Today the gaming industry has taken a large step forward in terms of graphics design. Almost every house has a console or a PC where people spend their time gaming casually or competitively. The next-gen consoles and continuing growth of PC performance mean that developers can create mind-blowing realistic games that look almost real.

The streamers today upload their gameplay videos on different video-sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Often times they need a graphic designer on daily basis to edit their gaming video thumbnail. Gaming video thumbnails need to be eye-catching and clickbaitable. They need photo retouching and clipping path to create such clickbaitable thumbnails for their daily videos. The gamers personally do not have time after streaming for 6 hours daily. Thus often time they reach out to freelancers or photo retouching companies to help them with their photo retouching needs.

Here is why you as a gamer/ streamer need photo editing-

To grow your community- Let’s imaging you are a beginner streamer and you want to grow your audience and become famous in the gaming community but to do that you need lucrative photos that will make people want to click on your videos. Having dull and boring video thumbnails makes you look like an amateur and people usually do not click on dull-looking video thumbnails.

Besides that because of the recent boom in the gaming and streaming industry, there is more competition now. So, unless you stand out with your content and your brand, you will never gain an audience that daily watches your videos. Photo editing companies can use a clipping path photo editing to clip out key moments in your gaming video and then retouch the photo in such a way that your thumbnails look unique and clickable.

It could lead to a job/sponsor- When you are a streamer your goal is to build a community for yourself that religiously watch your videos. For that, you need to build a lucrative brand image of yourself. With time if you are able to grow a community you can gain the attention of big brands who might sponsor your content. For that, you need professional photo retouching to build your brand.

Social media and brand photo editing- It’s very important to optimize every gamer’s social media platform professionally to generate more impressions. And for that, you need to design professional banners and social media posts. Normally when you upload an image by taking a screenshot or download it from toddling its looks regular photo, you need to add some retouching effect from Photoshop to increase your image quality and a professional graphics designer knows better how to design you every posted image for your social media.

Gamers/ streamers need to build a professional social media brand to grow their community. To do so they need to go on photo shoots for their sponsors. Photo editing companies can photo retouch RAW photos of the streamers and make it look professional and attractive to the audience. Photo editing can also help streamers establish a similar theme in their social media that make their profile look unique.


To sum it up photo editing industry has a large part to play in the gaming industry and most people have not realized that yet. With the revelation of the gaming community, you as a streamer absolutely need to stand out to rise to the top. To achieve your dreams you need the help of professional graphic designers to edit photos for you so that you can focus on what’s most important that is communicating with your community and play games.