Final Fantasy VII is coming to children

Nearly ten years after the release of Final Fantasy VII, and nearly five years after the disaster of the movie “The Soul in Final Fantasy,” they decided to release another feature film directed by Tetsuya from the now-merged Square Enix, by Yoshizuki Nomura. Written by Kazushige Nojima, three of the same names revolve around Remake that involves us today.


Well, in essence, this movie is the end of the game, trying to answer this question about what happened after Sagrado and what our character is doing now. Just from the need to answer this question, we have started from the swamp, but this movie does not manage to get rid of the mud, but likes to bathe in it.

Here, we see a dark cloud, now wearing black clothes, so that we don’t forget his mourning for his friends Zac and Eris, he was completely swallowed by guilt, and they have retreated from the last few steps A few steps showed us the rules of the game. He became a very closed character, almost putting other characters on a painful track, especially Tifa. He should share his life with him, but never seemed to be with him.


Without delving into how the plot of the film develops, essentially what I want to discuss is that they are basically looking for solutions to these problems. Yes, mankind survived San Gladro, “Final Fantasy VII” has a happy ending for everyone, even for Aeris who is reunited with Zack in the stream of life, she can ensure that her friends are still alive , Has an ending she cannot end.

Maybe the ending answers the question, but there is no doubt that its retrospective effect is to belittle the original work, which we have also seen in Cerberus’s “Dungeon”, which killed the last mystery (as if they are now ” “Origin” is a sequel) tells us if everything is dreaming), such as canceling the progress of certain characters and telling the same thing in a worse way.


Surprisingly, the result is that apart from animation and music, few people have a strong interest in movies, and overall, “Final Fantasy VII Compilation” has attracted the attention of the audience.

Recent life with Square Enix and its history with bitter endings.


Here, before working with Final Fantasy VII Remake, and after remembering what the original is and why people don’t particularly like compilation, I want to review recent history. The ending is more or less distressing. Legend, let’s talk about two in particular, Final Fantasy X and XV.

The saga of Final Fantasy is still one of the many stories that shape the story, and they like to change the pitch to be surprised in some way. Although some installments have happier results without loose endings, such as “Final Fantasy IX” or “Final Fantasy XII”, others end with absolutely heartbreaking stories. The good guys win, but at a price.

In “Final Fantasy X”, our protagonist is the famous blitzkrieg player Tidus, who was swept by a storm and became a creature of the future after everyone he knew was destroyed. Sin makes her cruelly tortured human survivors, and must be comforted by the summoners from time to time. Yuna is the summoner of this occasion. She chose Tidus as one of her escorts.

They all fell in love after overcoming various difficulties. The origin proved to be the product of some dreamers, that is to say, in simple words, Tidus is a dream realized, thanks to Sin’s own power, trying and ending Sin’s dream becomes even more special. Therefore, after achieving his goal, Tidus disappeared, and he surrounded Yuna with his arms, and the latter couldn’t guarantee that she would never forget him.


On the other hand, “Final Fantasy XV” places us in the shoes of Noctis, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Lucis, when the Niflheim Empire betrayed the signing of the peace treaty and occupied it. When he was in the capital, Lucis was expelled from his kingdom. kingdom. Murdered Nochis’ father. The main opponent here is Ardyn Izunia (Ardyn Izunia), a former member of the Lucis royal family. He was betrayed by the ancestors of his elder brother Noctis and eventually cursed by the gods and became a troubled one. The source of all evil that represents the land is in this issue.

Here, the love of our protagonist Lunafreya is once again taken away by us. The main character is a villain, which is far from the effect in Final Fantasy VII. His curse was once and for all, thanks to the power of the ancient King Lucis. Before facing the unfortunate fate, when his companions were talking about their farewells, some scenes were indeed very powerful, which eventually led to the impression of the afterlife. Noch finally met with Luna Freya and sat on the throne of Lucis. , It sounds like a legendary theme. And add the finishing touch to a game that shouldn’t have such a great ending.

What will happen to these deliveries? Fate on both sides, That is to have a square that doesn’t know how to stay still, and seems to need to give a happy ending without any discussion.

Final Fantasy X-2 makes Yuna and Tidus a reality. Although the consequences of this book are reflected in a light novel, it is best not to talk about it, lest our heads explode. On the other hand, in “Final Fantasy XV”, through the DLC to overcome the reward of the third episode (Ignis), it is nothing more than another ending where all of Nuoqi’s allies are still alive, and with their support, He managed to defeat and kill Ardyn forever without sacrificing himself so that he could marry Luna and live a happy life ever since.

The main audience of the legend is teenagers, they don’t like sad endings, which may be due to the fact that Square has recently shown a trend that no matter how they are built, they will not leave such sad things. However, this will not affect the remake of famous games such as Final Fantasy VII. As long as the situation changes, the narrative axis should be the same… right?