Even though many stores don’t sell game keys, some developers do. Some developers run giveaways on social media, which can lead to a significant number of sales. Some even list their games for free, with the key being a virtual copy of the game. If the key is fake, the developer should refund the person who bought it, if possible. The money that these thieves make from the game’s sale goes directly to the thieves. Using stolen card details to buy a key, developers have to investigate the payment. They can’t offer the same discounts to Steam customers, so they aren’t worth buying.

Some websites don’t honor their promises. Others don’t answer support tickets. These sites tend to offer good service for a low price. They may also ask you to pay for insurance or use a VPN to activate your key. However, you should be aware that the gaming community doesn’t endorse this practice. Regardless of whether you’re buying a key for a game online, it’s best to read reviews about the website.

Publishers need to be aware of this practice before they sell keys. Some of these sites will offer a discount if the purchase is for a limited period. These websites also sell keys for games to regional stores in Asia. In most cases, these key resellers are legitimate. And while some publishers have abandoned the idea of selling keys for fun, others see the value in them. Whether you’re buying a key for a game or selling it on eBay, you should know what you’re getting yourself into. This can be a profitable business.

While the risk of buying a pirated digital game is low, there are ways to protect yourself against these scams. The best way to protect yourself is to shop around. Don’t forget to check the seller’s legitimacy. Some sites are better than others. They’re reputable and offer a wide variety of games. In addition to buying games, you can also look out for special offers, which might include three for the price of one.

Activation keys for games are often sold on different sites. Some of the best places to find game keys are GoCDkey.com and G2Play. You can also find CD and Steam game codes through Kinguin.com. The price is usually lower than other sites, and they provide the key for your favorite online stores. You can also use these codes to download and install games onto your PC. If you’re unable to find a key, you can always use a similar site.

If you’re worried about the price of game keys, you should check out the reviews of the sites. Some websites sell video game keys, and CDKeys.com is two of the best places to buy game CDs. They both sell cheap game keys for PCs and offer excellent customer service. Unlike other sites, they do not provide customer service and can’t provide fast delivery. When it comes to purchasing games, they will be shipped to your home and give you a certificate to prove the authenticity of your purchase. Read here for more game trailers and useful gaming tips.