Call of Duty Modern Warfare

For a long time, the most unconditional supporters demanded a firm return to the elements that made this war FPS so popular: more realism, more gameplay and more shooting games.

Through “Call of Duty Modern Warfare”, it seems to have succeeded. Similarly, after a game like “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” passes without pain or glory, return to the five-hour game mode. Narrative once again became one of the most distinctive features of the war shooter, leaving behind twists and turns that made the player lose clues. In this way, the gaming experience is significantly improved.

Here, the protagonist is clearly defined; there is a clear enemy and a goal. This does not mean that he will give up explaining the things behind each player, but will produce interesting rebounds. Once again, we have found an infinite guard that can transform the current reality into a fictional universe

Believable characters, carefully drawn

Broadly speaking. In addition to all the fascinating graphic developments, it is also fully integrated into the story, the development of the protagonist, their dialogue, and their connections are all very good. Yes, they are full of clichés (they look like things in movies), but they can provide enough realism for game development.

Unplayable third person scene

This is one of the surprises brought by “Call of Duty Modern Warfare”. Those scenes where no participants participated, including unprecedented third-person perspective, gained a sense of reality that has never been seen before. This is due to the new graphics engine combined with Infinity Ward’s flagship product.

It is worth noting that character modeling brings graphic animation to a new stage. One of the mistakes in character development was dubbing, and this issue still needs improvement in Spain (not only in the field of video games).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or how to maximize multiplayer games

In this version, we find various multiplayer game modes: starting from the most basic modes, such as team duels that have attracted an entire generation of players, and a new game mode (shooting) that debuted in the legend.

This versatility means that you won’t get bored with video games anytime soon, and you can consume hours of gaming time according to your preferences.

The Shootout mode, a low risk but well executed bet

After everyone objected, Infinite Ward was forced to provide something new for the large launch. The best thing is his development agility, because you can quickly play fast games in pairs.

These tasks are the focus of the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Another amazing novelty of this new classic war shooting game was discovered in the mission, which contains more challenges and more rewards.

In addition, the breadth of customization options may be a bit too high (will not reduce the quality of the game, but it will be simpler, but we already know that this is not a typical feature of the house).

As far as its special operations are concerned, it is just a series of tasks in the cooperative mode, which will extend certain plots of the final battle to the derivative mode of the series. In this case, the fact is that their contribution is small: just a way for you to take a break from actual action.

Conclusion: Is “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” worth buying?

The fact is, after experiencing some tragic failures and worrying about many unconditional legend fans, the video game has reached expectations, although it has not stopped some milestones that can be improved, becoming one of the best war shooting games in history. It can be used for PS4, PC and XBox One.