Survive as long as possible with PUBG Mobile

The introduction of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on mobile devices is one of the best news. Few people doubt the tremendous importance of video games for smartphones and tablets, but this style of release reinforces this fact. PUBG Mobile brings together all kinds of players and believes that you need to do some tricks to master this Battle Royale. A list of essential tips to survive in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on first contact with the game. So you know: win, win, chicken for a supper!

Choose a landing zone well

As is steadily being talked about, choosing a landing zone is one of PUBG’s most important things. In order to get weapons and equipment quickly, you need to fall into the area where the building is, but ideally these are not very obvious areas. Good luck affects you because you don’t know where the rest of the players will fall, but it’s a good idea to start by choosing a more remote location. It’s not like starting a game from a good position.

Collect as much as you can at first

Okay, we’re still throwing something obvious. Obviously it’s important to collect items at the beginning of the game, but if you don’t remember that, it will never happen. Given that it’s an easy target to defeat at first, the best thing we can do is store everything we see along the way. Later we will have time to choose what we have, but at first we can’t make too many concessions. Enabling automatic routes is a great option.

Close the building door

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a game where stealth is the key to survival. It’s not about becoming a Solid Snake, but at least it’s important to close all the doors we open. Whether it is hiding from potential enemies or ambushing seized people. In addition, this becomes more careful when entering buildings that appear to be closed to lime and songs.

Be patient

Stealth is a must, so there’s nothing else to add stealth with plenty of patience. When you go to Rambo, it will definitely fall, so it’s best to go comfortably. Remember that we are 100 people on this battlefield. Boldness will probably give us more anger than joy. This required patience will also always look for a useful sniper rifle.

It always has the vehicle at hand

The various means of PubG are not essential to winning the game, but they are certainly relevant to make our lives easier. If you are spending time with us and our area begins to become toxic, it can sometimes be impossible to cover the long distances you are running. So if you have a car nearby, you can avoid ridiculous death.

Keep an eye on the map

You need to train your gaze so that you don’t lose sight of the upper right corner of the screen. Maps are one of PUBG Mobile’s most useful tools. This is because you can see from which direction the nearby shots come from. You always need to be prepared to hide it or put our next prey in a peephole.

Turn on autorun

It can be saturated with a large amount of information displayed on the terminal screen. PUBG Mobile is a game full of actions to perform, and in many cases you can’t do more with your left thumb. These panic moments can be resolved by turning on the power to run automatically. Press and hold your thumb in a specific direction for a few seconds. Now you can focus on more tasks, such as staying alive. If you want to stop running like this, you need to tap the motion panel again.

Try short-range and long-range weapons

If we live for a while, the first thing we have to do is to bless it. Surviving out of the 100 fighting people is not easy, so it’s a praise for us. Then you can focus on building the right team. Using short-range and long-range weapons will increase your survival.

Do not balance the supply

When we see an airplane flying in the sky and our equipment is not the best, a halo of hope reaches our gut. But don’t get the illusion of PUBG Mobile. A dropped supply box can be too risky. All precautions are low, as players who dare to wait for someone to pick up the gift from the sky are very easy. Again, be patient and make sure we are the only ones in the area. Red flares are an attractive bait to keep other players from using the Easy Flag. Alternatively, we ourselves can wait for an innocent person to ambush to try.

Move and shoot at the same time

When we get caught up in a fight, it’s not always good to stop and try to hit a rival’s head. A very important tip to keep in mind is the fact that at more or less short distances, you shoot and move at the same time. The mobile version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is not very accurate, and this fact encourages us to develop the battle a bit more aggressively. Staying on the move can be the key to survival in multiple encounters.

Adjacent to the area of ​​action as it shrinks

PubG Mobile’s gameplay is based on the fact that the action area gets smaller over time. Instead of rushing into a new circle where the game is concentrated, it’s good to stay on the edge. This provides a good shooting option for careless people who want to go unnoticed and arrive as soon as possible.

Choose gameplay over graphic quality

Obviously you want to enjoy PUBG Mobile with the best possible look, but if your device isn’t up to date, the graphics can be deadly. It’s important to prioritize smooth gameplay so that your game doesn’t cluster into pulls. Fortunately, PUBG’s mobile customization options are plentiful so you can test the features that work best for your device.

Become a team player when in that mode

It’s been a hot topic, but not everyone takes it into account. When participating in a squad game, it is nonsense to play the same alone. In order for the game to arrive at a good port, not only equipment but also communication is completely required. You need to set a landing point from the beginning, and it’s always positive to move forward together to beat your rivals first. If you don’t want to play with this in mind, we recommend that you continue playing in other game modes.