Even though making money online doesn’t require specific knowledge, education and initial investment, it doesn’t allow you to make a fortune fast. Actually, it is quite a time consuming task.

But let’s outline the main ways to be earning, so that readers can easily navigate among existing options.

Rewarded surveys

Surveys are online questionnaires, with multiple anti-fraud measures, that allow marketing agencies and brands to collect market data and do further adjustments to their products. Surveys offer rewards ranging from 0.1 EUR to 10 EUR and can take up to 30 minutes to complete. What is great about rewarded surveys is that they can be completed in huge numbers and the next day there can be more of them. So it is one of the sustainable ways to be making money online. The more survey providers you check for tasks – the higher the chances of finding a hot, top rewarding one. VVVgamers.com offer surveys from 5 major providers: CPX Research, Pollfish, BitLabs, InBrain, OfferDaddy with the last one being suitable for most countries.

Offerwalls, rewarded tasks

Rewarded tasks are simple games and applications, that offer a payment for downloading, installing, reaching a certain level, using for a certain time, making a deposit in the application. Such tasks can be fast (4 seconds to complete) and lasting, like reaching a 100 level in a given game. Commonly these tasks are solely for new users only, but their amount is quite appealing. VVVgamers.com offer tasks from 8 providers: Farly, OfferToro, Lootably, ayeT Studios, Monlix, Timewall, AdGateMedia, AdToGame. Users can browse through thousands of tasks and can be making 50-150 EUR daily depending on their country. Most rewarding offers are collected in the Farly offerwall, presenting offers with rewards for deposits made. As expected, use of VPN and other measures to hide your actual country is strictly forbidden.

Getting paid for watching ads

It may be a surprise, but VVVgamers.com is one of the few platforms, that pay actual rewards for watching ads. It is not as straightforward as just turning on your TV and being paid for that. On VVV that way of earning is combined with playing easy, fast, casual games that show several ad blocks during the gameplay. Your rewards would not be huge, since this is the easiest way to be making money ever. However, this process is fun and rewarding so fast that it can be suitable for gamers of any age, any gender, any geo, any device.

Winning e-sports tournaments with prizes

Winning e-sports tournaments with prizes

With hundreds of e-Sports titles and billions of downloads, any user can compete in free-to-enter tournaments for a given rank and win huge prizes. Even users of moderate skill, even newbies, can count on serious rewards, given that they are in good shape and have done some training to become the best in a given rank. On VVVgamers there are 10 gaming titles that are extremely well balanced and have millions of users online in a given moment. Currently, gaming tournaments with rewards are offered on PUBG (mobile, desktop, NewState), Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, Dota2, Apex Legends, Fortnite, FreeFire, Standoff2, chess and new games are added every month. Tournaments take 5-40 minutes to complete and are reusable – meaning that they can keep users involved all day long, offering a somewhat moderate reward in comparison to offerwalls and surveys. However, that is a truly important way to be earning online, since if users find it appealing, they can climb up the rank and become a true cybersportsmen and could count on prizes in huge sponsored events.


Honeygain is a tool offering users passive income in exchange for allowing their gadgets to be sharing traffic with the network. Users can be making up to 175 EUR of passive income monthly for sharing tens of gigabytes of traffic from several IP addresses.

Overall, VVVgamers allows users to be making easy money, beermoney, by 5 basic and simple ways, becoming one of the most advanced get-paid-to sites and definitely fastest growing. Will see if they add new ways for users to be earning, just having their gadget in their hands.