FINAL FANTASY X-2″ (FFX-2) is an RPG released by Square Enix as software for PlayStation 2 in 2003, and is a legitimate sequel to “FFX”.

The world view is inherited from “X”, but the character production etc. are quite light. It is equipped with a new system such as dress-up.
Two years after “FFX”, Yuna goes on a journey again after seeing a sphere with a young man who looks like Tida.


FINAL FANTASY X-2″ (FFX-2) is the first sequel to the series, depicting two years after the previous work “FFX”.
The world view from the previous work “X” is inherited as it is, and the story after that is developed.

You can also find out after the characters that appeared in “X”.
In this work, singer Kumi Koda is in charge of the theme song, and the new character Ren of this work is also playing.

In FFX-2, the same ATB (Active Time Battle) as the conventional FF series has been revived.
Yuna, who was the heroine of “X”, is the main character of this work.
It is Luc and the new character Pine who travel with Yuna.
Dress up and fight a fixed party of three of them.

By dressing up, you can change into costumes for various jobs, and you can change the job.

In this work, the complete value is set for each event, and the ending branches depending on the complete achievement rate.
There is also a “strong and new game” that can take over clear data for lap play.

Spira two years after the last scene of FFX.
Yuna became famous as a great summoner who brought “Eternal Nagi-bushi” to Spira by defeating “Shin”.

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She stayed on Biside Island, but Luc, who has formed a seagull group as a sphere hunter, found a sphere in which a young man similar to Tida appears, so she travels to Spira again to solve the mystery of that sphere. Embark on a journey.

In Spira, where Shin is gone, new organizations to replace the Ebon Party are fighting.

While traveling in search of Sphere, Yuna and his friends use the ancient mechanical weapon “Veknagan” to destroy Spira because the “shadow” created by the despair and hatred of a person named Shuin 1000 years ago adversely affects Spira. Notice that it is starting to move in the direction of activation.

Yuna and his friends fight to stop the “shadow” of Shuin.

View of the world

Two years ago, when Yuna defeated “Shin” and the “Eternal Nagi-bushi” came, Spira was released from the fear of “Shin”.
Yuna was a celebrity of Spira as a great summoner.

The complete disappearance of “Shin” in a way other than the ultimate summoning advocated by Ebon’s teachings led to distrust of the temple among the people, and the Ebon Temple lost trust and faith.

At that time, Trema, a monk at Ebon Temple, advocates a movement to reveal the truth of the history that the temple has been distorted. This movement is called the truth movement.

The truth movement is to collect images that remain in Spheres in various places, and it became an opportunity for people called Sphere Hunters to appear.

Trema regroups the Ebon Temple, which was on the verge of collapse in this movement, and forms the New Yevon Party.
However, shortly after the formation, Trema disappeared with the spheres collected in the truth movement.

After that, there was a power struggle within the New Yevon Party, and the moderate Baralai is now coordinating the party as chairman.

It was a young man named Nuzi, a former Yuan Zhen subjugation corps, who was distrusted by the fact that the Spheres gathered by the Truth Movement were actually gathered in the bosom of Trema.

He gathers those who distrust the New Yevon and the temple to form a new Youth League and confront the New Yevon.

The temple of Jose, the temple of Ebon, was abandoned due to the loss of trust in Ebon’s teachings.
At Nejo, the albedo tribes who are trying to bring progress to the world using machines gather to form the Machina faction.

The elimination of persecution by the temples made it easier for the albedos to work.
They are neutral to the struggle between the New Yevon and the Democratic Youth League, supplying machines and weapons to both organizations.

The lives of the summoners were also changing.
Since the purpose of defeating “Shin” has disappeared, he no longer has to go on a journey and is living a new life.
Many have become Sphere Hunters.

In addition to Blitzball, Spira, freed from the threat of “Shin,” can now enjoy a new game called Sphere Break, a board game that uses coins. (Playable in mini-games)

Also, peace has made it easier for people all over the world to travel, and the Zanarkand ruins and Nagi Plain, which were once famous as places visited by summoners, have become completely tourist destinations.

Phantom Lightworm and Sphere

A phantom insect is not an insect, but a mass of life energy, and is said to reside in everything in Spira, including humans.
It’s like the so-called human soul.
Demon, dead, and summoned beasts are temporary bodies and phantom bodies made of phantom worms.

In addition, phantom worms have a high affinity for water, and those filled with water containing a high concentration of phantom worms are called spheres, and have the function of capturing human thoughts and thoughts as images.

In FFX-2, spheres on which this video and audio are recorded are scattered all over the place, and a sphere hunter who discovers and collects them will appear.

Eternal Nagi-bushi

A video work that comes with the international version of “FFX”.
It is an episode that connects “FFX” and “FFX-2”, and is set to be an episode one month before “FFX-2”.

It is a short video work of about 20 minutes, and the stage is only on Beside Island.
Yuna, who is confused by the marriage and solicitation from the new political party, and Wacka, who will soon become a father, are depicted.

Luc brings a mysterious sphere in which a man similar to Tida is reflected, which is the event that triggered “FFX-2”.
It gives a glimpse of the current state of the new Spira after the absence of Shin.

Synopsis / Story

Story level 0

A world where Shin has disappeared and people have begun to live freely.

Yuna, as a great summoner who defeated Shin two years ago and realized the “Eternal Nagi-bushi”, has become a celebrity in Spira that no one knows its name, and seeks a visit to Biside Island. I was spending every day busy dealing with a lot of people.

Yuna couldn’t forget Tida, a young man who traveled with her as a guard.
He was a resident of the dream world created by Prayer Child (the one who provides the “dream” necessary for summoning), and disappeared from Spira with the disappearance of Shin.

At one point, Luc finds a sphere (a sphere that reflects past footage) with a person who looks like Tida.
Yuna joins the seagull troupe to see if the person in the Sphere is really Tida.

The seagull group is a sphere hunter group centered on Aniki and Luc’s brothers and sisters, and its great strength is the mobility of airships.
They can know the position of the sphere by the sphere radar.

Pine, a member of the Seagulls, seemed to be a Sphere Hunter for some purpose.
Yuna decided to travel around the country to solve the mystery of Sphere, which shows a person who seems to be Tida, as a Sphere Hunter with three people, Pine and Albedo.

Yuna goes on a journey and finds out that Spira has undergone various changes after Shin disappeared.

The history of Spira up to that point was concealed and tampered with by the Ebon Temple, and it became known to the world that there was a movement to regain the true history. This is called the truth movement.

The New Yevon Party was founded by Trema, who advocated this truth movement, and its main members are former monks and soldiers of the Ebon Temple, and conservative old people.

However, Trema is unknown along with the spheres he has collected so far (actually, he has appeared as a monster training ground father from FF10, but it is not essential in the story), and the current leader is Baralai.

Story level 1

There was also a Sphere reaction at the ruins of Zanarkand, which is now a tourist destination.
The seagulls get a sphere from the depths of the ruins, but the sphere is broken.

One day, after receiving information from the Kilika Temple that there is a sphere that contains amazing images of the past, the seagulls head to the temple to get it.
At the temple, the New Yevon and the Youth League were fighting for the awesome sphere.
The seagulls managed to slip through it and get a sphere.

If you look at the Sphere immediately, it will be a video about the weapon “Vegnagan” in the mechanical war era, and in order to inform you of the danger, I will hand over the Sphere to a large organization (whether to return it to the New Yevon Party or the Youth League) You can choose either).

Story level 2

When I handed over the sphere to the organization and returned to the airborne, the cracked sphere I got at Zanarkand was stolen by the Leblanc crew.
Yuna and his friends infiltrate the hideout of the Leblanc crew to regain the sphere.
Leblanc fell in love with Nuzi and was collecting spheres for him.

He wins the battle with Leblanc and regains the broken sphere, but the hideout has the remaining fragments of the broken sphere.
Combining the cracked sphere with the remaining debris found, and looking at the footage, it was found that the mechanical weapon Vegnagan was located beneath the capital Bevel.

Story level 3

Yuna and his friends are informed that summoned beasts have been resurrected and monsters are springing up in temples around the world.

The demons that appeared at Jose Temple are said to be fighting against the Machina faction, so Yuna and his friends leave it to them and head to subdue the demons at other temples.
Valfare at the Biside Temple and Ifrit at the Kilika Temple, the demons that attacked were summons.
After controlling the summoned beasts of both temples and then defeating the summoned beasts at Jose Temple, which rushed to cheer, the Machina leader, Gipple, who should have been fighting there, disappeared.

The leaders of the Democratic Youth League and the New Yevon Party are also missing.
Factions without leaders are fighting each other, and Yuna and others search for leaders while defeating monsters in various places on their behalf.

When Yuna and his friends went to Under Bevelle, the deepest part of Bevelle, the leaders of each faction, the Youth League Nouge, the New Yevon Party Baralai, and the Machina Gipple, were gathered there.

They seem to have a connection with the past, and after a dispute, they finally point their guns at each other.
At that time, a phantom worm transferred from Nuzi to Baralai.
Suddenly a monster appears there.
When Yuna and the others defeated the demons, the three disappeared.

Story level 4

Yuna has returned to the ground from another world.
However, there were conflicts between the New Yevon Party and the Youth League in various places.

Recalling that she once sang a prayer song all over the world to defeat Shin, Yuna wants to bring the world together by holding a concert.

Yuna holds a concert in the Thunder Plains and sings in a diva’s dress sphere.
After the concert, Yuna sees an old man, Meichen, who is familiar with Spira, and talks about a young man who looks like Tida and Ren.

The young man’s name is Shuin. He was the lover of the diva Ren of Zanarkand.
Eventually, the mechanical war began and Ren, who had the power as a summoner, was put into the war.

The war was overwhelmingly favorable to Bevel, and Shuin, who thought that Ren would be killed as it was, tried to change the situation by boarding the enemy army and stealing the weapon Vegnagan under development.

However, he is caught by enemy soldiers. He escapes with Ren, who is chasing him to stop the shoe-in, but is surrounded by Bevel soldiers.
When Ren tried to say the last word to Shuin, the guns fired all at once and pierced the two.

Len and Shuin stared at each other, and Len tried to say the words with the last power, but no voice was heard, and her words were to dwell in the “diva” dress sphere.
Knowing Ren’s feelings that remained in Dressfia, Yuna vowed to stop the shoe-in.

Shuin, who died hugging with Ren, did not die.
However, the regret that he could not save Ren and the grudge against the world of Spira that caused the tragedy remained in the world as negative emotions, and by connecting with the phantom worm, he would stay in Spira as a “shadow”. ..

Until then, Shuin’s “Shadow” remained as a phantom body in the “Sealed Cave” on the Mushroom Rock Road.

Story level 5

Yuna and his friends jump into the huge hole in the temple again to stop the shoe-in and proceed to another world.
Along the way, he meets Bahamut’s prayer and says that the summoned beast became a demon under the influence of Shuin’s negative emotions.

Then we reach a different world where Vegnagan seems to be.
The LeBlanc gang also came to the other world chasing Nuzi.
There, Gipple and Nuzi were already fighting Vegnagan.
Shuin’s “Shadow” has moved and possessed from Nuzi to Baralai, who was trying to activate Vegnagan.

The reason the “shadow” moved from Nuzi to Baralai was because Vegnagan had a system to identify hostile objects and automatically take a defensive response.

Nuzi, who was trying to destroy Vegnagan against Shuin’s “shadow”, boarded the Under Bevelle alone, but Vegnagan, who responded to Nuzi’s hostility, escaped to another world.

Shuin’s “shadow”, who decided that he could not approach Vegnagan with Nuji as his host, moved from Nuji to Baralai and possessed when the three were facing each other underground in Bevel.

The reason he moved to Baralai was that he was an Ebon member with no knowledge of machines, thought that Veknagan was indestructible and should be sealed, and had no hostility to Vegnagan.

The shock of Vegnagan’s escape to the other world caused holes in the prayer rooms of temples around the world, connecting him to the other world.

And the feelings of the prayer who touched the “shadow” of Shuin through the other world were integrated with the demon and embodied as a summoned beast.