First Person Shooter Games

Apex Legends, the most popular shooting game

The popularity of this free fighting game has exploded. In one week, it received more than 225 million downloads. Following other shooting games of the “Fornite” and “Battle Royale” genres, its creators bet fast, and take a lot of action and good strategic returns.

The research experience has been fully proven. Does Titanfall 2 sound familiar to you? In fact, it is the creator of multiplayer shooting legends. They combine amazing graphics and weird stories. These fantastic walking guns and tank games bring incredible game power to gamers.

The authenticity provided by the graphics games is the most compelling part of the APEC legends. It attracts ordinary shooting game fans and those who are less interested in such PC games. Yes, this is free fps first person shooter game.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive, one of the most contradictory free FPS first person shooters

The biggest challenge may be “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” for those who already have some “callus” in PC FPS or first person shooter. Shooter Dynamics requires excellent skill to handle the player’s game keyboard. In fact, due to difficulties in the learning process, many people who downloaded the game have already quit the game.


Now, those who act well and make quick decisions have shown good performance and surprise people with good performance and powerful graphics. Despite this fact, these graphics are far from the best in the industry.

Doom, twenty years at the top

It was one of the FPS games that most influenced the development of the entire video game sector in the 1990s. In recent years, Betheseda has dared to reissue Doom , with a very good result that has convinced the most veteran players and conquered the new generations of gamers.

Of course, due to such high expectations, the result of the multiplayer option has been strongly criticized because it is the main attraction of the original shooter. What they are trying to maintain is the essence of the war. Now that improved graphics have become realistic, 3D audio-visual creation is now possible, allowing players to feel a part of Doom’s world again.

Waterface, one of the most free PC FPS

Here, we again did a study that knows the needs of video game players. In this case, Kritech is committed to a teamwork approach without resorting to shooting games.

Water face is a free first ocean of games that rewards each user for completing tasks and good teamwork spirit. If you also received teamwork training!

If you are the most classic player and are just looking for a quick skill-based game to achieve your goal, you can use the real battle mode available since 2020.

Black Squad, the best free classic PC shooting game

How is it different from other first-person shooters? The Black Team promises you this: Many types of players are in extreme conditions, with death toll and bloodshed. Does it contribute to the team? Additionally, but most importantly, they should pay attention to the way the game transitions.

Of course, the game involves the purchase of goods to improve the outcome of your game and become more deadly. Technically, it doesn’t require great graphics or powerful RAM to play. Obviously, if you have a very old PC, you will face difficulties, but you do not need a powerful PC for gamers.

Quake Champions, a demanding FPS

It’s been available in the desktop version since August 2018, and it doesn’t disappoint. All the speed, multi-game modes, all the weapons you want from the franchise, and the best soundtrack will immerse you completely in the game.

The biggest limitation of this shooter game is the system required to fully enjoy the game: at least 1GB of memory and less than an AMD R2920 graphics card. Does your computer not meet these minimum requirements? Sorry to let you know that ID Software has not yet released the game console.

Planetside 2 or how to treat the world as a hat

Here we find a base of the type of Risk but in an FPS version with more action and more emotion: you will have to maintain the key territories and associated resources in a battle that involves hundreds of players for several days. In gamers forums, there are those who even relate how they have experienced battles that have lasted up to a week.

Teamwork? Of course. And there are many personal tasks. The best You can take part in various battles and battles, which will never let you get tired of launching this free FPS first-person shooter PC version.

Team Fortress 2, a safe value

Seven years already have the Team Fortress saga entertaining players from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if they are experienced or true fans of free FPS first-person shooter for PC.

The reason, his deft way of balancing quick battles with a great need for strategy if you want to survive. All this spiced up with simple, but very competitive game modes, and the option to select single or multiplayer mode.

Call to arms

Halfway between military strategy games like Risk and first-person shooter games, Call to the arm is the perfect hybrid: melee action, with or without weapons, and a dose of military intelligence.

The first FPS emerged in the seventies and eighties; games like Doom created the school of first-person shooter games with technology that is far from current. As of today, the impact of the FPS first-person shooter video game industry for PC and consoles accounts for more than 25% of industry-wide revenue