Devin Millar, a famed independent animator, songwriter, and singer has created a song titled “Unite” which has an animated music video on Devin’s YouTube channel.

The song is about PROJECT UNITE. A series of modifications created for the PC versions of newer Need for Speed games. These include Heat, Payback, 2015, Rivals, and Unbound and were created by a team of fans worldwide. These mods revamp the game’s visuals, and gameplay functions, and are commonly praised by the racing game community. These changes were significant to the series’s lifespan and has led to PROJECT UNITE becoming a member of the official EA Creator Network. This song adds more celebration to their message.

When the modification for UNITE Heat came out, Devin created a song with an animated music video on YouTube. The song itself was released on the streaming services Spotify and Apple Music 4 weeks later. The animated video was the debut of Jack, a non-binary teenage boy who sings Devin’s song, is his cartoon avatar, and in this video pays homage to the modifications of which the song is based on.

Devin himself plays these games in his own time  and this is how he got inspiration to create a song. He animated the video the night after the first mod was released, with the mindset of celebrating this dedicated team’s achievement.

The song and video has been viewed on YouTube many times, and charted in numerous countries around the world. You can check it out on Devin’s YouTube channel.