Ghost of Tsushima

What does it mean to be a samurai? What method do you use to save people? Does the end always justify the means? What if I need to be disgraced? Although these are questions not be easy to answer, it fulcrum have you represent the journey of Hitoshi Sakai – the hero Tsushima of ghost last effort of surprise – the last of the samurai who survived the attack on the Mongolia of the island of Tsushima , Who must question both his beliefs and himself in a desperate mission to free his land.

Le Exclusive PlayStation 4 Often there is a lot of conflicting emotions in the community at launch (see recent case) Last of Your Part 2 ), and the ghost of Tsushima is certainly not too late.

Since the first public release of the actual gameplay, the game has stunned most of the players, assassin’s creed with a battle sequence that looks highly scripted and a playstyle that reminds us of all the stories very closely .

However, many people had to change their minds about the pads they had in their hands. More classic open-world “Ubisoft” than the cliché , but go a step further and bring the player’s senses to a breathtaking world full of poetry and attention to detail. .. Own.

Tsushima Ghost Story Story

Narrated at the event Tsushima Ghost , they sometimes license some stories to make everything more enjoyable, but they are the XNUMX century of what happened in Japan at the end of historical reality .

Mongolia’s invasion of Japanese territory From Tsushima Island , unlike the Japanese army, he first experienced the ferocity and barbarism of the enemy army, but was equipped with a new and terrifying weapon, gunpowder.

Like most open worlds, Ghost of Tsushima starts the game in a more cinematic, scripted sequence before putting the character into the open world.

In this case, it’s tragic Comoda Battle A few samurai tried to waste to oppose the landing of the Mongolians on the island, but all (or almost) were brutally slaughtered.

In fact, the young man was lucky enough to be treated by a good Samaritan woman before it was too late, not by the surviving Hitoshi Sakai miracle or divine intervention.

It seems that the desperate situation before our hero awakens cannot escape. The Mongolians slowly occupy all of Tsushima, the samurai fall into battle, and live in Jin, the last man who can oppose the invaders, the only hope that the island and its inhabitants must expel the invaders. I will.

Therefore, the latter is forced to compromise as the event progresses. Code of Ethics A brave samurai who is not well suited until he becomes a ferocious and ruthless warrior called a “ghost” who can fight enemies to those of the noble Japanese swordsmen.

Samurai and Specter

One of the most striking examples of XNUMX that comes to mind when it comes to gameplay and direct combat in the open world is Batman by Rocksteady , and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed mentioned above.

The ghosting sensation of the Tsushima pad is pondered between the two hybrids , on the one hand-especially available during the game’s stance adventure when various skills are not available in the early stages run with a few keys Take a look at Assassin’s Creed’s more systematic and controlled system, created by parades, evasions, and attacks that can be done.

Unlocking, Jin’s true potential But this changes, and our samurai, like Batman, are equipped with weapons and gadget weapons that allow them to approach all types of enemies efficiently and effectively. Dance quickly and deadly on the battlefield.

Above is the fulcrum of this combat system stance , XNUMX one fighting style replaceable on the fly in combat at a pressure of R2 + another key, This not only increases the damage to the enemy, stance it is very effective But they are real combos , different for each position.

Therefore, the sword battle evolves as the character progresses, providing players with a sense of fulfillment to complete certain challenges and quests that provide access to new movements and tools for Jin.

From this perspective, it shows how to choose-the game design stage -it’s not just superficial to enemies who don’t include system locks on the developer . In fact the first, get lost and there is no button that can remain locked the enemy of view, and proceed with the game, surprise he will remove this feature intentionally, gin that is to move gracefully and deadly on the battlefield Makes it possible to get more advanced capabilities Flow XNUMX The fixed view of one target does not slow down or stop the action.

In addition to the classic frontal approach, remember to mention the possibility that one will face everything in some way stealth quietly eliminating enemies unaware of our existence. Also, this mechanic’s Tsushima Ghost is nothing very innovative or unpublished. Silent killings from behind, bells that attract and quarantine enemies, enemy alert levels displayed on the screen, and more.

Since Jin is an agile mountaineer, it’s not easy to move illegally because it eliminates various enemies both vertically and horizontally, and even if you face different missions with this approach, the game will keep players Forcing an open field charge and doing it stealth is certainly the most efficient way to complete a variety of primary and secondary quests.

A lively and vivid world

The ghost of the ceremony open world Tsushima is probably raising the nose that many users are still hesitant to buy the game. This genus has actually reached saturation in recent years, but except in rare cases ( Wild Breath ), this type of title is a bit like everyone else.

It was hard to imagine that the infamous sucker punch coming from such a series would radically change his open-world classic formula, and in fact it wasn’t. As expected in the introduction, in fact, Tsushima Ghost respects everything The open world classic norm game market is where the XNUMX years have been accustomed.

Far Cry camps, assassin’s creed tower-climbing mountains, statistics, interesting places to increase encounters with random enemy patrols, and more. However, a feature of this title is that these points are often not shown by NPCs or the XNUMX next quest to follow on the map. Due to the nature of Tsushima Island .

For example, hot springs that can increase the health of gin emit white smoke that can be seen from the top of trees. So if a player finds a row of steam while riding, follow it to find this point of interest.

Alternatively, the golden bird and fox mechanics, if followed, could lead the god to shrines and other hidden places, hidden places in the world, otherwise they could be found on vast maps. can not.

The ghost of Tsushima is therefore a playfully living open world that somehow renders . Reward players on horseback exploring the map like wanderers with no specific goals.

Poetry for the eyes and ears

A title that will help you surpass the “copy” rank of the open world with the impressive technology and arts division Tsushima Ghost to enhance this sense of wonder and discovery .

The settings and glimpses offered by the Japanese islands were literally breathtaking, and given that we’re talking about the PlayStation 4, everything became even more incredible. Seven-year shoulder service.

Healed in all aspects of the La Art Direction game, in addition to the immense work on lighting, reflections, wind and weather, and the realization of flora and fauna, the Ghost of Tsushina is impressive Blood aside from the effects of the physics engine .

In fact, depending on the direction of the sword’s blow, blood stains on the wall or ground reflect the actual direction of the cut given to the opponent.

In cutscenes, especially at the most important moments of the plot, the game takes the direction of most movies and is inspired by the legendary Samurai movie Akira Kurosawa , Kurosawa mode this with optional XNUMX settings Turns the game into black and white, giving the movie a 60’s cinematic effect.

In conclusion, Tsushima’s Ghost Sucker Punch has created a true love letter for Japan in the feudal era of the XNUMX century.

Just like Sakura , the combat system has made Chin , what was originally shown as just a closed bud, great. Respecting Japanese culture and customs , the title-open world skeleton has been seen and modified in the XNUMX personality, but cleverly combines old and new mechanics to involve players in the world with a poetic embrace.

We are producing products that can be used. Success where others have failed .