Online Game of the Day: Legomenon Magic 8 ball

We love the internet at Game Zone Hub. Since the pandemic, we love it even more. We enjoy using our magazine as a place to help you discover the sites we have found in our expansive journey across the interwebz. Today, we open your eyes to LEGOMENON, an online journal founded in 2012. It started out as just a blog, but over time it has transformed into a much larger website covering a variety of topics including music, film, and entertainment. It definitely ranks as our Cool Website of the Day, if not the coolest we’ve found this month!

Online Game of the Day: Legomenon Magic 8 ball

Magic 8 Ball Game from LEGOMENON

Maybe our favorite thing about LEGOMENON is its cool online Magic 8 Ball Game. Forget about the clunky plastic 8 ball toy from Mattel – at LEGOMENON you can play your favorite fortune-telling game from the 90s online for as long as you want. The one from LEGOMENON claims to be more accurate than all of the other magic 8 ball games out there. We tested the ball and we tend to agree! Some Magic 8 Ball games require you to type in your questions before you can click and get your prediction. We like how the LEGOMENON Magic Ball just makes you think about your question instead of typing it out. (Don’t we all already do way too much typing, anyway?)

The Classic Magic Eight Ball Game

You remember this classic retro game, right? All you have to do is click and the answer to your secret question will be revealed. Here are some possible responses you might see if you ask a question when you play the 8 ball game online:

  • It is certain
  • It is decidedly so
  • Without a doubt
  • Yes, definitely
  • You may rely on it
  • Most likely
  • Signs point to yes
  • Yes
  • …and many more!

Mattel Black Magic Ball: The Origin Story

What is the story of the magic 8 ball? How was it invented? The story of how the eight ball toy was invented is actually pretty weird. The game originated in the city of Chicago, Illinois in the 1900s. Fortune-telling games such as the infamous Ouija game board were growing in popularity in the United States, so the inventor of the Magic 8 Ball was hoping to break into that growing toy market. Its inventor originally planned for the toy to be a magic crystal ball, but that idea wasn’t selling very well. He had to come up with a new, better concept to capture his customer’s attention and get sales. Once they adapted the crystal ball into the black magic 8 ball format, the toy actually started to become popular. In the year 2012, more than one million units of the Mattel Magic 8 Ball were sold!

Do you find the Magic 8 ball game to be creepy, or just fun? The Ouija game is definitely more scary than amusing. We all know people who have had some scary experiences playing the Ouija game at a sleepover when we were kids. From our standpoint, the eight ball prediction game is just light-hearted fun and really brings out the kid in you. It is fun to reminisce from time to time about when we were kids playing the 8 ball game in the 1990s. It is nice that now we can still hold onto those memories and play online. In a way, I don’t really miss the plastic Magic 8 ball. I owned a couple of them throughout my childhood and teen years, and more than once my magic 8 ball broke when I shook it. No one wants to get weird black inky water all over their hands and clothes! I will stick with the online version.

Don’t miss this fun online game!

Once we found LEGOMENON we couldn’t stop playing the online Magic 8 ball for hours! All of us on the Game Zone Hub team hope they will add some more cool online games soon because the Magic 8 ball was very awesome! The interface and look of the game is a lot more modern looking then other magic eight ball games I saw online. We will be bookmarking this online game for sure!