All the Australian Citizens while living in the UK or any foreign country, need a verified passport to travel across the world. A valid passport, having proof of your identity as an Australian citizen, can help you travel around the world without any restrictions. Getting an Australian passport while living in the United Kingdom requires a proper procedure. To apply for the passport, you need to visit the Australian embassy personally, with documents including an Australian passport photo as well. It is essential for a legalized process where your identity as an Australian citizen is verified. Following is the guide, which can help you at every step to get your Australian Passport while living in the UK:

Online Submission of the Application form at Global Website

Before starting the official procedure for the application of your passport, you need to create an account online. After creating the account, you will be further asked for your identity verification. Once you have verified your identity, you can now print out the application form.

The application form is specified and while printing, you need to carefully check for the print layout. Each section in the form requires proper information. You need to fill each section with proper care. Make sure that after filling the form, you sign each of the sections. This is the major step, which will help you verify your Australian identity.

Passport Forms and Your Needs

Generally, the Australian embassy offers two kinds of application forms. In your application form, you will be asked a few questions. These questions will determine the type of passport you need and then direct you to download the right form.

Australian Passport for Overseas (PC8) is the type of form when you apply the first time for the passport. The application form has a set criterion. If you fit the requirements for PC8, then the application form will direct you to this passport. This procedure is the same for both the kids and adults.

Another form is PC7, which is for Australian Passport Renewal. If you already have an expired Australian passport and using it for traveling purposes, then the PC7 form fits your requirements. The procedure for the application of both forms is similar, just the requirements are different.

Required Documents including Australian Passport Photo

While applying for the passport, you need to have your original documents with you. It is necessary for a legalized and verified process for the application. Section 11 of the PC8 form, needs to fill in the Australian date format. Some of the documents that might need the following documents:

  • A completed and printed application form for the passport
  • Your proof of the Australian Citizenship
  • Your expired Passport (If applicable)
  • An Australian Passport Photo
  • Proof of your birthplace
  • Proof of your gender
  • Approved ID Combination
  • Proof of your UK Address

All these documents along with some others are necessary to be submitted for the application of passport.

Evidence of Australian Citizenship

If you are applying for PC8 or PC7 Australian passports, you surely need to prove your citizenship. For this purpose, you have to present the primary evidence of your Australian citizenship. All the shreds of evidence must be in original forms. If you fail to present the evidence, then you will not qualify for the application.

Most probably, when you are living on dual nationality, the country of your residence has all of your information. It might be easier for you in this condition. However, some states have strict rules and laws, and for them, you need to present the primary or secondary evidence of your Australian citizenship.

Submitting the Best Australian Passport Photos

The general requirements require: two identical, good quality color print photos are required. The photos must be clear, focused with no marks or ‘red eye’. A plain light grey or white background is necessary which should be in contrast to the face color.

Your eyes must be open and you need to have neutral expressions. If you are covering your head for religious purposes, then you must ensure that the covering must be in some plain color. Photos need to have the proper dimensions, with 35-40 mm in width and 40-45 mm in height. The Imaging Professionals – passport photos maker or ThePhotoApp can help to obtain the right spec of Australian Passport Photos.

Application Fee and Payment Method

The official website of the Australian Embassy in the UK contains a detailed list of the application form fee. It contains the details of the fee according to the passport-type, age, and other factors. And to pay the fee, you will need a Visa and MasterCard.

Apart from the application form fee, you also need to pay the courier fee. Generally, the deliveries are done to the distant areas and embassies do not pay for the delivery. So, you will also be paying for the fee.


Lodging the Application for Australian Passport Photo

After completing the form, check it out for any kind of mistake. Once you have checked your form, lodge it for further procedure. You must keep in mind that, for lodging your application, your personal presence at the embassy is a must. You need to visit the embassy, no matter how far it is, and submit your application form.

 Interviews for the Final Verifications

Australian Embassy in the UK conducts a thorough interview of the candidates who apply for Australian Passports. After lodging your application, you are called for application in a set timeline. During your interviews, you will be asked the question about your identity, application form, and purpose for the application. If you fail to pass the interview, you will not get the Australian Passport photos.

If you pass the interviews, you will qualify for the passport and the embassy will issue your passport within a time limit. So, getting an Australian passport while living in the UK is not a difficult process, if you go legally for the process.