The most played MOBAs on Android

If there is a type of game that successfully elevates e-sports to where they are currently, then there is no doubt that this is MOBA (maybe Battle Royale forgive us). With “League of Legends” and “DOTA 2”, this type of game continues to this day in the PC field, and there is no sign of wear.

More importantly, the formula attempts to successfully promote it to other platforms. As far as Android is concerned, there are already several games that bring the experience to touch terminals in a fairly modest way. This is the most successful Android MOBA we have chosen.


Mobile Legends

It is the last product to arrive and one of the most successful products in 2018. It is the most active game that MOBA has played on mobile devices for many months, and it is also the most profitable given the global revenue of 200 million US dollars.


Regarding aesthetics and function, it is a clone of League of Legends. There are 24 characters on the list, 10 of which can be used for free in battles below 5v5. However, some players buy an MLBB account with all characters when starting. The matchmaking meeting was very fast; we entered the game within a few seconds, and its duration was limited to 10 minutes. It played well and was fun, and the community is growing like never before, making the game one of the best choices.


Arena of Valor


The Arena of Valor jumped into the Western world in mid-2017, known as the Honor of the Kings of Asia (or Battle of Kings), and became one of the best MOBAs available in the West. Since its launch in 2015, with the addition of the Tencent giant, it is normal for the game’s revenue to exceed $30 billion. This dazzling game has more than 40 available characters, 3v3 or 5v5 solo or team mode and huge production value.


Until the arrival of Mobile Legends, Vainglory has been in a leading position, and its activities in the e-sports world have proved its position in the competitive field.


The Super Evil Megacorp game knows more about its independence and tries to claim itself without a simple copy, so its control feels more sober than other games, and when it is only based on aesthetic enhancements, the F2P business model is the most balanced. At the beginning of this year, it even added a new 5vs5 mode and new maps according to the size of the PC.

Heroes Arena

In this case, we can’t mention Heroes Arena’s outstanding features, but the fact is that it does a good job. 1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 modes, 20 optional characters, best control and good performance in low-resource terminals. Of course, his “inspiration” in “League of Legends” is so obvious that the most played maps are more obvious than “Summoner’s Rift”.

Onmyoji Arena

NetEase has achieved great success with Onmyoji, an interesting JRPG inspired by Japanese mythological imitations from the Heian period, which contributed to the spin-off. Onmyoji Arena provides us with the opportunity to compete with our shikigamis in online games. The beauty of anime aesthetic lovers, also has the original voice written in Japanese by the famous seiyuus.

Awakening of heroes

Not everything will become an epic fantasy, giant swords and guns. The main asset of “Heroes Awakening” is to maintain a tangential relationship with the surrounding environment, and provide some things in the list of characters, such as cute old women shooting homemade cakes, overweight ninjas, using donuts as grenade or teasing police on the belt Wear a hair dryer. Fight in 5v5 for 10 minutes with three defensive lines, and your guts will not change.

Light X Shadow

If we like anime aesthetics, then we have found our MOBA. The characters in “Light X Shadow” cover the entire scope of Japanese aesthetics, allowing the heroes to be used in more game modes than usual.

Without making any further efforts, there is a way to conquer the central area with four teams of three players under the same circumstances. And continue to use oriental tonics to unlock characters, we will participate in a pinball machine to unlock new characters.

300 Battle: Glamurous Heroes

Back to the animation, although this time is to push the campus to the extreme, but before puberty they are holding airbrushes and the thin heroes holding two-meter swords.

This sounds normal, because it has not yet been officially released globally, although since 2017, it has a pivotal position in several countries such as Thailand or Indonesia. If you are looking for the history of Asian ferromanganese, you are lucky.

Iron league

A canonical MOBA in all its aspects. Thirty characters to choose from with a diverse roster like an armored cleric, a mobster from the brawl or the Monkey King on a skateboard, five arenas, ten-minute battles and a game system as familiar as the rest. Both in terms of aesthetics and setting, Heroes of the Storm has also been a mirror to look at for many titles, as shown by Iron League.

Survival Heroes

As you cannot always live from the same, Survival Heroes is committed to mixing the mechanics of MOBA at the level of control and mechanics with the massive and ramshackle component of the Battle Arena. Initially we jump on a huge map, being able to descend on any part of it. The objective, as you can imagine, is to end up being the only survivor of the 100 players in the game.

Along the way we will find all kinds of items and weapons. Along the way we lose the classic ‘minions’ of the genre but the proposal in general reaches a new dimension.