So popular as League of Legends?

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) refers to a very specific subset of top-down team-based strategic titles. Despite its humble beginnings as a modular branch of real-time strategy games, these games have been at the forefront of PC games, winning tens of millions of players and leading the world in e-sports (bleaching *). It is.

I’m easy to learn …

Moba was actually a branch of real-time strategy games. In fact, they stand out from the crowd: Gamers III. A user, instead of a large, sophisticated army, control the team over a single powerful unit, focusing on multiple players, the modern RTS defense program or tower defense. This format has proven to be very popular due to its fast fights with more dynamic and competitive games. Keeping the mass and basic mechanics of the above formula.

Several modern MOBAs, especially Riot League, Hurricane Heroes of the Storm and Defend the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2), extend on this formula when you acquire the IP rights of the original game model in the company through the value Keeping the basics of the same method of the game. In two teams of five players from each group, each player controls a single unit, moves on the map, and attacks enemies and targets by clicking on the control.

The main goal is to destroy the enemy’s infrastructure, but the result is much simpler: before reaching its goal, it must go through the “hero” units controlled by the enemy team. The vast network of defense structures and artificial intelligence control units is generally referred to as “Mennonites” or “Mennonites”.

…Difficult to master

Unless they are not simple, at least once you get past the tutorial stage. MOBA games include many additional elements, and with so many things squeezed on one stage, they may require more strategies than classic real-time strategy games (at least at higher game levels). Here are some things that make them appear deeper than they are on the surface.

Variety of hero choices: Although the individual units controlled by the player often fall into the broad categories of attack, defense, tanking, and healing, the variety of choices is amazing. At the time of writing, there are 138 different heroes to choose from in League of Legends. Pick the best hero units for your game style, and choose those that can complement your teammates and fight against your opponents, even before the game starts to develop a strategy.

Complex maps: Most MOBA maps start with a basic layout. Teams on opposite sides or corners have basic buildings at opposite ends, with three main paths or “lanes” connecting them. Although the player can easily move between these three lanes, most battles and targets will happen there because all targets in the midstream are very close to one of them. Being able to identify the key points of defense and preservation is crucial.

But the thing is this: the goals on each map are different, and sometimes every game on each map has different goals. Some MOBA maps include areas where players can hide, or “mounts”, allowing them to give up attack and defense to move quickly.

Some stores can exchange in-game currency for upgrades through the game. Understanding the complexity of each map and how they evolve as typical game progress can be as beneficial as twitch skills.

Leveling and branching in the game: Player-controlled hero units gain levels when defeating opponents, just like RPG characters. But these levels are not permanent. Every hero in each game starts to climb from a basic level and more or less loses progress at the end of the game.

The advantage lies in the release of new skills and abilities, making players who can quickly complete their goals more lethal. Balance is not a passive behavior, because branch selection allows players to customize their abilities and advantages even for a single hero.

Midstream goals: In any given MOBA game, which usually takes 20 to 40 minutes, the fictional “host” will periodically activate time-based goals that players can defeat or capture to gain a temporary advantage. These improvements are a huge benefit for any team, especially if one of the teams loses: clutch capture can turn things around. At a lower level, you can defeat and unlock optional “heavy” minion units to increase the minion power of your own team.

The hero variant is shocking

As I mentioned above, there are plenty of heroes to choose from in every MOBA game. Chances are, no matter where your particular multiplayer skills are, you can find some characters that can complement them. Some games are characterized by incomplete characters from other MOBA games-for example, both LOL and DOTA 2 draw the Monkey King’s character Journey to the West from classical Chinese epicsAt the time of writing, just choose from three major MOBA games:

  • League of Legends has 138 different primitive heroes, ranging from Tolkien elves to aliens to tiny fuzzy Ewok creatures to real gods.
  • 2 DOTA 113 hero role-based (but unlike in the law) and race Blizzard Warcraft fantasy hero series, as well as more original and versatile.
  • Heroes of the Storm contains 73 heroes, each of which is a cosmic character in Blizzard’s popular franchises, Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch.

All three games still regularly release brand-new heroes, and even the extensive list of cross-fighting games is shameful. Of course, not all characters can be used at any time, and most players only buy characters they like or are particularly good at.

They are very competitive

Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, the choice of online multiplayer PC games was more restricted. They are roughly divided into RPG, shooter, and strategic titles. The original turret tried to make the strategic game faster, shorter, more Nanyiyuce create advantages for the actual teamwork and strategy, rather than per minute sheer number-crunching game.

This fierce competition has made MOBA games one of the best types of e-sports, including some of the world’s largest tournaments (with the largest prize pools) games. Professional teams from dozens of different countries competed with tens of thousands of spectators in stadium-sized venues and even watched more online. With first-person shooters and one-on-one fighting games, MOBA is becoming one of the most compelling games in the world, with the largest fan base and the most dramatic longevity.

On the other hand, even in casual games, MOBA is some of the most controversial games. For those teammates who are seen as not losing weight, the players are often very fierce to each other. Although developers continue to work hard to combat un sportsmanship, racism, sexism, and general fast food are rampant in online games.

This toxic culture can deter new players and reduce the burnout of naturally aggressive players, especially in ranked matches. Encourage new immigrants or those who don’t want to deal with players who don’t know how to understand their politeness, freely use social barriers, and mute functions.

They are free

Okay, so this is obvious, but it’s still worth pointing out. The three major names in the PC MOBA game, League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Heroes of the Storm, all use a similar free mode. Players can download these huge and complex games for free and play as many games as possible without paying a penny.

Of course, there is a hook. MOBA games usually rely on scrolling selection of heroes and only provide a small, huge list for unlimited play in rotation. Players who want to choose from the unavailable heroes must play the game to earn money (a lot of money) and unlock them. Due to the huge and growing nature of the roster, free agents usually never accumulate every hero, but the scrolling accessibility gives them the ability to finally try all of them and save them for those they find attractive.

Unlocking cosmetics, including skins, voice lines, banners, and customized “mounts” such as horses, griffins and flying carpets is also a big problem. Skins are usually the most desirable, from subtle re-coloring for a small amount of in-game currency to overhauling the entire character with new 3D models, visual effects, and related sounds.

Of course, players who have no patience or time to get these rewards in the game through random discards or currency accumulation can spend money to unlock them directly. This is the main content of free games everywhere. But it’s worth noting that since all these unlocks are decorative, there is no in-game advantage to buying them.

Therefore, in addition to a wider selection of heroes, people who have been playing MOBA for many years do not have any functional advantages over those who installed MOBA yesterday.

They run on everything

You can run MOBA on almost any computer imaginable. Well, maybe this is a bit exaggerated-you can’t load Heroes of the Storm on the Apple Mac II. But in general, due to the relatively low demand for system resources, MOBA games can be played even on systems with very low power.

Although all major MOBAs use 3D polygon graphics, the models and effects are relatively simple and can be reduced even more to fit budget laptops with integrated graphics. All you really need to play MOBA games is a PC or Mac made in the past five or six years, and a good Internet connection you don’t need an expensive gaming PC, which means that the appeal of these games is quite broad.