A long time ago, the Hobbit echoes echoed, and The Shire embarked on this wonderful adventure …

The signatories miss the announcement of a new title that was still in development by one of Electronic Arts’ in-house studios.

This is a new game with a Lord of the Rings license (much more fashionable than it is today), subtitled by The White Council.


It was going to be an open-ended action RPG with plots created for that occasion.

What I promised.

It was really disappointing that Electronic Arts canceled the project and announced the title at hand instead.

New approach?

From the beginning, the Pandemic Busy Boys game is a new battlefront (a story set in the Star Wars space, where two rival factions of several soldiers close a scenario and reach a series of goals. Was defined as (fought to). The person responsible for its development quickly revealed that both games had nothing to do with it.

It’s true that there are significant similarities between the two, especially when it comes to online gaming systems, but neither.

Lord of the Rings: The conquest is logically set in Tolkien’s universe, but instead of tracking the development of the plot linearly, it involves some specific moments in the form of a battle between the two armies. I am. It is not reflected in much detail in the original work.

For example, in the first mission, you will be placed in the middle of the battle to open the first movie, and a coalition of men and elves will fight Sauron’s host (and directly with him, with a mace in hand).

Before you start, you can choose from four different units: Mage, Warrior, Ranger, and Archer. Of course, it’s not original, but each works in a completely different way on the battlefield.

For example, a warrior exerts attack power based on a combo that can be executed with a sword.

Mage has only one of these melee attacks, but has several attack, defense, and healing spells to make up for it. Of course, the e l archer destroys enemies in the distance, and browsers use stealth and attacks from behind.

However, in the face of this display of various possibilities, it is strange that at many moments development becomes a lifelong button masher and there is no strategy other than avoiding enemy attacks as much as possible and attacking everything. .. Move

In addition, death in the game (as before, there are some lives at each level and how beautiful it is) occurs in all shapes and colors, and often in the most unfair way.


This unfortunate and somewhat vague mechanic (which doesn’t mean it’s fun if you’re looking for a 3D fighter) is surrounded by great setup exercises that include two campaigns.

The first is the classic of the good guys in history. However, the second makes it possible to embody Sauron’s followers.

It’s comfort and morbid sea to kill dozens of hobbits, elves, dwarves, and other bright beings while your army (different aspects but the same unit as the hero) is destroying the idyllic Shire. ..

In addition, at certain moments of the adventure, you may stop giving life to more common characters to control some of the main characters in Tolkien’s story, such as Gandalf and Isildur.

The online mode, which can accommodate up to 16 players, was definitely the star of the game and it worked very well, but it couldn’t completely avoid the pervasive sense of confusion.

In short: Lots of packages, but unfortunately small chichas.


Not everything is kill and kill.

You will also have to complete a series of objectives.


Not only elves, humans, dwarves and more: you can also control gigantic creatures that will spread terror.


Sauron is the terrible baddie, and that’s why he dresses that weird, almost as weird as our editor-in-chief.


Reliving Tolkien’s adventures from new points of view is the game’s greatest and almost only asset.