You probably have a lot of gear. Perhaps you’ve even considered making some of it into a molle system. But before we get into how to make one yourself, let’s talk about what exactly a Molle bag is and why they’re so useful!

How to Make a Molle System for Your Gear

A molle system is a versatile and convenient way to organize your gear. It can be made from any type of material, but it’s most commonly made from nylon webbing and Velcro® brand hook-and-loop fasteners (affectionately known as “hooks”).

The name “molle” comes from the Dutch word for “glue,” which is used in construction projects such as building houses or making furniture. Molle bags are typically assembled by gluing together multiple pieces of webbing with Velcro® brand hooks attached at intervals along their lengths. The result is a single bag that has multiple pockets designed specifically for storing items like notebooks or sunglasses while still allowing them easy access when needed!

How to Make a Molle System for Your Backpack

A molle system is a great way to add extra carrying capacity, storage space, and organization to your backpack or pack. You can attach the molle system directly to your backpack or pack using Velcro straps. To make sure that everything stays centered while in use, there are also straps that you can use to adjust its position until it feels right.

The Amazing Benefits of Molle Bags

Molle bags are practical, lightweight, and easy to use. They can be used for a variety of purposes and are very versatile. These bags come in different sizes and colors so you can choose one that matches your bag or shoes perfectly.

Molle bags are also easy to clean and maintain because they don’t absorb moisture like other types of bags do – this means the inside stays dry which makes it easier for cleaning all those little crevices! The material itself is made from high-quality nylon making it durable enough for daily use without any issues at all!


In conclusion, a molle system is an excellent way to organize your gear and keep it organized. It can be used for all types of equipment, from backpacks to knives or even just water bottles. The best part about this type of bag is that it’s adaptable and can be customized according to your personal needs.