Peril on Gorgon DLC Review

The 11-month interval between the release of “Alien World” and the first DLC is a bit strange, because for me it was long enough to make him almost forget how Obsidian’s sci-fi RPG works. But the Peril adventure on Gorgon is quite a big part. It took me about 8 hours to experience it. It’s worth coming back and getting to know myself again. As far as gameplay is concerned, it is not ambitious, but it completely falls into the category of “more of a good thing”.

In about an hour, you will be surprised to see the mystery of a severed person’s arm tightly grasped, and the story soon reveals amazing revelations about Spacer’s Choice and its drug research operation (Firefly fan Probably not too surprised).

This mission is mainly carried out on the mountain industrial asteroid base in Gorgon, but will also send you to other new locations around the Hyperion system. There are a large number of abandoned and creepy Ambrose Manor, an orbital research facility, exclusive clubs in Byzantium, and a mercenary ship, all of which make Peril unable to feel a note on Gorgon.

Of course, this is not a real mystery. It is more like a series of extended tasks to find the diary of the chief scientist of the agency. At that moment, this shadow figure that envelopes you shows himself in every way. But in general, it’s a good story with several interesting characters, first of all, the mysterious heiress Minna Ambrose hired you to do this work and wears some interesting private eye traps.

I can’t say that I was troubled by the main revelation, but there is a clever spin on it that caught my attention and enhanced the delivery effect to make it more memorable. In the end, you need to make one of the gray decisions on the obsidian trademark to determine the outcome of everything-although naturally, this has no effect on the main story.


You decide whether your character is the type who’d execute a Nazi-level monster on sight.

Well, I said this is an interesting story, and most of it is conveyed in the same dark satire as the rest of The Outer World, but your companion character will take the war crimes you discover with the seriousness it deserves Brutality.

This doesn’t always coincide with the harsh comedy of the rest of the story, but it does have considerable appeal when, for example, you decide whether the character is an executive Nazi-level character. The monster in front of you.

I mainly play with Parvati and Nyoka, if there are signs, everyone has a lot of spontaneous comments and a complete sound performance. In terms of fully vocalized and well-performed characters, this makes Peril on Gorgon feel every bit of the main game.


There’s quite a bit of reading to do. Too much, sometimes.

In other words, there is still a lot of reading to do. Sometimes too much. One character joked that there are enough logs and news scattered around Gorgon to fill a book, which is not too exaggerated.

Every once in a while, you will run the log on the terminal, incoming messages, outgoing messages and archived messages, each of which has multiple entries that can be paged. Most of them are playful stories about company malfeasance, but if you want a complete story, it may be a lot to experience everything at once.

Thanks to the high attention to details and environmental stories, the exploratory work is rewarding. For example, when you find a character, you will be found next to his diary or lying on a trip net trap with your neck high Follow the headless predator next to it.

In keeping with Gorgon’s role as a drug research laboratory, the large number of drugs you encounter is surprising-piles of syringes are everywhere. To my disappointment, in the testing laboratory environment, I have never been trapped in a situation where I would be tempted or forced to use drugs with undesirable side effects.

Ordinary enemies certainly didn’t do this, nor did the story. It seemed like a missed opportunity.

Nothing is really added to The Outer World’s adequate combat.

Full combat in the outside world doesn’t really add anything-you will fight against predators, psychotic test subjects (basically the same as predators), space pirates (basically the same as predators), robots, and of course primitive humans.

Peril on Gorgon is almost the same in this department, although I did find several unique pairs of weapons, including a scientific weapon, whose role is completely different from any other weapon in The Outer World, and that’s just A stupid weapon looks like a melee weapon.

It took me about eight hours to complete the main task and two important side task chains. Most of these are a series of interesting but simple acquisition tasks. There is quite a lot of content back to the outside world. If you play for the first time, it will extend the full playback time to about 40 hours, which enriches this relatively streamlined RPG.


“Danger in the Outside World” on Gorgon DLC is unwavering mechanically, because it does not introduce any new ideas to change the gameplay, but it does enable the staff of Unreliable to bring the Hyperion system to several new locations around the Hyperion system. Interesting detective story.