We tell you what you must do to get the horse in Elden Ring. Travel the world with ease and above all, speed, on the back of your faithful and warlike mount.

Elden Ring asks us to explore a huge open world . To explore it more easily, From Software has added for the first time the possibility of using a horse as a mount, to move much faster. You can even attack from the back of it . Surely, from the beginning, you have doubts about when it is obtained, so we will tell you how to get the horse .

How to get the horse in Elden Ring

To get the horse , all you have to do is progress through the story and rest in three different Places of Grace . You will see a cutscene, Melina will appear and she will give you the Spectral Steed Whistle .

You must equip it and use it like any item . As soon as you use it, you will get on Torrentera and you can move, sprint, jump and attack without getting off its back. To dismount you must use the object again or press the crouch button, to jump while galloping. Keep in mind, however, that it cannot be summoned in caves or dungeons, only in the open world areas of the game.

Elden Ring players will need to learn how to get and summon a horse, as it is very important for faster travel around the game world.

Unlike other games developed by FromSoftware, Elden Ring features a massive universe and large scale map that leaves you free to explore however you want without limiting your options to two or three paths.

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Although fast travel using campfires is still a thing in the Elden Ring, players will surely need a horse to traverse the long distances between various locations if they decide to uncover the mysteries of the Elden Ring instead of just jumping from location A to location B.

In order to summon your horse in Elden Ring, you need to use the spectral Steed Whistle that Melina gives you.

There are two ways to use this whistle.

Two Ways to Use Spectral Steed Whistle

Go to Equipment Screen

The first way you can use it is to go to your equipment, click on the whistle, and hit use. The problem with this option is that after a while, going to the equipment menu, finding the whistle, and then clicking on use can take a while.

Equip it to Pouch

The better way is to open up your pouch by clicking on the start menu, going to the right, and equipping the whistle to one of your quick slots.

The quick slots in your pouch is controlled by the D-Pad. Now once it’s in a quick slot, you simply hit “Y” if on Xbox or “Triangle” if on Playstation and you will see your quick slots on the bottom left of your screen.

No, your horse cannot permanently die in Elden Ring. However, if it takes too much damage, it will be disappear as it has its own separate health bar apart from yours.

If this happens, you can re-summon your horse after about 9 seconds but you’ll need to spend an HP flash to resurrect it. You can also rest at a Site of Grace to bring your horse back as well.


In conclusion, Torrent is a trusty horse companion, and once you unlock him/her, then it allows you to experience the world of The Lands Between. Good luck and keep double-jumping!