Genshin Impact appears to have appeared out of nowhere. It was unknown a month ago. Now, it is the topic of gaming Twitter and subways across New York. It has made more than $100m (PS75m), making it one of the most successful Chinese games companies to enter the international market. It’s a perfect game, which looks, sounds, and feels expensive but is free to download – at most, at face value.

Genshin Impact, a role-playing game that looks a lot like Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has a large world full of beautiful vistas for you to explore via running, climbing, and gliding. Although the appearance may be identical, the feeling is quite different. Breath of the Wild’s aesthetic focuses on the beauty, solitude, and wonder of nature. Genshin is the theme park version of this. Genshin is a far cry from BotW, which was content to hint at hidden treasures while leaving vast spaces between. Instead of walking 30 seconds in Buy Genshin Impact account and not stepping on a mysterious object or glowing object, it’s impossible to go 30 minutes without bumping into something. It’s dangerously easy to keep playing with the endless stream of weapons, trinkets and crafting materials, as well as coins, characters, and pendants.

Genshin’s greatest strength is in combat. It’s nearly as complicated as a combination-heavy fighting game. Each character has elemental moves (fire and water) that can be combined to create unique effects. For example, hitting an enemy with water followed immediately by ice will instantly freeze them. This is combined with the usual attacks, dodging, special moves and switching between anime-styled characters during battle, creating engaging fights that will test your reflexes as well as your planning.

However, the catch is that players are encouraged to pay to be eligible for new characters. The Japanese term for this business model is “gacha”, which refers to the gachapon vending machines randomly distributing small toys in plastic spheres. These are what we refer to as loot boxes. Genshin Impact offers a wide range of custom currencies that you can earn slowly by playing the game. Or, you can give your credit card details now to get a roll of the dice and a dopamine boost straight to the brain.

Many loot boxes are already present in the current gaming landscape, including the Fifa and the Avengers. Genshin, however, is relatively mild by these standards. There is no “difficulty wall” that makes it impossible to play the game without spending money. Developer miHoYo, a Chinese company, is legally bound to publish the low chances of getting rare characters. It’s also legally compelled to censor any anti-CCP messaging to ensure there’s at most some transparency.

However, the games industry attempts to defend these monetization methods. This is essentially gambling where virtual trinkets are won instead of real money. This insidious practice ruins Genshin’s cheerful-go-lucky spirit. Each chest that is opened, each dungeon completed, and every level achieved earns you fake fun bucks, which you can use to buy the dice. You can’t explore an excellent character’s backstory if they don’t appear on your next pull of a lever. It also restricts your rewards later in the game based upon a timer, unless you spend a few dollars to get around it.



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