The “Dragon in Man” series lays the foundation for its unique underworld life story and various small games in the game.

In addition, the characters are vivid and three-dimensional, so it has always been popular in Asia.

And “Fist of the North Star” is a well-known old-fashioned fighting comic, depicting the end of the 199X century, the earth due to nuclear war, the human living environment tends to collapse, the descendant of the North Star Fist-Kenshiro is desperate and destroyed here An adventure story about finding a lover on the land of the world, and punishing evil through the Fist of the North Star.

The combination of Renlong and Beidou can be said to be unexpected, but this is how it happened.

“Human Beidou” very interestingly inherited the setting and background of the original “Fist of the Beidou”, but it was an original one.

It still has a Beidou flavor, a bright, concise, and turbulent story (of course, the rationality of some of the sections does not need to be delved into, the program effect), and at the same time it completely inherits the rich mini-game features of “Dragon in Man”.

Making trouble in the hotel? You have only three seconds left in your life.

Let’s play baseball, I swing and you are the ball.

Beidou Bailie shake! Originally, Master Longquan also teaches bartending

Human-dragon combat system with an enhanced sense of Beidou

The combat system of “Beidou in Man” is probably based on the old-time “Dragon in Man” infrastructure. Of course, this approach has disadvantages and advantages; for example, the original locking system of “Dragon in Man” is no longer convenient There are many melee battles, and the scale of the melee in “Beidou in Man” is much larger than that in “Dragon in Man”.

Therefore, the lock system problem of the old era has to be amplified in this game, and the protagonist Kenshiro is a Superman fighting The boxer’s sense of rigidity and smoothness of operation is the same as that of Kiryu Ichimura, who is an ordinary citizen, and so on.

These are some minor problems that were directly transferred to the dragon fighting system according to the scriptures, but overall except for inheritance The original human-dragon fighting system has a good hit feeling, and it also retains a good game experience that the more abilities are unlocked in the later stage, the more fierce and comfortable the fight is.

In addition to being built on the basis of a combat system, “Beidou” has been updated and added a series of “secret hole actions”.

Through the secret hole, it inherits the setting of the background of the original “Fist of the Beidou” except for acupuncture.

Original designs such as paralysis or direct detonation of the human body by infusing energy through the meridians can also use a series of profound moves of the Beidou Shenquan, which can be said to be gorgeous and refreshing.

It is at this time that the “Human Beidou” is on the fighting system. One of its biggest selling points is worthy of in-depth study.

Of course, the most well-known Beidou Hundred Crack Boxing is also included. More than rich, not caring enough

On the whole, the game content of the game “Human Beidou” is not only sincere but also quite rich.

In addition to the entire storyline that is rewritten and the mainline of the story is destroyed, and the combat system that does combine the characteristics of both parties, it also adds an open-world desert.

Wilderness allows you to explore well, and the mini-games and various storylines in the game can be said to be very dazzling and sincere, but there is a problem with “Beidou” this time, which may not be acceptable to everyone.

There is a saying called “Green vegetables and carrots, each has its own advantages.” In today’s “Human Beidou” game, many of the mini-games and branches are just to fry vegetables and carrots together. Take it for granted.

The mini-game system is quite rich and huge, just like even if you enter a high-end restaurant, you may not like all the dishes in it. Basically, the situation in “Human Beidou” is similar. It is unlikely that every player will be 100% sure. I like all the small game systems on it.

If you are a person who likes greens and radishes, you can eat together happily, no problem, but if you only like to eat one of the dishes, you will be forced to eat the other dishes. This is the problem.

In fact, this problem is not a big deal in “Human Beidou”. Let’s take an example.

I just want to recover the limited-time treasure map given in the game, so I am half forced to explore the poorly made reader.

Exploring the wilderness with a prosperous pace in the spring and the system, and I don’t want to explore the wilderness to really explore thoroughly.

I was on the way to the treasure location, but because there were huge rocks or quicksand blocking the way, I was forced to play first.

Time did not want to play a wild rally car race to unlock the equipment that passed the roadblock, and it is not the unlocked equipment that can be used immediately, the unlocked equipment must be collected through various channels to collect materials and repair before it can be used;

Or maybe you want to solve Lin’er’s story, and you have to be forced to solve the boring “Businessman Aquan” running errands and shopping branches, and the task of shopping payment is not just running errands.

To unlock our shopping goals, we need to spend first. Play bartender games and so on for a few hours.

The more monotonous the later, and maliciously drag your time to explore the wilderness

It’s the same sentence, the greens and carrots have their own advantages.

If you are a fan of greens and carrots, or you are a diehard fan of the Renlong series and want to challenge the hidden boss so you are used to having all the branches, there is no problem, but If you only like to eat one of the dishes, but you are forced to eat several other dishes that you are not interested in, not to mention that “Ren Zhong Beidou” is a half new IP, so there are many new ones in it. The degree of system completion is not high at all.

For example, the wilderness exploration and businessman Aquan mentioned here are two examples, which are equivalent to the dishes we are forced to eat, some of which are not even cooked at all.

It’s just the problem, and it ruins the game experience.

Disadvantages and advantages, they are all very sincere works

Generally speaking, “Human Beidou” as a half-new IP, is indeed based on the already good and stable old foundation and has developed its own uniqueness.

In addition, the overall content can inherit existing resources and systems. , So the richness is guaranteed.

Therefore, if you are still waiting to see whether this game is good or bad, in addition to the fact that the combat system and the main story are really well completed, it is recommended to see if other small game systems are enough for your appetite.

After all, to some extent, The mini-game is still one of the main products of this product; and if you are an iron fan of the “Dragon in Man” series, this time “The Big Dipper in Man” is based on the details of Kenshiro’s daily life and plot development.

It is still full of dragon flavor, you will love it.

As a digression, the female character’s appearance rate in “The Big Dipper” is quite good this time, and it seems that they have not offended the modeler.

On the whole, the shortcomings and advantages of “Human Beidou” are quite clear, and it is a work that is very emotional to play.

If the sequel can improve these conspicuous shortcomings, people will still look forward to the future development and sale of the sequel. , Especially “Ren Zhong Bei Dou” is considered to be cross-industry cooperation in this series of Ren Zhong.

It has written a new page to let the market know that it is not only the Wushuang series that can engage in cross-IP cooperation.

It also makes people curious that SEGA will be released next. What kind of dishes are facing the home computer amusement market that has improved slightly in recent years.