For the latest gaming industry news make sure you visit gaming industry 247. In a few years we have gone from videogames alone: ​​from the basics such as machines, to the current one, where everything is completely gamified, offering emotions that we would never think to see in Casinos. Video games have become competitive to the point that online sports are being considered as possible disciplines for the Olympic Games. And the industry does not stop there. As we said before, the industry is constantly evolving for the better, adding new things that make games even more exciting and engaging for the most demanding audience.

If you think the gaming industry is small, take a look at this fact. The money that moves the game today is greater than that which moves sports and Hollywood combined. Microtransactions and DLC have enabled a new cash flow in the industry, which has translated into increased annual revenue. There have been many big announcements made over the years, and as VR and AR take center stage in this industry it will continue to grow exponentially.

These are some of the future technologies that will revolutionize the world of video games

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality)

Both virtual and augmented reality have already come into our lives. Although the launch is a little slower than expected, it is the winning bet and the main asset of the industry, virtual reality and augmented reality will revolutionize the gaming world.

That’s where the games are headed, and we’re okay with that. Can you imagine being able to play your favorite through a pair of VR glasses? Companies these days develop fully interactive worlds where everything is at your virtual hands. Augmented reality will complement virtual reality and revolutionize the way we play, no matter if it’s poker or a cool new FPS.

Cloud gaming is already here thanks to services like Google Stadia. The Playstation 5 also allows you to play games on the go through cloud saves. However, cloud gaming is expected to take a step forward very soon and make hardware irrelevant. Well, most of it. Big Tech companies are investing heavily in cloud gaming. Stadia may not have worked that well yet, but it’s sure to evolve for the better. Others will develop a more immersive platform that will ultimately take cloud gaming to the next level.

AI: the game changer

If there is one technology that will change the rules of the game in many industries, including gaming, it is artificial intelligence. And it’s already running. Studies have made NPCs more sophisticated thanks to advanced levels of AI. These random characters are rarely random. They are built with behavior trees and can make complex decisions in the game, and that will only get better with time.


Having AI generated narrative content is taking things to a whole new level. Unlike what many previously thought, it has evolved beyond being a part of the overall gaming experience. Artificial Intelligence has evolved into a game creation experience, and it is the ultimate disruptive change that may lead the industry in the near future.


The Metaverse is one of the most searched topics on Google, and those who search for it are correct. This theoretical concept has dazzled many of the world’s leading game companies, and also offers a close look at the future of gaming and interaction. The Metaverse will have it all, allowing you to play with your friends in a completely virtual environment that transcends the world we live in. It will include both VR and AR, and will most likely come with its own cryptocurrency economy. Although it is still in the early stages, we can already see how the Metaverse will revolutionize gaming. Games are being created for this environment as we write this article, and they all look fantastic. The Metaverse is every techie and gamer’s wet dream, and it’s finally here at our doorsteps. It is not just a virtual environment for games, it is the future of all kinds of games.