Horizon Zero

“Horizon Zero Dawn” is an open world action RPG developed by Guerrilla Games. It was released on PlayStation 4 in 2017. After that, DLC “Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Earth” was released. In 2020, the PC version including the main story and DLC will be distributed for Windows.

The stage is the future 1000 years after the collapse of human civilization. The world was dominated by mechanical beasts. Players become skilled hunters, exploring the world of relics and structures of old civilizations, revealing the secrets of the world and their origins.

Overview of “Horizon Zero Dawn”

“Horizon Zero Dawn” is PlayStation 4 software developed by Guerrilla Games and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The main story “Horizon Zero Dawn” was released on March 2, 2017, and the extended content “Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Earth” was released on November 7, 2017. After that, on December 7, 2017, “Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition”, which included the main story and extended content, was released.

In addition, on August 7, 2020, the PC version containing the main story and extended content was distributed for Windows at the Steam / Epic Games store. As of the second anniversary of 2019, Guerrilla Games CEO has announced that the number of official sales worldwide has exceeded 10 million.

Also, at the event “THE FUTURE OF GAMING SHOW” that introduces the title of PlayStation 5 held on June 12, 2020, “Horizon Forbidden West” (Japanese translation: Horizon forbidden), which is the sequel to “Horizon Zero Dawn” The western part) was announced.

On September 17, 2020, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that “Horizon Forbidden West” will be compatible with PlayStation 4 and will be released at the same time as the PlayStation 5 version.

“The earth is no longer ours”-
The future 1000 years after the collapse of human civilization. The prosperous technology was lost, and humanity was retreating to the hunting life of the primitive age.

However, for some reason, mechanical beasts in the shape of animals are striding in the world. While hunting these mechanical beasts as a female hunter “Arroy”, the player explores a vast and beautiful open world and approaches his origin and the mystery of this world.

Arroy can override (hack) the machine, get information on the mechanical beast, move on the overridden machine, and fight together as an ally.

Mechanical beasts that imitate animals have elaborate and beautiful designs. Even though humankind in this world should not have such technology. Each type has its own characteristics and makes various attacks. Each time the player thinks about the weapon and strategy that suits the enemy, he hunts the mechanical beast.

Weapons include bows and spears, as well as slings, casters, ratlers, and crushing cannons. You can also destroy mechanical beasts and use their dropped weapons.

A world where the ruins of a civilization 1000 years ago are left in the beauty of nature, such as vast snow fields, high mountains, and frozen snow fields.

A mysterious world where you can get a glimpse of the aftermath of advanced civilization, even though it is like the primitive age. By exploring this world, you can discover fragments of the mystery of ancient times.

Why did humanity perish? Why is a mechanical beast born? Why am I a heretic? Who am I? Eventually, Arroy approaches the mysterious core of the world.

Synopsis and story of “Horizon Zero Dawn”

The stage is the world 1000 years after the destruction of civilization. The world 1000 years later was dominated by mechanical beasts in the shape of animals. The descendants of humankind, who survived the destruction, formed small tribes around the world, hunting and gathering and living.

Gifts from the past

The main character, Arroy, is one of the Nora tribes, but he has no mother since he was born, and is called a “maverick” by the Nora tribe. Was there.

One day Arroy wanders into the ruins, where he gets a relic of the past called “Focus.” When you put the focus on your right ear, you can see information that no one else can see.

Through Focus, Arroy has become able to experience the memory of the world 1000 years ago by playing audio data recorded during the time when Focus was used and by viewing hologram images.

The Nora tribe had a rule that they should not talk to heretics, and of course the young Arroy, who had a hard time from the tribe due to his origin, was not convinced.

“Why am I a heretic?”

Lost taught Arroy desperately asking. Every year, the Nora tribe is challenged to become a volunteer, and the elders will listen to whatever they wish for the best performers there. Since then, Arroy has been training with Lost to break through the challenges.


As an adult, Arroy is allowed to enter the Nora settlement the day before the trial. There, a messenger from Meridian has come to the land of Nora, and Arroy meets the men Elend and Olin who have come as escorts. Olin had the same focus as Arroy.

The next day, Arroy challenges the test and breaks through with the best results. However, when the cult group attacked there, many of the volunteers died.

Arroy himself is about to be killed by a mysterious assailant, but he survives because of the eaves of his father, Lost. However, Lost was caught in a big explosion and died because he was hiding Arroy.

The focus left by one of the assailants, Olin, contained a record of a short-haired woman, much like Arroy. Was Arroy targeted by the assailants because he looked like her?

Elder Tirtha takes Arroy to a mountain called the “Great Mother”, where Arroy is said to have been born. There was a hatch behind it, and when Arroy stood in front of the hatch, a mechanical voice was heard. “Scan ID. Error, corrupted alpha registry, failed to verify ID. Refusal to enter.

” The
elder perceived the machine’s voice as “Goddess’s announcement.” The great mother may have been destined to entrust her to Arroy. And in order to unravel the mystery of the world, Arroy will leave the land of the Nora tribe and travel.

City of the sun

Arroy visits Meridian, the capital of the Kaja tribe, in search of clues to Olin. Meridian is a royal nation with the king of the Kaja tribe called “King San” at the top, and the former King San, who was called the Mad King, was killed and replaced by the new King Avad. Olin’s house in Meridian is a hollow shell.

Examination reveals that the assailants had aimed at Arroy through Olin’s focus, and that Olin had his wife and children taken hostage and obeyed the assailants‘ orders.

When Olin is chased to the excavation site, he witnesses the same group of assailants who attacked the Arroys on the day of the trial, digging up an ancient machine and moving it again.

They were talking about using the machine to regain the land of Meridian. Apparently, they were supporters of the former King of Sun and were exiled from the country by the new King of Sun, Avard. The group also seemed to use focus to keep in touch. At that time, a communication from a mysterious person enters the focus of Arroy.

A mysterious person who claims to be a collaborator of Arroy cuts off communication with the cult group and creates a chance for Arroy to attack.

Arroy, who overwhelmed the group, hunted down Olin. Olin then said that the cult group of assailants was an organization called “Eclipse”, that it was a group of demon (Hades) worshipers called Shadow Caja, and that Hades “system detected a threat” when he found Arroy.

I talked about what I told Olin and others. Olin also said he had seen an image of a woman with short hair in a place called “The Creator’s Sunset,” which was certainly very similar to Arroy. Also, the man who attacked Arroy during the trial is called “Helis” and is said to be the one who leads the eclipse. Hellis was called the Reaper of Sun and was a warrior of the former King of Meridian.

Creator’s sunset

Thinking that he was being targeted because he was similar to a mysterious woman with short hair, who looked a lot like him, Arroy was in an ancient city looking for clues about the woman who looked like him.

Head to the ruins “Sunset of the Creator”. Upon arrival, a mysterious person also communicated through the focus and cooperated with “equipment prepared”.

In the depths of the ruins, Eclipse was conducting a large-scale excavation work, and an ancient armed mobile weapon called “Death Bringer” had been dug up. Unlike the mechanical beasts that roam the world, it was shaped like a fighter.

Once again, a mysterious person neutralized Eclipse’s focus and Arroy was able to defeat Death Bringer. After that, Arroy, who investigated the focus of the Eclipse executives, hears Hades’ voice saying, “He is alive. Unforgivable, unforgivable …”.

Further back in the Death Bringer excavation site, there was an ancient facility, “Faro Auto Solution,” which was closed by an ID-certified door, similar to the door in “The Great Mother.” When Arroy stands in front of the door, he is certified as “Dr. Sobeck” and the door opens. When I step inside, the machine voice says, “Dr. Sobek. The meeting with Mr. Faro was scheduled to take place 355,510 days ago.”

A lot of past data remained inside. “Faro Auto Solution” was founded by Ted Faro 1000 years ago in 2033, and is a huge company with the largest assets in the world. Manufactured robots of all genres and attracted worldwide attention. The focus that Arroy picked up at the ruins is also a product of this Faro Auto Solution. Elizabeth Sobeck was a scientist who worked for Faro for a while, designing pollution-free robots, playing a central role in environmental cleanup, and making Faro Auto Solutions the largest robotic field. However, Faro has left the company because it has become a line that emphasizes military technology.

A robot called the self-sustaining fully automatic weapon swarm, which was later called the “peacekeeper” created by Faro, has a powerful electronic warfare function, a biomass conversion mechanism that converts biological resources into fuel, and an automatic self-replication. It has exceptional functions such as restoration functions, and has been adopted by the military and companies around the world where weapons are becoming unmanned.

When the swarm’s automatic combat system malfunctioned and became out of control, Ted Faro turned to Elizabeth Sobeck for help, and the scene he was calling remains in the hologram. Elizabeth tells us that, rather than the collapse of civilization, it is in danger of extinction. A few days later, Elizabeth prepared a plan for Project: Zero Dawn and asked Faro for a sign to approve the plan.

However, the details of the plan were not given, so Arroy did not know what the plan was. How did you get over the endangered species?
The mysterious woman with short hair that Arroy had seen before was Elizabeth Sobeck. I realize that Elizabeth may be her mother, but I can’t admit that the person who lived 1000 years ago couldn’t be her mother.

When I was about to leave Faro Auto Solution, another mysterious person communicated with Arroy’s Focus. In a holographic image, he reveals himself and the name “Silence” to Arroy. Silence has been exploring the ruins for decades to find out what happened in ancient times.

However, Arroy can enter the back of the door where silence could not be entered in an instant. Silence was cooperating with Arroy for his ability to seek knowledge and touch the past.

Mourning hole

Arroy steps into the ruined “Mourning Hole” of US Robotic Army Command to discover the secrets of the Project: Zero Dawn project. There was also Eclipse here, which had just awakened Death Bringer.

Arroy defeats Eclipse and Death Bringer and watches a video of a meeting between Elizabeth Sobeck and General Jerez and other military executives at the back of HQ regarding the Swarm Runaway.

The runaway swarm was about to turn living things into fuel and destroy all life on Earth. Elizabeth seemed to ask the military to help her gain time to carry out the Zero Dawn program.

The operation, dubbed “Indomitable Victory Operation,” explains to the public that Zero Dawn is a top-secret superweapon program that saves the future and sends it to the front to save time.

However, in reality, it is no longer possible for anyone to control swarms, and in 16 months, animals and plants on the earth will be used as fuel for swarms, and it will not be in time for decryption to stop swarms. It was clearly expected.