200Prize Fiesta rewards player loyalty-time spent in the game increases your chances of winning-it’s a great way to win prizes without playing. Indeed, the awarding process was prepared by an attorney. We guarantee that gambling is not included and that it complies with local laws in the United States and Europe.

Prize Fiesta is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and can also be played on Facebook and the Internet. The game was developed by Full Game Ahead and has earned over $ 1 million for the winner through a series of games such as Maze Fiesta, CoinPusher Plus, and Bang Up Box.

Earning points in Prize Fiesta is easy, difficult to achieve, and addictive. The user tries to match three similar symbols that disappear and are replaced by the game board. On the go, users choose mushrooms to fill their piggy banks.

As soon as coins are loaded into her piggyback, he enters the beautiful “Price Cave” looking for available prices for electronics, appliances, devices, and other promotional gifts. They are won and delivered to each winner’s home.

Other Prize Fiesta special features include:

  • 14 unique dreamlike worlds to play (with more on the way)
  • Exceptional graphics with fast, fluid animation
  • Fun sound and music (with a mute option for those that want to play at night, on a flight, etc.).
  • Several daily bonuses for users who happen to be playing at the right time.
  • 3 different winners per week on the app’s Facebook world contest

“It takes everything we know to make Match 3 games fun, exciting and addicting and takes the experience to a whole new level by adding great prizes to each winner. “It was,” said Yvelain Mazda of Full Game Ahead. “The feedback so far has been mostly positive. People can’t stop playing!”

Prize Fiesta is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. The application download is free. As mentioned above, there is no gambling, betting, or auctions either.

The whole game arises

Full Game Ahead has been publishing games since 2010. Since its inception, the company has added more than 3 million players to the game. FGA encourages innovation and ensures that each game offers the viewer original novelties. Millions of users trust your desire to provide dedicated customer service.

All Full Game Ahead games are designed and created by Lagoon Software, a production studio based in the Island of Mauritius. Lagoon Software and Full Game Ahead are sister companies.

About Lagoon Software

Did you know that in the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Madagascar coast, lies a tiny island called Mauritius? Do you imagine it has zebras, giant tortoises, and lemurs? Yes, it does! But it’s also home to LAGOON SOFTWARE, a small company that specializes in building game applications. Lagoon Software currently counts 9 employees and friends who like to shut themselves away in their cavern despite the paradise setting and work very hard.