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It’s time to take the fight to Zamorak. After storming the gates of his undercity and defeating his Jailer and Ritual Leader, you’ll face him in battle. You’ll need the Edicts of Guthix to defeat him once and for all, though it’s not as easy as a walk in the park. Still, the dungeon and beating him is an excellent chance to earn some RuneScape gold and some titles to go along with it.

But first, a bit of the mechanics of the Zamorakian Undercity and its two minibosses.

The Elite Dungeon Zamorakian Undercity

The enemies’ health in the dungeon scales to the number of party members. That’s a 1:1 correlation. If a Greater Demon Savage has 100,000 life solo, it goes up to 400,000 if there are four players in the dungeon. The enrage mechanic also affects this, so plan accordingly.

It can be challenging to navigate with its narrow corridors and well-hidden entrances. The instance is also vast, and it’s easy to get lost. It’s filled with demons and humans alike. Hunters and Houndmasters periodically summon hellhounds, and Ritual Keepers can summon Pyrefiends. There are also Dark Mages with various debuff spells and Elders and Masters who cast more powerful magic. Your first task is to fight your way through to the prison area. Make sure to target the Witch Menders and Lifeweavers first.

The prison area is in the upper right quadrant (when you divide the city by four, with the cathedral at the top as a fifth section). It has 2 upper floors the Jailer boss will teleport to at specific portions of the fight. You’ll have to chase him down those floors until he stays on the bottom, and you can defeat him.

Then the next destination is the cathedral located on the northern end of the dungeon. You can find the Ritual Leader there. She hits real hard, and she has this attack where circular marks move along the ground. Getting caught in one can cause significant damage that is likely fatal when you are inattentive with your health.

More than those two, there are several other minibosses to contend with. The two above are just who you need to beat to access Zamorak. The others are like bonus bosses you can avoid, though they may increase the loot you can sell for RS3 gold. It’s up to you to defeat them or not.

Consult a guide, so you don’t get lost! It will save you time, and you can avoid the minibosses you don’t want to fight.

RuneScape Zamorak Battle Overview

Zamorak is the final boss of the dungeon. Opening the battle are six channelers you have to kill first to make him vulnerable. To defeat him, you must establish the Edicts of Guthix and deplete his health to zero. If you’ve kept his rage at 99% or lower, this ends the encounter. He has two bars: his actual health bar and a power gauge when he tries channeling power from the Edicts. More on that attack later.

The battle uses the Extra Action Button. It teleports you to Infernus, where you can handle the channelers and the final phase of the fight. It’s also used in 100%+ enraged encounters. Infernus gives the player a ‘Choking’ debuff that increases damage taken and decreases damage dealt. You’re out of range of most of his regular attacks here, but his Chaos Blast attack can reach, so it’s not a safe place.

RuneScape Zamorak’s Attacks

Auto: He uses both magic and ranged attacks. Fireballs from his left hand cover magic and spiked projectiles from his right hand cover ranged.

Flames of Zamorak: Preceded by Zamorak yelling, ‘This world will burn,’ he’ll stab the ground dealing two hits of melee damage. The third hit is accompanied by black fire on random players. These fires will inflict the Flames of Zamorak debuff. It’s a stackable timer that significantly reduces the affected player’s HP when it runs out. You can go to Infernus to detonate the debuff early at the cost of more severe damage.

Chaos Blast: Zamorak’s deadliest attack. He’ll shout, ‘I will tear you asunder,’ as he curls up into a ball. When he finishes charging up, he’ll yell, ‘Feel the rage of a god,’ and launch a red projectile that can hit for up to 25k typeless damage. You can interrupt his charging by successfully stunning him. Then you fill a secondary damage check to force him to release the projectile early. It cannot be blocked, but defensive abilities can mitigate damage. This attack can hit you even in Infernus.

Infernal Tomb: Teleports all players to Infernus. Chaos Demons will try to invade Gielinor at this time. They will target players in the arena if allowed to pass through. Players receive a rune they have to match to get out of Infernus. If they make a mistake, they’ll take damage instead. Zamorak will charge up his Chaos Blast during this mechanic.

Adrenaline Cage: Clears the protection prayers of anyone hit by the attack. Targets will have prayers disabled, and a yellow circle will appear in their location. If they run from the ring, they get damaged with a typeless attack, their Adrenaline drains by 10%, and they suffer halved adrenaline gain for each hit. Staying in the circle only deals magic damage with no other effects. Zamorak will shout, ‘Chaos, unfettered!’ when using this attack.

Channelers: When he shouts, ‘HEED MY CALL,’ a chaos witch channeler will appear in Infernus to reinforce Zamorak’s control over the Edicts. They must be defeated to regain control and charge up the runes.

Corrupted Rune: Zamorak declares, ‘You are already dead.’ He puts a red rune around him, with two concentric circles. Black sludge will run along the circles in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction (may change mid-attack). Players caught in the sludge will get stunned, while standing in the red areas will damage you. This attack prevents you from teleporting into Infernus and charging up a rune.

Last Stand: With 100% or more enrage, Zamorak will pull all players into Infernus for one final battle. He’ll channel the power of his corrupted runes and hexes in the reverse order of how they were activated. A chaos demon will also spawn; it must be killed to keep it from interfering in your fight.

Disrupt his ‘world-ending’ attack by attacking the runes in the order that they flow to him. A mistake will hurt everyone in the party. Successfully canceling the attack will make Zamorak vulnerable, but he’ll still strike back with powerful AoE spells. Repeat until his health is 0.

Runes and Hexes

After defeating his channelers in Infernus, you can start charging up the Edict runes for some buffs. However, every time you do so, Zamorak will also cast hexes to empower himself. There are six runes. Each one has a corresponding Edict and Hex.

Rune Hex Edict
‘B’ Rune (looks like a B) Twinshot: Zamorak’s attacks have a delayed second hit with 10% of the original’s strength per stack Anima Flow: You gain 2% (per more Adrenaline per basic attack you do
‘E’ Rune (medial position, a line with a bulge in the middle) Smite: If Zamorak’s target gets hit for 5% of their Constitution level (per stack), they will be executed (instant kill). Bypassed by Immortality Haste: Cooldowns are reduced by 20% of their original duration per stack
‘H’ Rune (similar to an asterisk) Coven: Zamorak periodically summons Lifeweavers (heal for 1,000 HP) and Protectors (reduced damage taken by 25% per Protector present) to support him. This rune does not stack. Inner Chaos: When near a Hexed Rune, you deal and receive 5% more damage
‘A’ Rune (looks like a tree branch with a downward protrusion near the middle) Disintegrate: Zamorak’s attacks penetrate through 7% (per stack) of any shielding effect Guardian’s Triumph: After using your ultimate ability, your next basic attack will have 20% more damage and will heal you for 8% of your lost HP per stack
‘V’ Rune (similar to half a cactus) Chaos Traps: Zamorak will spawn traps across the arena, damaging players who step on them. Traps appear around the area and on the runes each time one is activated. Sword of Edicts: Standing near the rune will let you deal 5% more damage and take 5% less damage.
‘E’ Rune (terminal position, see above) Affliction: healing effects for players are reduced by 10% per stack Balance of Power: When HP is below 60%, you deal 6% more damage per stack


The way this works is Zamorak will cast the hexes as you try to activate the Edicts. Charging a rune and stacking its effects will also have the boss stack the debuffs. It is recommended you don’t pile on Haste too much, as you don’t want to be Smited too often. It’s just not worth it. Also, note the order you activate them, as that will come in handy during 100+% enrage encounters.

Activating these runes will also deplete his secondary HP bar. When it has been reduced to 0, you can damage Zamorak until the next 20% of his health to trigger the next phase of the battle.

RuneScape Zamorak Battle Rewards

The first notable reward is a T95 bow, the Bow of the Last Guardian. You’ll receive the weapon in pieces you must put together to form the bow. Its passive ability is a buff that stacks whenever you hit an enemy. When you’ve reached a stack of 8, your target gets damaged based on your last-used ability, and your stacks reset. Its special attack deals a good chunk of damage, plus reduces the passive requirement of 8 stacks to 4. The best part is its color customizability.

Along with this bow, you can also get a T95 armor set. That’s the Vestments of Havoc, a ‘glass canon’ armor set. It sacrifices defense for incredible offensive power and has the highest damage bonuses of any armor! It also has set effects that extend the duration of Berserk and increase your max Adrenaline.

You can get a pet, the Zammo the Rak! It’ll be rare, but you can be sure it will be worth a ton of RS3 gold. By the time you defeat Zamorak 500 times, you get a skin for him.

There are also several titles you can get by beating this boss. Here are some examples:

  • Lord of Chaos (defeat Zamorak with 500% Enrage, variants at 2,000% and 4,000% Enrage)
  • Wrath of Chaos (defeat Zamorak solo with the above conditions)
  • Godslayer (complete Zamorak’s collection log)

Fighting Zamorak allows you to learn a new ability, Chaos Roar. It will double the damage of your next hit, making it a good combo with other hard-hitting special attacks. It’s an excellent addition to your arsenal.

Lastly, you can craft the Blank Codex into Greater Sunshine and Greater Death’s Swiftness. These are the upgraded versions of Sunshine and Death’s Swiftness.

Fight Zamorak, Save Gielinor

Reading all of this might make the fight intimidating. Fortunately, it’s possible to do the dungeon and fight Zamorak in Story Mode, which you can use to practice. Note that the mode makes it easier, but don’t underestimate Zamorak too much. He’s still lethal in any difficulty.

After about 25 defeats, you can go straight to fighting him and skip the dungeon. However, running through the city for the loot you can sell for RuneScape gold would still be beneficial.

Hope this helps you in fighting Zamorak, and you get the rewards you want. Remember to have fun, cooperate with your team, and beat this boss.