In each update, Mojang developers try to bring something new and unusual to the surrounding space. As a rule, these can be new creatures or objects. In release version Minecraft 1.20.0, both will be available to players.

You can get acquainted with an unprecedented Sniffer or ride a camel, as well as decorate your home with unusual items right now.


The appearance of new creatures in Minecraft PE, and 1.20.0 is the most anticipated and joyful event for all players. This time there are two mobs, one of which is found in the real world and is familiar to everyone, and the other is fictional and very unusual.


This good-natured mob can become very useful for every player of cubic space. The fact is that he spends all his time searching for seeds. It is they that he feeds on and can often lose.

If the player is nearby at this moment, he can pick up valuable resources and use them in the future for growing plants. According to the developers, Sniffer is a descendant of dinosaurs, who for some reason survived and now lives in Minecraft 1.19.51.

By the way, Maps for Minecraft will help in creating a diverse atmosphere, including helping to go on a trip to the past.


Another interesting and unusual character appeared in this version and this is a Camel. Its large back accommodates two players at once, who will be completely inaccessible to aggressive creatures during the ride.

Download Maps for Minecraft to diversify the landscape and go exploring, riding a camel.


During the game, each player once thinks about the fact that he needs a reliable house in which he can relax after difficult and dangerous adventures, as well as keep all his belongings intact.

Minecraft PE, and 1.20.0 has a lot of materials for construction and decoration, and there are also special items that will help make the home cozier.

New signs

New signs that have become available in this version of the game can be hung from a building or fence. Players can write a greeting or other important information on them.

Also, if the hero has installed Maps for Minecraft Bedrock, such items will help to navigate the terrain and point in the right direction.

Unusual bookshelves

The interior has also received some updates, now players can use bookshelves not only as decoration but also as fully functional items.

In Minecraft PE, and 1.20.0, they are available for storing all kinds of books.

Download Minecraft, and 1.20.0

Version 1.20
OS Android
Author Mojang
Xbox Live +
License Free
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