Get ready for a Season packed to the brim with free content, with the biggest Warzone map additions yet, four multiplayer maps, new Operators, and a full content-packed Battle Pass system, including two free weapons and other items. that you can unlock.

As the chaos intensifies in Verdansk and the Armistice alliance reaches unbearable tension, new forces join the conflict. Despite appearing to be acting independently on its own rules, Shadow Company is striking and explosive in the world of modern warfare by transmitting a message and falling into fashion to strengthen the coalition. Is showing.

Welcome to the fifth season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

In addition to the inside of the station, the Infinity Ward Studio incorporates a huge freight train, and when the stadium doors open, the Warzone map play area expands, providing ample updates. A constant movement that can be used as a basis for manipulation. And not only that. Enjoy four new multiplayer maps on launch day. A new ground war experience, two 6v6 maps, and a gunfight map designed for enthusiastic combat.

Of course, this enormous amount of content comes with a powerful battle path system with new game modes for both multiplayer and Warzone, plus lots of content available for free.

Here are some of the new modes, maps, and other updates this season.

Warzone content: Verdansk opens the door

Break into the stadium

As you may have noticed, the National Acropolis Stadium (that is, Verdansk Stadium) has many new visitors. This is because the Shadow Company signaled its existence through an explosive breakthrough from the roof. Consider and plan this huge superstructure strategy, including a field surrounded by rows of seats, an additional underground car park, a lobby with a food stand, and some other internal confluence and entrance to the field. It’s time to reconsider. What can I do and who can challenge the controls?

There is a turmoil at the station

The stadium is not the only large venue accessible from inside. The impressive and luxuriously decorated Belldansk Station is also open to operators. The station building has many internal locations for exploring, all connected to the main ticket office and platform. This will significantly change the look, feel, and tactical focus of this area and its surroundings on the Warzone map.

Freight Trains: A Trip with Epic Conflicts

A large freight train is in motion for destruction. You and your fellow operators can use this huge vehicle to gain tactical benefits! The train runs along with one of the main tracks that surrounds the southwestern part of Verdansk, forming a large circle. If a team could control a train and defend it with additional vehicles and heavy weapons, it could serve as a focal point for defenses or firefights, or even a source of astonishing casualties.

Reaching the Top: Outer Ascension

Need to get rid of some annoying snipers? In the past, when navigating within a multi-story building (usually the Tvorsk district of the city center), a vertical zip line inside the elevator shaft was used to reach the top quickly. You will find additional external ancestors strategically scattered throughout Verdansk. They are primarily mounted on the outside of skyscrapers, which allows you to get the height and tactical benefits from different angles at unprecedented speeds.

Warzone modes, weapon changes, and other news

Royale mini: This mode condenses the more chaotic elements of the main battle royale mode into a faster section of chaotic, nearly constant combat at a faster pace. Royale mini will reduce the number of operators sent to Verdansk but will speed up the BR experience. There’s only a quick five minutes to the first and last minutes of a regular BR game, so there’s a quick rollout, constant movement, and reaching strategy. A lot of casualties came out, and it was a short victory.

Weapon Rotation-Weapons on the ground or in the supply crate has been meticulously updated to allow squads to adopt new supply tactics before they drop their weapons. On the Verdansk tour you can find 8 common variations, 13 rares, 15 rares, 19 exceptions, and 25 legends.

War Marches-Enjoy different MW trucks as you traverse Verdansk in War Marches available in the Battle Pass. Enhance your Warzone experience with three exclusive songs, including a fast-paced tomb. If you equip a particular vehicle with a team in the vehicle’s personalization menu (such as Battle Horn), the music will play as soon as you enter. The song guides you to pursue your main objective of survival, as your entire team can hear the song while you drive. Buy a Battle Pass to unlock all three marches immediately.

Free Multiplayer Access Extended Weekend:

Users of the free version of Warzone can enjoy Modern Warfare Multiplayer from August 7th at 7:00 pm PST to August 12th at 7:00 pm PST. Fight on 5 multiplayer maps, including the new Suldal Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig this season. The playlist becomes a map pit that combines team duel mode with objective mode, where you can find different conflicts and tactics each time you play.

Modern Warfare content: new maps, modes, all free

4 free multiplayer maps in a new environment

If you have the full version of Modern Warfare, we’ve expanded the map content accordingly. In the fifth season, you can play on four new maps. All of them offer you new destinations and test your skills in all major modes from shootouts to ground wars:

 Livestock-Shoot Out (available from the beginning of the season)

Don’t be fooled by this idyllic and idyllic setting-the fastest and most insane firefighting scene seen in modern warfare.

A rural complex spread around a central barn, allowing operators to cover it with hay bales and farm equipment scattered across the map. The simplicity of the design is misleading. Discover an entire network of lateral routes going into or around the barn, designed primarily for high-speed close combat.

Petrov Oil Rig-Multiplayer (available from the beginning of the season)

The vast 6v6 battle awaits you across a giant oil rig perched on ice water in a classified maritime location, far from the usual modern war setting. Due to ongoing hostilities between the Allied and Union forces, the recently abandoned rig is surrounded by deep muddy water, freighters, docked submarines, other oil rigs, and distant glaciers.

The new map is divided into five different parts, where players start on the other side of the platform: the lifeboat rally point or helipad. There are other areas to explore such as the Central Bridge, indoor cafes, oil warehouses, and large drilling rigs.

There are combats close to medium range and longer lines of sight offer the opportunity to use precision or tactical rifles to counter short and medium-range weapons.

Suldal Harbor-Multiplayer (available early in the season)

Map fans and veterans will recognize this classic map from the series’ first multiplayer experience, but others will discover it in Season 5. On this mid-sized 6v6 map in the Middle East port, operators will tour different buildings and coastal locations such as fish markets, shipping areas, and weathered management buildings. The harbor is located in a large port city with medieval castles built on distant cliffs, but you have little time to see the scenery.

If you’re going to flank or defend your target, dig into the harbor buildings, but don’t be surprised to ignore the corners. The main flow of the map is determined by the violence that occurs at the bottleneck between the cargo area and the fish market.

This means that operators carrying shotguns, submachine guns, or assault rifles to the harbor may have less of a problem ejecting enemies from the side, as longer-range weapons are more useful in certain critical areas of the map. There is a possibility. Do you need to defend especially narrow bottlenecks and prevent enemies from reaching their targets? You may want to carry a long-range rifle (Assault, Precision, or Tactical) with an optional expansion magazine or light machine gun.

Verdonk International Airport-Ground War (available from the beginning of the season)

If you prefer full-fledged combat, be prepared to see Beldansk International Airport in a new way like never before. Previously only accepting arrivals in Warzone, this Ground War map is set in and around the airport. The area includes the interior of the airport, the parking lot, the adjoining apartment complex, and the entrance to the subway, as well as the hangars located on the eastern edge of the map.

Whatever your style of play, there are always places where you gain major tactical benefits. If you want to run, shoot or fight at close range, explore the airport and fight at the airport, from the mezzanine to the maintenance corridor. And luggage carrier. You can also go to the parking lot and look for high places or hidden places in the wreckage of burned cars. You may be interested in evacuating into the main building and hunting.

Do you want to shoot from a long-distance? Stay on the rooftop, especially on the apartment building. Also, in many outdoor spaces, moving from one capture point to another captures squad action and firefighting moments. With the available tanks and armor, these will be enhanced.

Much more free content: multiplayer modes and missions

Season 5 will also feature new game modes and playlists, jackpots and other additional updates. The programmed content is:

Essential: Want to focus on live combat? Well, the essential tests: DPE, dominance, CG, hotspots, and rotation of rows were confirmed with the same rules as before, except for one important detail. No streak kills field upgrades, perks.

Search and Destroy Double-This variant of the game mode includes elements of the classic Search and Destroy. The team must place a demolition load in the enemy’s arsenal. The difference is that this time the risk increases with the scale of the challenge. It’s 12v12 instead of the usual 6v6. There are tactics and mayhem!

Season 5 Missions and Challenges: Whether you’re playing in multiplayer or Warzone, the Challenges tab offers a personalized way to advance your season levels, focusing on daily, weekly, or mission challenges. can do. Are you looking forward to taking even bigger challenges for big rewards? Added more than a dozen warzones and multiplayer mastery challenges exclusively for elite players. Also, don’t forget to visit the barracks and check out the new rank progress section to see all the decorations and officer challenges for Season 5. Unlock officers of all ranks and get your own weapon project.

Battle Pass System Contents (Modern Warfare and Warzone)

Would you like to receive two free weapons and more free content?

The Season Five Battle Pass system offers two new weapons. With ISO SMG (level 15) and AN-94 assault rifle (level 31), all Modern Warfare players, including Warzone, can play the game for free. game.

Players will earn additional content such as emblems, decals, business cards, charms, vehicle skins, compass clocks, additional call of duty points, as well as various free projects such as SMGs, sniper rifles and more. One is a tactical rifle and the other is an assault rifle.

All of these items are available in 20 levels of free content and can be unlocked simply by playing in the Battle Pass system.

Gun Inspections: First Look at Season 5’s New Free Weapons

Players will get new weapons to use throughout Season 5. Free for all players in the Battle Pass.

You will receive a large amount of content when you purchase the Battle Pass

Buy a Season 5 Battle Pass to unlock up to 100 levels of exceptional new content, including up to 1,300 COD points (enough to buy a Battle Pass for the next season). The leader of Shadow Company, Lerch, is also instantly unlocked. Earn operator skins, projects, and more as you progress through the Battle Pass.

Instant Battle Pass Unlock:

New Operator: Shadow Company Lerchi (Level 0)-The first skin of Lerchi (Mastodon Operator Skin) is gradually tactical with variants of Gargantua and Colossus and can be earned when completing operator missions. Lerch is a Shadow Company leader, a MARCOS member, and has been successfully fired. miracle. Now he does not lack a job in the private sector, which imposes his requirements.

March of War (Level 0)-Get 3 songs from Modern Warfare and listen to music while driving Belldansk. Among them is the epic Metal Sonic Blast Sepulcher, which I previously heard from inside the Juggernaut suit.

Rodion Operator Skins and Quests (Level 0): Rodion also demonstrates loyalty to the Company of Shadows with Archangel skins and quests.

XP Boost (Level 0)-Get more XP with this 10% boost that will be active until the end of the season.

Battle Pass Vehicle Highlights: With the arrival of the Shadow Company, you’ll find many dark and menacing-looking items. These include various vehicle designs such as Tarrasch (Quad) and Siege Tower (Truck). Extend the matte black car collection with SUV Night Ranger styling. You can view the skins of all vehicles in the Battle Pass system and equip them in the vehicle’s customization menu.

Battle Pass Operator Highlights: In addition to Lerchi’s Evolved Skin and Rodion’s Archangel Skin, you’ll find additional skins (including associated operator missions) as you progress through the Battle Pass. There are Otter’s Safeguard skin, Domino’s Lynx skin, Milsim JTF skin, Yegor’s Boss skin, Wyatt special-purpose skin, Syd Tranquil skin, Talon Rook skin, Slash skin. Run. Of Iskra. Finally, if you want to attack your enemies with a black beak of prey crows, don’t forget to equip the Never Again finisher!

Featured Battle Pass Weapon Projects: In addition to the free weapon projects above, you can earn even more projects within the Battle Pass. These include the new melee weapon project, 3 short weapons, 2 shotguns, 3 submachine guns, 2 assault rifles, 3 light machine guns, and a sniper rifle.

Battle Pass Tier 100-The ultimate rewards for the Season 5 Battle Pass includes Roze Tower skins, Velo Vehicle skins, and more. Get The Power of Company, negative tracer ammo for the Lima Assault Rifle that fills the enemy with fear and holes!

Buy one of two variants and choose how you want to advance in the Battle Pass.

Battle Pass: Buy a 1000 CP Battle Pass to unlock a new operator, Lerici. Unlock up to 100 levels of content. Just playing, you can earn up to 1,300 CP (enough to buy a Battle Pass for the next season, but still enough). Visit the Battle Pass tab at the beginning of Season 5 to see all the items you can unlock in the Battle Pass system.

Battle Pass Pack-Buy the Battle Pass Pack for the 2400 CP and unlock all 100 levels and get 20 levels of instant jumps. It’s 40% cheaper than buying the Battle Pass or all 20 level jumps individually.

Battle Passes and Battle Pass Packs are available anytime during the season. If you buy the Battle Pass Pack later, unlocking the items that were in the locked tier will reward you according to your previous progress and will allow you to advance an additional 20 tiers in the Battle Pass.

New operators etc. in stores

In addition to the announced operator skins, weapon projects, and other content, you’ll be able to get even more items in the shop throughout the season.

Learn all the details about the two new operators coming in the fifth season.

Velika (Union / Shadow Company): Shadow of shadow. His description of the exploit is considered by some to be a story, or frankly, an exaggerated exaggeration. Anyone who really knows him will never speak out. No one knows if it is out of respect or fear.

Morte (Coalition / Wacom)-A skilled tracker who loves the Wild West and adheres to his moral standards. He worked in Italy in the legendary Kormosin Parachute Regiment and was later elected to join War come.

The Velika and Morte bundle will be available later in the store.

Purchasing or acquiring a new skin will unlock it if the corresponding operator is not Allied or part of the Allied Forces. To expand your army and get new skins and more in store throughout the season.

Free trial content for Modern Warfare

Earn more XP with seasonal trials

Use your trial ticket to hone your military skills and prove your skills in the solo experience to earn XP. You can face eight new tests this season.

  1. Weapon Circuit (Hideouts and Trench): Eliminate enemy targets and avoid civilian casualties while passing through the circuit as quickly as possible.
  2. Shooter Challenge (Squawk Raid): Face the waves of distant targets and beat the clock. If you miss a shot, you lose time.
  3. Dangerous Parkour (Hackney Yard): Pass all checkpoints and finish the circuit as soon as possible. Watch out for toxic gases that accumulate in low places.
  4. Dangerous Suldal Pass: Collect all badges and finish the circuit as soon as possible. Watch out for toxic gases that accumulate in low places.
  5. Quad Race (Eufrathes Bridge): Try to reach the finish line in the shortest possible time on your quad bike.
  6. Price Ally (Weapon Circuit)-Practice throws with deadly gear and attacks as many targets as you can before time runs out.
  7. Shooting Range (Cows): Find and fire all targets in the area as quickly as possible while saving ammo.
  8. Enemy territory (Hovec sawmill): Exercise with fire. Find and eliminate all enemies in the area in the shortest time.

Season 5: File size and download instructions

Owners of the free version of Warzone with the full version of Modern Warfare and the latest version installed will have a smaller install size.

The download size for Season Five Updates will be approximately 34-54 GB if you own the latest and full versions of Modern Warfare and have the latest update installed.

PlayStation 4: 33.9 GB

Xbox One: 49.8 GB

PC: 54.2 GB (Modern Warfare) and 47.4 GB (Warzone only)

When new season content is integrated into the game, Modern Warfare will reduce the size of the installation as long as the update is installed before the fifth season.

When it is no longer necessary to reduce the overall file size, the console player can choose to uninstall/remove other data packages. See this article for details on how to uninstall/remove other data packages.

Time to upgrade to a full experience

Are you still waiting to jump into the full version of Modern Warfare? Get the Modern Warfare Battle Pass Edition now. Extend your campaign’s story through a challenging team experience designed to test your motivation with fast-paced campaigns, multiplayer map batteries, and intense special operations.

Digital Battle Pass Edition includes:

  • Complete modern warfare game.

3000 CP-enough to buy Season 5, and still plenty

  • Battle Pass System* with over 20 unlockable levels for free*.
  • Custom look combat knife.
  • XRK weapon pack.

Visit to select your Modern Warfare Battle Pass Edition, platform and region to get the game. Download it and start playing.

Prepare your weapons and get ready to enjoy the entire parade of new content available for the fifth season of Modern Warfare.

stay tuned.

*Call of Duty Points can be used to purchase the Modern Warfare Battle Pass.