate lumbar support.

Seat designed to release pressure from the legs

Paradoxically, sitting causes pressure on the legs, which after many hours can be counterproductive. Therefore, when choosing a gamer chair, you must consider the design of the seat. It should be able to release the pressure from the players’ legs, and help improve blood circulation.

A common chair does not take this into account, thus creating pressure points and restricting blood circulation. This can lead to problems like leg pain, lower back pain, etc.

A design that takes this into account can help eliminate these problems and therefore extend a comfortable seating experience for a long time. There are many examples to choose from on the Internet.

Adjustable headrest and armrests

An adjustable headrest and armrests are, in fact, features that should also be taken into account when choosing a gaming chair. While playing, or working, for long hours, the head and arms should also be kept in a comfortable position to avoid unnecessary pressure and reduce stress.

or this, look for a chair that has both an adjustable headrest and armrest. There are many models to choose from, you only need one that fits your taste and budget.

360-degree swivel capability

It seems like a no-brainer, but just like an office chair, a gamer chair must also have a 360-degree swivel installation. This will help you move freely on your desk without the need to get up.

Adjustable inclination

A chair with an adjustable tilt mechanism isn’t new, but PewDiePie certainly turned it into a meme, popularizing this feature to levels never seen before. Which has made the tilt lock mechanism a must-have when it comes to choosing a gamer illa.

This functionality will help you find a suitable playing position, staying in that position. This is a convenient and comfortable feature for gamers. Considering long gaming sessions, gamers should be in the most comfortable position possible to reduce pressure on their back, neck, arms, and shoulders.

The position must be perfect so that the player obtains the maximum comfort, and can give the best performance. There are chairs that offer this adjustable tilt function. Most chairs even have a tilt lock mechanism.

The cost of the gamer chair you are looking for depends entirely on the budget you have. However, don’t be afraid to spend it on a model that includes all the essential features.

Diablo chairs, an icon on the rise

In the market for gaming chairs, some brands have become an icon in the preference of users. Such is the case of the Diablo brand, for which we offer a brief review of the Diablo XRay gamer chair :

  • Large sizes. With large people in mind, the diablo brand launched the Diablo X-Ray L model on the online market. Reclining, this gamer chair measures 91 high x 60 wide x 48 cm deep, ideal for those who measure between 1, 70m – 1.95m.
  • High-end coating. The Diablo chairs have coverage of HDS air micro-perforations, small holes that make it breathable. Ideal for those summer days.
  • Pozabrasos 3D. This chair has 3-point adjustable armrests (vertically and from left to right). In addition, thanks to its padded base and its wide size, you will have firm, stable support, to place your arms in a natural way.
  • Robust structure for heavyweights. Thanks to the top quality materials that make up this great chair (Steel, ABS plastic, and PU leather) it is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 150 kg without flinching.