Now a day’s online gaming has gained a high value. Everyone is playing online games on their mobiles, PCs, laptops, etc. Especially in this covid pandemic, online gaming has gained too much value and popularity. For too many people it has become the source of income as well. Games are always been a thing of interest for everyone for centuries. Everyone wants to become a champ in games and they are getting their struggles right by playing online games. You can download games from the play store and then you can play for free.

Some popular online games are 8 ball pools, PUBG, Shooting master.

Online gaming is a thing of interest for everyone

Online gaming has gained popularity worldwide in a short period. It has become a thing of interest for everyone especially for the young generation and also for children. But, we also see people of old age playing games due to their interest and also due to this quarantine.

 Some good things about playing online games

Everything has its good side and bad side also. Playing online games is beneficial in some aspects just like you can earn through online gaming. You can make yourself enjoy by playing online games, some online games can also boost your IQ level. You can go through too many games which are based upon educational activities these types of games are best for children.

 Online Gaming as a Source of bonding of parents with children: Online gaming also serves as a source of bonding for parents with their kids. Few online games allow two players to play simultaneously or allow two players to play in a team. If a father is playing this type of online game with his son or daughter he definitely will increase his understanding level with his son or daughter. It will make them have a strong bond.

Online gaming as a skilled developer: In recent research on online gaming, it has been proved that online gaming also works as a skilled developer. It makes the player skillful, makes him use his skills more and more, makes him more alert every time he or she plays the game he/she will be more focused.

Online gaming as a source of communication with different people: Online gaming is also playing a role in communication with different people from different countries. As in too many games, there is an option to chat with random people just like if you are playing Ludo online there is an option of chat in the game so there we can chat with different people from different countries it also helps us and make us our communication better.

Online game developer: Online games developers are earning through this platform and making a handful amount through this. Online Gaming has provided us with the best opportunity to make money make us stable on our own. The Online Gaming industry is increasing day by day. Every day thousands of new online games are coming to market. Everyone is enjoying this journey of online video gaming as a great source of income.

Some bad things or bad side of playing online games

There are also some bad things about playing online games.

First of all the biggest disadvantage of online gaming is that our physical activities have been replaced by online activities (here activities word is used for gaming). And the second biggest disadvantage is that some online games are addictive, players consume their 13 to 14 hours daily playing games without any benefits and the other thing is that as we are playing online games on our mobiles or on our PC’s or any electronic devices so the rays coming out of these devices are causing problems for eyes especially eyesight is being affected too much.

Online game effect on the study: Online gaming has a severe effect on the education of students. Students spending too much time on online gaming and paying very little attention to their studies and giving not much time to their studies. In this way, online gaming is affecting the study of students. Students getting bad grades in their exams, due to online gaming and also being depressed, and anxious due to all these.

 Balance between social life and gaming

It is necessary to maintain a suitable balance between your social life and gaming. We should spend less time playing games which are threatening our social lives.