Black Ops: Cold War is the 19th installment in the world-renowned Call of Duty franchise and generates incredible excitement during the months before the launch. But, Activision has repeatedly shown that they aren’t concerned about cheaters taking over the PC versions of the game. This is something that has been a constant issue for a long time now.

A mere week since its launch, Black Ops: Cold War is already rife with hackers and cheaters. Gamers who’ve been fans of the Call of Duty franchise for longer understand that this is the norm for every newly released Activision game for PC. However, this isn’t the case. Hacks for Black Ops: Cold War hacks were available nearly right after the game was released, much more quickly than prior games.

At the moment, hackers are raging in The PC versions of the game. As long as Steam decides to get rid of Activision’s mess and begin rolling out bans on accounts, you’ll have to contend with hacker attacks in your lobby. Here, we’ll give you an overview of the most well-known hacks, the types of attacks you can be expecting from them as well as how to recognize the signs.

God Mode

God mode is exactly just what its name implies. It provides a player with invincibility as well as other perks that be enjoyed. The majority of god mode hacks include options like “no clip”, which lets players walk across barriers, walls and other obstacles, as well as “infinite ammo”, which gives the player… as well an endless amount of ammunition, and typically it is possible to continue firing without needing to recharge.

The hack used by the player chooses to use god mode could perform different tasks. However, the above hacks are a feature of nearly every god mode hack currently available. These hacks aren’t so common in the latest Call of Duty aimbot Cold War yet, but we can expect them to be short as the first group of hackers get bored of their aimbots and wallhacks.


The aimbot is among the commonly employed hacks and is featured in the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. An aimbot can take on the primary job of aiming and firing at enemies with no user interaction at all.

If you come across a target bot, there’s nothing you can do other than hoping for a very fortunate stun grenade attack to kill them. You can identify an aimbot user based on the way their aim snaps in straight to their target with an incredible degree of precision. Aimbots will often begin aiming towards you before you can even notice them, which results in instant death once they hit their targets.


Wallhacks permit users to observe enemies through walls throughout every area. So, unless you happen to find an opportunity to spawn at a certain point and then sneaks through the wall, wallhack users are always ready to face the enemy. However, when compared to aimbot, it’s at the very least possible to be successful in a gunfight against wallhack users, which means you stand a greater chance of getting them killed.

Finding a wallhack is straightforward. A majority of people will aim at any enemy encountered, leaving no doubt on their ability to see through walls. However, advanced users can conceal their hacks more effectively be aware of your killcams to determine whether a person is hacking walls.

It is also important to remember that extremely competent players often appear to be committing wallhacks because they pay close attention to the sound of gunfire, footsteps and other noises that assist them in determining where their adversaries are constantly. However, if someone is aiming at you before you, it’s not necessarily an indicator of wallhacking.


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