Hearthstone Legend

Every time Hearthstone performs a version update, it is often a crazy and confusing moment, because too many new cards are added, or too many strange decks are shared by players like there are still some people.

Is trying to form controlled hunting suitable for this version.

Basically, this time is still very messy. However, it has been more than a week after the release of the version, and many more powerful decks and cards have slowly surfaced.

If the players have not spent the magic dust on a certain legend card, or it is not clear which cards the meta needs to synthesize, then take a look at the information we have compiled for the players this time, maybe you can bring it Your new ideas Yo!

1. Howling Dragon

Hearthstone Legend <Black Witch Forest> expansion pack update
Hearthstone Legend expansion pack update

Let’s make it clear first: this super crazy card is one of the most incredible decks we have seen in Hearthstone.

If you want to get out of the snarling shaman’s continuous skills, be prepared to face a 5-minute animation loop, because each battle cry effect will be activated again and again, until your opponent dies.

This is a great deck member, but for players in a hostile position, it is very uninteresting.

As you might expect, Blizzard will study this card carefully in the next few weeks, so there may be some updates in the near future.

Even if it is weakened, you can return all the magic dust, so why not synthesize it and make yourself happy?

2. Voodoo doll

The voodoo doll is an interesting card because its effect can hardly unlock any creature, but he is just a low-cost neutral card.

Yes, it takes some delay to trigger this effect, so you need to find some way to kill the voodoo doll; but in any case, this is a very powerful feature.

The mage should have a special interest in this card because you can kill it with heroic power in the same round, and then trigger its assassination effect. If it is a control deck that has sweeping-and can clear your own minions-we suggest that you should also refer to this card.

3. Flash Fox

Flash Fox is a valuable card under the thieves. It can randomly select a card from the opponent’s deck and add it to your hand.

It also has a good physique as a 3-cost card, so you can join any thieves deck you might want to play.

And you can also appreciate those works of art. If none of these are necessary, then there is nothing else to say.

4. Nightmare Aggregate

This card may be the most fascinating card Team 5 has made in Hearthstone.

Nightmare aggregates can be considered as each unique type of subordinate: element, machine, demon, Murloc, dragon, beast, pirate, and totem. And his physique is also quite good as a 3-manage card.

This card may be the most fascinating card Team 5 has made in Hearthstone.

Nightmare aggregates can be considered as each unique type of subordinate: element, machine, demon, Murloc, dragon, beast, pirate, and totem.

And his physique is also quite good as a 3-manage card.

5. Rotten Apple Tree

Every update seems to have a new and excellent taunt control deck.

In the past, there were stone hill defenders and tar creepers; this time, there was a rotten apple tree: 5 mana has 4/5 physique (not bad), and it can restore 4 for your hero upon death Hitpoints (this is better).

This card is the kind of tenacious hand, which can effectively attract the hatred on the card, not only slow down the opponent’s speed but also help yourself to restore blood — but it is just a normal level card!

6. Black Witch Forest Grizzly

Yes, we may be lying when we say that every update will bring a new taunt controlling man.

The Black Witch Forest Grizzly is crazy against the fast-break deck because it can provide a taunting creature with up to 12 health points, allowing them to try to step on his corpse.

However, his HP rarely has a chance to reach such a high level, because every hand of his opponent will cost him a bit of health; however, the fast break deck usually loses four hands or less in the fifth round.

This means that this grizzly bear is at least 3/8, which is awesome! However, if it is against the control deck, the situation will be worse.

7. Campfire Elements

Take a look at this furious fiery man. If you played an element in the last round, he will draw a card for you with a 5/5 physique.

He can make a perfect match with other mage-exclusive element cards, such as Steam Pentium, Pelosi, and Flame Fountain, providing a new prototype after the ice method is over.

Firebat recently stated that he believes that the Elemental Method has great potential in the expansion of the Black House Forest, and this card is why he is so excited about its potential.

8. Lord Godfrey

Warlocks have hell flames, but that is not enough to clear the field; they have shadow flames, but this is still not enough; then, they have blasphemy, which is good, but it still has his shortcomings. Now they have Lord Govrei.

At this point, if you still insist that Warlock does not have a clearing card, it would be a bit silly, to be honest.

Lord Govrei can purge any of you who are in front of him.

He can trigger an effect like blasphemy, but it can also leave a 4/4 creature on the scene; he can perfectly add to every popular Warlock deck now, which is really an outrageous card.

9. Lunar Eclipse Python Baku

The odd and even decks have always been one of the big gimmicks in this update of the Black Witch Forest.

However, while Gene Greymane has been fighting for even-numbered decks in an admirable way, Baku and the odd-numbered decks are arguably one of the most promising combinations so far.

Odd Saints have been leading this type of deck for a while. The deck is focused on mass production and enhancement of Silver Hand recruits; there are some possibilities for odd wars, as players are looking for a way to resurrect past tank cards.

Group, can bring a lot of armor; odd hunting is another possibility if you like to punch your opponent in the face. Basically, in these two decks, this card is worth yours.

10. Town Announcer

So far, we have introduced many sprint cards on this list, and the last card introduced is half of the entire list.

The Town Announcer is not a sprinting creature, but his ability to draw a sprint from the deck is very crucial for sprinting.

And this is why fighters are currently the only profession most often used by players to form sprint decks.

The Town Announcer is an ideal one-cost creature, he can be matched with other cards, such as the ax of the militia commander, Crowley, and woodcutter.

Try to synthesize this card to try your deck!