FINAL FANTASY XII (FF12) is a PlayStation 2 exclusive role-playing game released in 2006, the 12th in the FF series. On July 13, 2017, the remastered version of “Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age” will be sold as a PS4 version.

Van, a boy who lives in a small country under the control of the empire, sneaks into the royal palace for the purpose of stealing, and is involved in the war between the great powers.


Story development like a taiga drama that follows history.

The 12th work of the FF series released in 2006.

Yasumi Matsuno, who worked on Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT), was in charge of the producer scenario.

The world view that is the stage of FF12 is also set in the same Ivalice as FFT, and the essence of FF’s past works including FFT is included everywhere in the story.

Although FF12 is an offline game, its system and events are similar to those of FF11, which is an online game.

Similar to FF11, it is newly equipped with a seamless type battle system that fights on the normal field and a gambit system that can automate the operation of battle members.

The defeated enemy will drop an item (treasure) instead of money and sell it to obtain gil.

A system in which trade items are received at the store when a specific treasure is obtained and sold.
Many trade items have a powerful effect.

In addition, rare monsters will appear if conditions are met in a specific area, and many new systems not found in the previous FF series are installed.

In addition, it is full of replay elements such as mini games and mob subjugation.

In August 2007, the “Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System” was released with system changes to the overseas version, and in the same year, the derivative title “Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wing” was released on the Nintendo DS. ..

The HD remastered version of “FINAL FANTASY 12 Zodiac Age” is scheduled to be released on July 13, 2017.

In this world called Ivalice, two major powers, the Empire Arcadia and its hostile empire Rosalia, were fighting for power.

Princess Ashe of the neutral kingdom of Dalmasca, between the two powers, loses her newly-married husband and family in the Dalmasca campaign two years ago.

Van, a boy with a dream of becoming an air pirate in Ravanasta, the capital of Dalmasca, occupied by the Arcadia Empire, sneaks into the royal palace to steal national treasures in order to blow a bubble to the consul of the empire.

There, he will fight the empire to regain his homeland with the air pirates Balflair and Fran, and the stigmatized Dalmasca general Bash and Princess Ashe.

View of the world


Mist is not an ordinary fog, but a small amount of magical energy flowing in the air, and plays an important role as living energy.

In the play of FF12, it is written as “Magic Fog”. It is usually invisible, but when the density is high, it becomes colored and visualized.

Airships can be flown using the energy of compressed mist.

Airships cannot fly in places with high mist concentrations, and monsters can become violent.

The ore called magic stone also contains a lot of mist, and magic stone is also called crystal.

Magic stones include “magic stones” that are used in everyday life, “flying stones” that have the power to float things, and “memory stones” that can record things.

Devil Stone

Destructive stones are magic stones that have enormous mist power, and unlike ordinary magic stones, they can not only release mist but also absorb it.

The legend of the three “God-given Devil Stones” used by the overlord Wraithwall, who settled Ivalice in his generation, has been handed down and is considered a legendary treasure.

There are three divine demon stones, “Akatsuki Fragment,” “Twilight Fragment,” and “Night Light Fragment,” two of which are inherited by the descendants of the Overlord, and one of which is sealed in the Overlord’s Tomb.

The “Sword of the Overlord”, which is handed down to the Wraithwall royal family, is said to be able to crush demon stones, and is said to be the only force that can counter demon stones.

It is said that the Demon Stone was cut out from the “Tenyo Cocoon” by a “contract sword” such as the “Sword of the Overlord”.


The Ocurian tribe is a race that has built up civilization from the “God’s era” before humanity prospered, and both self and others are called “God”.

He lives in the ancient city of Gilvegan, whose exact location has been unknown due to the influence of strong mists.
It is this race that created the summoned beast.

Its power is due to the demon stone cut out from the “Tenyo cocoon” that he invented, and he has used this demon stone to directly control all living things.

However, when the war broke out in Ivalice, he gave Ivalice a demon stone as a “God’s agent” to the humans chosen by Ocuria, and used the power of the demon stone to settle Ivalice.

The devil stone that Ocuria gave to humans at this time is called the god-given devil stone.

Ocuria indirectly controls Ivalice by giving demon stones to the humans of their choice.

At one point, Ocurian Venez teaches Sid, who visits Gilvegan, that the secret of the Demon Stone and the legacy of the Overlord are the legendary Devil Stone.

To obtain the wreckage stone, Sid teamed up with Vain, the son of the Emperor of the Emperor, to invade the kingdoms of Nabladia and Dalmasca.


Judge Judge Master

A special knight group under the Attorney General’s Office of the Arcadia Empire, which is said to be the guardian of the law.

The official name is the Directorate General of Public Security, which consists of 18 stations.

The 18 directors are called “judgment masters,” and a total of 2500 staff members are called “judgments.”

Judges have military auditing and command authority, and also serve as police, prosecutors, judges, and executioners in the vast territory of the Alcadia Empire.

A Waffen-SS of the Solidor family, the Emperor’s family, the Judge Master is the de facto commander of the Imperial Army.

Only 6 out of 18 judge masters appear in the play.

Synopsis / Story

Dalmasca Campaign

Ivalice, the setting of the story, is a world where magical power and scientific power coexist, with swords, magic, and airships flying around.

The two great empires that reign there, Arcadia and Rosalia.

The kingdom of Dalmasca, an independent desert nation located just between the two imperial territories, was in a festive mood with the marriage of Princess Ashe.

The princess’s opponent is Rasra, the prince of the Kingdom of Nabladia, who is also an independent country and a neighboring country.

Although it was a political marriage, the two were in love with each other.

Meanwhile, the Arcadia Empire begins to invade the kingdom of Nabladia, the hometown of Prince Rasra.

Knowing the crisis of his homeland, Rasra leaves his newly-married wife and heads for the war-torn Nabladia Kingdom with General Bash of Dalmasca.

However, Rasra is killed by an Imperial soldier during the battle.

Princess Ashe suffers the tragedy of the death of her newly-married husband, Rasra.

Nabladia was occupied by the Arcadia Empire, and Dalmasca also succumbed to the empire’s mighty forces, resulting in a de facto surrender, just as peace.

When the peace treaty between the Empire and Dalmasca was about to be signed at the Narvina Fortress in Dalmasca, a group called anti-imperial organizations invaded.
King Laminus is assassinated and the peace treaty is withdrawn by General Bash, who says, “The king is a seller who sells his country to the empire.”

It was reported that General Bash was executed, the injured Princess Ashe committed suicide, and the Dalmasca royal family was cut off for the deadly sins of the assassination of the King.

In response, Marquis Ondor, the ruler of the aerial city of Bhuerba, who has remained neutral, called for a ceasefire against the Dalmasca people who continue to resist the empire.
The people of Dalmasca, who lost their leaders, accepted this and were to be occupied by the empire.
This is called the “Dalmasca Campaign”.

At Ravanasta, the royal capital of Dalmasca

Two years later.
Under the occupation of the empire, Ravanasta, the capital of Dalmasca, was a city where war orphans lived robustly and was crowded with various races.

One day, Vain, the son of the Emperor of the Empire, will be appointed as the president of Dalmasca.
An ambitious war genius, he was seen as the next emperor.

He was a ruthless man who was willing to take care of even his brothers for his ambitions.
In his inaugural speech, Vain declares that he will improve his appearance and work together to rebuild Dalmasca in front of the Dalmasca people.

Van, a war orphan boy in Dalmasca, dreamed of becoming an air pirate in the air, driving in the air.
Van spends his days pickpocketing his Imperial soldiers and taking care of downtown orphans with his girlfriend Pannero.

His only relative, since his parents died of illness, was tortured while carrying the stigma of General Bash, the king’s assassin, and died in disappointment.
Bash and the empire were hated for him.

Van sneaks into the royal palace behind Vain’s inauguration ceremony and attempts to steal national treasures and give the empire a bubble.
The national treasure “Twilight Fragment” that Van tried to steal was a powerful demon stone.

Destructive stone is a magic stone with great power that was created by “Immortal Ocuria”, a god-like existence that led the world of Ivalice from Genesis, and once ruled Ivalice in a unified manner. It was given by Ocuria to the overlord Wraithwall.

According to folklore, Wraithwall received a “divine right of kings stone” from the gods and settled Ivalice with the power of that stone.
After that, the Demon Stone was inherited by the royal family who had the pedigree of the Overlord.
It is said that the “Shards of Luminous Light” were stored in the former Nabladia royal family, the “Twilight Fragment” that Van stole was stored in the Dalmasca royal family, and the “Dawn Fragment” was stored in the Mausoleum of the Overlord.

Van, who sneaks into the royal palace, succeeds in stealing the “fragments of twilight”, but he and his companion, Balflare, a sky pirate who also aims for the national treasure, and his companion, Fran, a Viera woman, compete for each other.
Furthermore, the liberation army, which is an anti-imperial organization, attacks there.
There, Van meets a PLA woman, Amalia.

The royal palace is in turmoil with the PLA and the Imperial soldiers who meet it.

Van, Balflair, and Fran, who are trying to escape in a hurry, are captured by the empire and imprisoned in the dungeon of Narvina Citadel.

They manage to escape the prison of Narvina Citadel.

Hidden truth, and reunion

Vans meet General Bash, who was reportedly executed, in an underground cell on his way out of prison.
Van is extremely high when he sees Bash, who is also the cause of his brother’s death, but in reality Bash is dressed in the wet clothes of the assassination of the king, and it was Bash’s twin brother and empire who actually got the king. It is said that it was Judge Gabrus, the executive officer of.

And the assassination of King Laminus was Vain’s plot.

Knowing the truth, Van rescues Bash and travels with him.
Returning to Lavanasta, Van Balflair Fran Bash reunites with Bash’s former colleague Warsla.
Worthra was trying to rescue Amalia, a PLA woman, who had been captured by the Empire.

Around that time, Pannero was kidnapped by a bounty hunter, Bagamonan, who was aiming for Balflare, and was taken to the aerial city of Buerba.

Vans try to rescue Pannero from Buerva, but Bash also accompanies Marquis Ondor, the lord of Buerba, who should know why he was falsely announced that he was executed.

Vans drive away the Bagamonan crew at Buerva.
Meanwhile, Pannero, who escaped on his own, was protected by the emperor’s son, Vain’s younger brother, Larser.

Bash meets Marquis Ondor and learns that all announcements such as Bash’s execution and Princess Ashe’s suicide were proposals of Empire Vain.

Empire turmoil

The Imperial Army, which lost its main fleet, Leviathan, was in turmoil.
Larser was thinking that the PLA and the Rosalia Empire could attack the anti-imperial forces at this opportunity.
If that happens, Ravanasta will become a battlefield and many will die.

Larser proposes to have Arche, the priest of the god city Bruomi Chase, allow Arche to become the Queen of Dalmasca.
And as the Queen of Dalmasca, she wants you to arbitrate between the Arcadia Empire and the PLA.

The arches head to Bruomi Chase and follow the convention to obtain the royal proof “Sword of the Overlord”.
However, the Arcadia Empire also attacks the god city, Bruomi Chase, and the priest Anastasis is killed.
This made it difficult to avoid the war by the coronation of Ashe.

At that time, Vane, the president of Dalmasca, was returning to the imperial capital, Arcadeis.
The Senate, the emperor’s advisory body, blamed Vain for the disappearance of the Leviathan fleet and urged Emperor Gramis to punish him.

Vain picks up his father, Emperor Gramis, and attempts to put the crime on the Senate.
Vain, who claimed to be the new emperor himself, purged the elders, suspended the authority of the Senate, and seized control of the entire army, alleging that Gramis was assassinated by the Senate.

Judge Gabrus, who was in a position to protect the emperor, had no choice but to tolerate this, but his colleague Judge Drace, who was heavily used by Emperor Gramis, suspected Vain and turned his sword.
Gabrus refuses to disobey the orders of the new emperor, Vain, and is forced to kill Judge Drace as a rebel.

Drace and Gabrus were now companions who vowed to protect the late Emperor Gramis and Larser.
At the time of his death, Drace asks Gabrus to protect Larser.
So Gabrus secretly vowed to protect Larser while following Vain.