Star Wars Jedi

Before you and the BD-1 Droid set off for the galaxy in Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order, you need to know a few things. “Fallen Order” was influenced by several other games, these games based on their best ideas, and then introduced the classic “Star Wars” style. There are ways to make the most of certain mechanisms, thus saving you time, and even a hint or two.

Although this is an easy-to-use game, “Fallen Steps” can become tricky, especially when learning the ins and outs of the combat system. Hope to rebuild the Mori seat system. . Stopping in these areas will save your game and create checkpoints. You can choose to spend skill tree points or even take a break. Comfort will complement your health and equipment. However, the rest can also revive all fallen enemies. You will have to decide whether it is worth re-inhabiting somewhere on the enemy’s side.

We recommend this only in difficult battles where you may need to use hygiene products, or if you move to a new area without having to fight these resurrected villains again.

Similar to soul games, you can meditate, add healing items, and then jump over enemies to quickly reach your destination. However, we recommend that you do not do this until you have mastered all the skills. Defeating enemies will give you XP, which can be used to buy more skills. Sometimes you need to do the opposite-deliberately reset enemies multiple times to gain XP and unlock abilities. Either way, you can use the enemy’s eggs to your advantage.

Block. do it.

If you are like us and get a lightsaber for the second time, you want to go out and play. However, effectively stopping and avoiding is essential for your survival against higher-level enemies. The offensive strategy can completely fight against low-level knights and soldiers, but you must learn to dodge and defend yourself immediately to defeat high-level enemies like the Sith.

Deflecting the lens with a lightsaber can also save your life, so make sure to press the lock button before the remote explosion hits you. Performing this operation correctly will send back shots at the enemy, causing significant damage.

Dodge works in a similar way: wait for the enemy to hit you and press the “Prohibit” button when it is attacking. The time varies from enemy to enemy, so be sure to try to aim until it is correct. If done correctly, the enemy’s guard will drop, allowing him to attack. The time will also vary based on the difficulty slider selected before the game starts.

Make sure to check the quality meter, it is the small bar above your health. This will run out while blocking, so please do not send spam. The good news is that avoidance does not deplete your massive scale, so use it as a simple motivation to learn the right way to do things.

Unable to prevent certain attacks. When you see the enemy turn red, it indicates that an ununlockable attack may occur, which means you can only dodge it. The enemy will usually open the attack within a few minutes after performing the unlockable action, so please be aware of this.

Use your own Holumab

BD-1 is more than just a cute little robot. If you request, this is a bank that can show you a 3D map. This holographic map is not only a lore and lore player map. BD-1 will record all trips, lanes and comment abbreviations for you. The Fallen Order has Metroidvania-like clips that can be accessed with new features, and it is worth checking the Holumab map and retreating to these areas. Usually, you will get cosmetics ranging from player skins to BD skins and even lightsaber parts.

Sometimes, the map may be difficult to navigate, but you should be used to the end of the game. Always pay attention to available lanes and undiscovered areas. The map legend will indicate the meaning of each marker. Sometimes, only by acquiring certain skills can you reach certain areas. Your skills.

Due to the diversity of enemies, it is actually impossible to rely on one strategy and ignore the others. Combine your strength and physical movements in battle to make the most of your offensive arsenal. If used properly, one enemy can be restrained from using force, while delivering a heavy blow to another enemy is satisfactory, beneficial and lethal.

There are also some foreign enemies who rely on quick charges to cause damage to you. In addition to simply avoiding rolling, using force to slow him down and direct his attacks can also end the battle faster. Please make sure you have read all the skill descriptions to understand what to unlock first. We recommend getting “strength and health” lovers first.

Erase everything

When you explore the ancient Jedi temple or exotic scenery, you will be given instructions to scan various items. From interesting animals to rock formations, you will be able to scan for these anomalies and collect data about them. This information can help you defeat new enemies or wake up the memory of dormant abilities in Cal.

We are trapped in an area that needs to be able to pass through a wall until we step back and find a clickable item that can release the force before we can move forward. When you find what you need, you can save time interacting with it, thus avoiding shrinking. You can also view the information you collected in the manuscript and some interesting beliefs,

Another main reason to delete everything is to get XP. Yes, clearing things can earn you many times XP, far more than the XP gained by defeating the enemy. Some skills you unlock later will require three skill points, which may take some time to acquire. However, if you do everything possible to check, you will learn some information and get the main source of XP.

Isolating your enemies

Low-level enemies are not just challenges, but a bunch of enemies can cause 1,000 casualties. Being attacked by a few rough and tangled enemies will lead to rapid death and take you back to the meditation location you visited last time. With little or no plan, we were trapped in the battle scene and we hardly died. Observe for a moment to determine which enemy needs to diverge first.

We recommend contacting soldiers equipped with detonators or even rocket launchers before dealing with soldiers equipped with batons. You can easily deflect them by deflecting your bangs. When a running soldier runs towards them, using its slow power will slow down their nuts. Oh, don’t try to block missiles with swords like nails…don’t do that.

Create your own sword

Jedi Knight: Fallen Order is a linear experiment in storytelling. Therefore, custom Cal is a small gain for players who like to choose games. By visiting the workbench at the stern, you can put new parts and even crystals on the sword. You can change the finish of the material, the color of parts, keys, and even the blade.

You know what they are talking about: this is the sword for the Jedi. Tomb Raider and Anonymous. As you browse through the scene, huge static fragments will deform and disintegrate. At this point, you need to think quickly when sliding, climbing and jumping. Usually, you will find a single color (red) to indicate that the surface is adjustable, such as a ledge or climbing surface. Instead, the Tomb Raider series uses yellow to highlight these elements.

In times of confusion (and there will be less), look for red ledges and climbing surfaces and move on. The maglev train will not wait for you until you find the next scorpion, and then it is blown up by the imperial explosives.