Hill Climb Racing is a very enjoyable road and platform game in which you have to try and get as far as possible in your vehicle while pulling off the occasional spectacular maneuver and collecting any coins you find along the way.

The object of the game is to get the highest score. This is normally done by driving as long as possible without bombing out while collecting all the coins you can. But you can also try to perform stunts and special moves while in the air. This is how you can really score more points.

As you play, you can keep upgrading your vehicle’s performance with all the money you’ve earned along the way. By doing so, you get to have a real road beast that you can test out in five different settings. The Arctic, the field, the desert, and the Moon are just some that are included.

Hill Climb Racing is a very entertaining game, reminiscent in some respects of the superb Extreme Road Trip. Perfect controls and addictive game mechanics amply justify the more than ten million downloads this game has already accumulated.

Frequent questions

Is Hill Climb Racing free to play?

Yes, it’s free to play Hill Climb Racing on your Android device. That said, you’ll also find in-app purchases for accessories.

Can I play Hill Climb Racing offline?

Yes, you can play Hill Climb Racing offline. You can play this game whenever and wherever you want, all thanks to its offline mode.

What vehicles does Hill Climb Racing have?

Hill Climb Racing has more than 25 vehicles that you can collect as you advance through the game. You can unlock these vehicles with real money or by playing.

How do I get money in Hill Climb Racing?

To get money in Hill Climb Racing, play lots of games and complete the secondary missions you find as you drive for extra bonuses.