Its creators want to keep users ‘hooked’ on the game

In DC Comics, Joker Cinemas leads the box office, while Marvel, Square Enix, and Crystal Dynamics are preparing for the next hot product in the video game world. This is Marvel’s Avengers, an action and role-playing video game that will make us part of the most important group of superheroes in the world.

Through a connected world and a main story that lasts about 10 or 12 hours, the design of the title will allow us to always have something to do. Research leader Scott Amos (Scot Amos) has confirmed this to GameSpot media.

They want to provide us with many things to do and attract our suggestions

“We don’t want people to be bored or exhausted in the game,” Amos explained. He pointed out: “The fact is that we have learned and noticed very, very good games, and all the valid and ineffective things, and the knowledge of how users decide to consume video game content.” “All this leads us to achieve the following goals: how do we Make a game that allows users to keep interacting with your claims and get a fair return on the time invested?

He concluded: “For us, this is really the most important thing. If you want to play more games, we want to give you more things to do.” However, the endgame of the Marvel Avengers will continue to expand. Because in addition to adding stories, scenes, heroes or missions (as Square Enix promises, these are all free), its multiplayer game design will allow us to enjoy new adventures with friends through the Internet-although No local games -.

Game design as a service?

Yes. This is similar to the fate of “The Division” or “Bungie” in movies such as The Ubisoft. Marvel’s Avengers will provide us with many challenges and elements in terms of continuous expansion and updates, and this regards it as a game as a service.

Of course, as its creator explained last summer, monetization will have no money wall, no season pass, and no loot box. The money for the small payment will come from cosmetics, such as suits, skin, etc.

“When new characters and new areas appear in the game, you don’t have to spend a penny. This is something we want to emphasize today because it is important to us. We want to make sure you always have the opportunity to play with your friends. And there is no disagreement,” explained Philippe Therien, designer of Crystal Dynamics during the past E3.

Avengers vs IMA

Therefore, we found an action game that tells us how the Avengers disbanded after failing to avoid a huge disaster that gained a superpower with the life of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and many innocent people And ended.

In fact, the latter aroused social rejection and fear of a new generation of non-human beings, which made it easier for George Talton’s (IMT) company (most of you called MODOK) to take over with his mechanical wisdom that power.

And can hunt them down for experimentation with impunity. Faced with this desperate situation, Kamala Khan, one of the girls who eventually became inhumane, decided to find former members of the “Avengers” to reunite them and fight the tyranny of this huge company.

Task design lacking personality

Although we have discussed all the advantages so far, some aspects of the game have not been presented in the same way, such as mission design. Once we have completed this sport, our goal is to complete many tasks in order to obtain better equipment, upgrade and be able to face increasingly complex challenges, and this is that we will not fool ourselves, get hooked, and are very addictive. Because the ratio of title rewards to us is well measured, in fact, anything we do will be an improvement for any of our heroes.

In terms of spoils, it has an excellent balance. Although we will spare no effort to dismantle a lot of rubbish that does not take a long time to dismantle, it is rare that there are no tasks that represent improvements.

The problem lies in the tasks themselves, because they are always recycling content. As a general rule, we will browse the open map and complete some secondary tasks in it, such as solving a small puzzle to get close to the chest or destroying enemies that are stronger than usual, although many things happen in an area. A series of very linear laboratories filled with corridors.

Unfortunately, this title shamelessly reuses the same structures, buildings, rooms, puzzles, and situations, no matter where we find ourselves fighting on earth, and there are so few types that in a sense The déjàvu will not take long to attack us, expressing a huge lack of personality and identity, making them indistinguishable from each other.

Yes, there are different types, such as the villain area, we will eventually have to fight a spectacular boss, or we have to fall into the beehives in the underground prison, but most of the situations in our lives will be related to We will find the same or very similar in other games.

As you can imagine, this will lead to a very boring late game, and you will not be invited to continue playing the game, because when we realized that the product did not have really appealing content after the battle, we completely lost the motivation to become more powerful. Narrative also Not playable.