Star Wars: The Old Republic was launched in December 2011 and had only one subscription model at the time. MMORPG is free today. But where will SWTOR stand in 2020? And is it worth starting today? DLPrivateServer answers these questions in this article.
Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the best Free2Play MMORPGs on the market. It focuses heavily on stories that inspire moral decisions and complete missions. The games offer optional subscriptions, but many can be played without investing a penny.
Almost nine years after its launch, the game is updated regularly. This includes a large expansion Onslaught released in October 2019. This has refocused the war between the Sith Empire and the Republic, bringing new worlds and instantiated content of the group.
Over the years, SWTOR BioWare’s sales have reached almost $1 billion, probably because of the license and lightsaber to give it an adventure. But is it worth joining the MMORPG in 2020?
What is Star Wars: The Old Republic?
How the game works:
At the beginning of the game, create a character that belongs to the Republic or the former Sith Empire. Eight classes are available, each with 13 races, many of which are hidden behind pay or subscription walls.
Use this character to discover different planets, follow the story, and embark on a journey to experience raids, difficult dungeons, or PvP at the end of the game. The maximum level has been Level 75 since 2019.
SWTOR is based on classic tabbed target selection, so you need to aim well at your enemies, but not directly at your skill. Reminiscent of World of Warcraft in terms of combat systems and dynamics.
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This is what you can expect from SWTOR.
SWTOR is basically a classic theme park MMORPG and offers the following features:
• A level process that includes story content and main and submissions.
• Various operations (raid) and flashpoints (dungeon)
• Special mode PvP arena like Huttenball
• NPC companions who can help you in missions such as melee, ranged, and healers.
• Different professions where colleagues can search for raw materials for you.
• Housing system introduced in 2014
What makes SWTOR special is its mission structure. These are mostly fully spoken in movie sequences and offer a variety of decisions that can affect the search process. This creates an incredibly good mood, but if you want to enjoy them peacefully, playing in a group at least at the level stage is a bit more difficult.
The event will take place 3600 years before the movie and about 300 years after the Knights of the Old Republic of RPG.

How to fund MMORPG:
SWTOR’s base games are free to play, you can play up to level 60 and all content can be launched. Also, the first extensions “Rise of the Hutt Cartel” and “Shadow of Revan” are free.
However, free players have some limitations.
• Only 4 characters per server
• The number of skill bars has been reduced.
• Limited credit limits (in-game currency). However, the maximum number is 1,000,000 from 2019.
Some of these restrictions can be bypassed by becoming a “preferred player”. All you need to do is have a subscription or buy something from the in-game store. With this, you can have 12 characters and get more skill bars.
The in-game store gives you the opportunity to buy special skins for your team for real money, unlock new races, and get new decor for your home.

An active subscription of €12.99/month is required to play all extensions and content. This gives you automatic access to all playable races.
This is the status of SWTOR 2020
SWTOR is fine.
Anyone starting SWTOR in 2020 has a lot to do as a free player. Expect many missions, exciting stories, and first dungeon and PvP.
Interaction with peers and NPCs is particularly typical of BioWare and one of the best in MMORPG. In some, you can go into romance.
A short subscription gives you access to many raids, new worlds, and other stories.
Here’s the problem with the game:
The gameplay and graphics are a bit old and outdated. If you are looking for a modern and dynamic MMORPG, sadly you will be disappointed here. Also, mission levels fluctuate a bit and the team process is classic and monotonous.
Another point of criticism lies in Free2Play.