How popular is the e-sports industry?

In recent years, driven by international competitions, there have been more and more e-sports practitioners, and e-sports has become an emerging industry. In April this year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced 13 new occupations, including two e-sports-related occupations, e-sports player and e-sports operator.

However, despite the current professional development of e-sports, talents in the e-sports industry in my country are still very scarce. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently released an analysis report on the current employment situation of e-sports players and e-sports operators.

At present, less than 15% of e-sports positions are in a state of manpower saturation. It is predicted that in the next five years, the demand for e-sports personnel in China will be close to 200 The demand for e-sports operators is nearly 1.5 million.

So, what kind of profession are e-sports players and e-sports operators? What are the employment prospects?

To join e-sports is to be a professional player?

When it comes to e-sports, many parents regard it as a “scourge” and think that it means “playing games” and “doing nothing in business.” However, after reading the professional definition of e-sports players, you will find that e-sports is definitely not as simple as “playing games”: according to the definition, e-sports players are personnel engaged in different types of e-sports competitions, sparring, experience and activity performances.

Unlike teenagers who are addicted to games, for professional e-sports players, e-sports is a job that requires long and hard training and teamwork, as well as a strong sense of responsibility and self-discipline. A professional player said that he rested at 2 in the morning and got up at 11 in the morning.

In addition to eating and sports activities, he had to train for more than ten hours a day, including countless keyboard typing and tactical discussions. Because of this, there are many e-sports players plagued by injuries.

From “e-sports is a scourge” to “healthy e-sports activities”, the social recognition of e-sports has greatly increased in the past two years. It is understood that there are currently more than 5,000 e-sports teams (including clubs) in operation in China, with approximately 100,000 professional e-sports players, and a large number of semi-professional and amateur e-sports players active in various small and medium-scale e-sports competitions… In 2018, e-sports appeared in the Asian Games in Jakarta.

The Chinese e-sports team won two golds and one silver; the S8 (League of Legends Season Eight) finals attracted 205 million players from all over the world, and the Chinese IG team’s victory in S8 also received great attention…

With the explosion of the e-sports industry, e-sports operators have also emerged. As a person engaged in event organization and content operation in the e-sports industry, e-sports operators need to complete core tasks including e-sports execution, e-sports operation, e-sports planning, etc., to promote the output of enterprise e-sports activities and content quality.

At present, in China, in addition to e-sports related companies, e-sports product operating companies, sponsors, live broadcast platforms, e-sports clubs, advertising companies, etc. all need e-sports operator positions, especially those who are good at management, market operations, and content. Produced “e-sports+” compound talents.

“Joining in e-sports does not mean being a professional player. E-sports and video games should not be confused. There are some negative aspects of video games. E-sports is the undisguised part. E-sports can rectify electronic games.” Wei Jizhong, life honorary vice-chairman believes.

Do e-sports practitioners have high incomes?

In recent years, e-sports projects have changed from complex to simple, from severe to mild, and the audience of e-sports projects has continued to expand. From a global perspective, the total number of e-sports viewers in 2019 increased to 454 million, an increase of 15.0% year-on-year; the number of core e-sports enthusiasts will reach 201 million, an increase of 16.3% year-on-year, of which China’s core e-sports enthusiasts are expected to reach 7,500 Million people.

As the e-sports market environment continues to mature, the scale of its practitioners and the average salary has also increased significantly. According to reports, there are currently more than 500,000 e-sports practitioners in China. 86% and 89% of e-sports players and e-sports operators are paid 1 to 3 times the local average salary. Salaries are generally higher than the local average salary.

Among them, the main income of professional e-sports players includes basic salary, bonuses, performance bonuses, and those who are capable can also get a lot of income through advertising endorsements and signing live broadcasts. The salary levels of professional e-sports players of different echelons are quite different.

The salary levels of first-line players, second-line players, and youth training players are obviously different. Among them, the annual salary of top esports professionals can reach more than one million yuan. E-sports operators have employees all over the country.

Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, and other places are high-density areas for employees, while e-sports small schools in Shandong, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hunan, Liaoning and other places Town construction has also promoted the development of e-sports employment in surrounding provinces and cities.

The report also predicts that the employment of the e-sports industry has broad prospects, and the market demand and the number of employees will show a spurt of growth. In the future, it will be spread across all first-, second-, and third-tier cities across the country, covering core positions in all links of the e-sports industry chain.

“E-sports players and e-sports operators become new professions, which will help e-sports to be truly recognized by the public. E-sports is a very important industry for future development. It is not only the sports industry but also involves culture, tourism, and other aspects, with rich connotations.

Whether it is a training partner or a professional player, the treatment is very good, and the monthly salary is basically five figures. However, the protection of athletes still needs to be regulated. The occupational diseases of the players cannot be ignored. How to conduct scientific training and rehabilitation needs more detailed Norms.” said Liu Yang, secretary-general of the Sichuan E-sports Association.

E-sports is a youth-eating industry?

From the current point of view, the age of e-sports employees is generally low. The report data shows that 54% of the e-sports players surveyed are between 16 and 22 years old, 26% of e-sports players are between 23 and 30 years old, and only 16% of e-sports The ages of players range from 31 to 40, and only 4% of e-sports players are over 40.

From the perspective of academic qualifications, among the surveyed e-sports players, high school or technical secondary school education accounted for the highest proportion, accounting for 46%, followed by college education accounting for 38%, and finally bachelor’s degree or above accounting for 16%.

It can be seen that e-sports players have relatively low requirements for academic qualifications, and they basically focus on college and technical secondary education.

“The golden age of e-sports players is from 17 to 25 years old. After that, they will start to consider transformation.” An e-sports team leader said that e-sports operators are the main direction of transformation for e-sports players.

On the whole, practitioners in the e-sports industry have relatively short working years. 58% of the e-sports practitioners surveyed have a working life of 1 to 3 years, and 30% of e-sports practitioners have a working life of 3 to 5 years.

These two items accounted for 88% of the total number of respondents. The report analyzes that this is inevitably related to the shorter development cycle of the entire e-sports industry.

If you are interested in entering the e-sports industry or further study, where can you go to study e-sports? According to the report, in terms of colleges and universities, the Communication University of China has opened a major in digital media art (digital entertainment).

Communication University of China Nanguang College, Nanchang Institute of Technology, Sichuan Film and Television Institute, Sichuan Media Institute, Beijing Geely College, etc. have also opened Competitive related majors.