Activision and Infinity Ward have detailed all the content that comes with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone and a new update is now available.

Starting Tuesday, August 25, a new update is now available for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, bringing many new features to games like Summer Games. It’s a full event lasting over a week, and you can try new game modes and get new weapons, even between rewards. Here are the detailed notes for this new patch: 10.6 GB on PS4, 14.09 GB on Xbox One, 11.3 GB (F2P) / 17.6 GB (Premium) on PC.

CoD: New Patch Notes for Modern Warfare and Warzone

Modern war:


• Ground battle upgrade (32 players)

• shooting machine

• Shoot the boat

• Attend the Verdansk Stadium (2v2)

War zone:

• BR alone

• BR Duos

• BR trios


• Predator: Quad

• King Slayer trio

Call of Duty: Warzone Gets a New Update in Season 5; patch notes
Call of Duty: Warzone Gets a New Update in Season 5; patch notes

General configuration:

• Ground War: As long as your vehicle has sufficient health, it can appear in APC during battle.

• You can now inspect the weapon during the breakthrough sequence.

• Fixed a bug where the tracker’s footprints would appear on the ground after respawning, even if the player was not equipped with perks.

• Fixed an issue where Riot Shield would appear sideways on the preview screen.

• Additionally, a bug where the Riot Shield could appear curved in the path of the squad has been fixed.

• Fixed a bug where silence was not restored when using a flame-throwing knife.

• The task for the first week of season 5 is “Summon personal streaks of 7 UAV killstreaks”. It should be written like a personal radar.

• Week 1 challenges include: “Play three games with Wyatt and an affiliate operator.”

• Fixed an issue where the scoreboard could reflect inaccurate information when going from a multiplayer game to a Warzone game.

• Fixed a bug where some users could not unlock the player.

• Fixed a bug where “World Eater” business cards would animate even though they were still images.

Fixed an issue that could cause the respawn time to decrease when the death room was partially displayed and then skipped

• Various fixes to make the Tomogunchi Turbo clockwork as intended

Fixed an issue where the update of the circular detention field would be unlimited after using the same weapon twice.



• Adjusted weapon status charts to better match rate of fire with post-launch weapons

Fixed a bug that could cause tracers to lose visuals on hitting when ammo was switched from the default 5.56 NATO ammo on M4

• Sniper-Thermal Scope: reduced optical resolution and reduced heat range

• Added “HEI” (High Explosive Incendiary) tag to cosmetic ammunition type.

War zone:

Fixed an issue where the gas mask could become immortal.

• Fixed a bug where a yellow highlight of his name was missing in a BR buyback in the squad widget

• Fixed a bug where the parachute would open randomly when jumping over certain areas of the map.

• In BR Quad, when the player initiated the Most Wanted contract, the player’s minimap icon had a down icon and an arrow. This has been fixed

Fixed a bug where dropped loot from a squad that died on Garage could be picked up by other squad members if they entered the same Garage.

• Fixed a bug where players would not see the ping audio of spectators creating world pings.

• Various fixes to the automatic resurrection problem:

• After purchasing from a kiosk, the player may not display the autoplay user interface and may display the autoplay user interface. “Used” appears just before the player dies when downed, but it is too late to play.

• Player does not see the auto-revive user interface and can use the auto-revive feature when idle

• Players may not be able to purchase automatic recovery at kiosks that say “Player already has this item”, even if the item is not in inventory.

Call of Duty League:

• Fixed a bug where kegs with integrated suppressors were still available.


• Stability and performance improvements

• Fixed an issue where the screen resolution would be higher than the native resolution of 100 in full-screen borderless mode.

Fixed an issue where the field of view would lock at 60 after playing the Ground War game