6 best free driving, car and racing games

We offer you a list of  6 best free driving, car and computer racing games. With these lists, we have completed the cycle of free PC games, which brought you the best RPG and MMORPG games, shooting games and strategy game. Now it’s time to play a game for lovers of racing and speed.

From the beginning, I want to warn you that I have added several subgenes to this list, so not all subgenes will be racing games, although they always have something in common, meaning you will drive or compete in it. The idea behind this decision is to offer the widest variety of different game types, thus avoiding the legacy of games that are not nearly clones.

In this list, you will find many free games, most of which are free games. This is one of the main ways to develop the currency, release the currency for free and then make small payments to gain an advantage or speed up unlocking. However, we also have some completely free and open source games that are complete and have no payment options.


We start with mixed types of cars, which makes classification difficult, but among these types are arcades and driving, so although there are no cars, we still include them in the list. This is an arcade game title, you have to drive your own plane and follow the marked path through the huge city. Our goal is to go as far as possible and get more points as you stay longer.

The mechanism is simple. In the infinite process, you will see the path and some signs after it. If you pass the grade accurately, you will get a score; if you get more combos at the same time, the score will be higher. You will have to do everything when you avoid the buildings, because if it collapses, the game will end.

This is the official game of the Petrobras Brand Cup in Brazil. This is a free simulator that can bring you all the competitive fun of car models from different manufacturers and their main tracks. The game has no microtransactions or payment systems.

The modeling of the circuit and the car is very good, and the physics is also very successful, although the graphics engine is a bit old and can be displayed. Remember, this is a simulation game, so it will be more fun while driving, and if you are one of the people who prefer casual games, you may find it a bit complicated.


Now, we want to make a slightly different proposal. This is a post-apocalyptic online multiplayer game in which you will have to climb on the back of the vehicle / fighter to face the opponents and destroy them. It has a Mad Max-inspired aesthetic, and its fight is player-to-player in online mode.

The basic game is free, although on Steam, you can pay for more packages or DLC and it’s expensive. You can use a variety of modules to create the vehicles you play with, these modules have thousands of possible combinations, a huge arsenal and the ability to trade with other players or buy parts with your money.

Late City Riders

This is a game for one person, the graphics are not as spectacular as you can see in this list, but there is a very interesting suggestion. You don’t have to compete with others, but you can pass the test of time, you have to cover a route in a certain time.

No, it is not as easy as it seems, because there are impossible bends, slopes and jumps on the tracks. With power, you can also collide with other cars and shoot your character until he falls into another car that will start the race. The difficulty of all 20 levels increases quickly, so you won’t have time to get bored.

Nitro Nation

A traction racing game is a kind of accelerated game, the goal being to see who wins the first game. In this title (which can also be used on mobile phones), you will have to forget all the things that are not accelerated and focus on changing gears at the right time. No bending, no impossible curves.

The game uses real cars and it is possible to improve the improved products that you have to buy in the garage by earning money from the race or taking something out of your pocket.

Project CARS – Pagani Edition

“Project CARS” is an excellent work. It is based on classic works like “Gran Turismo” and released a special free version for Steam in 2016. This version is limited to 5 cars and 2 tracks, but this is a great way to compete for free in the top games.

This version of the game includes Pagani Huayra, Huayra BC, Zonda Cinque, Zonda R and Zonda Revolucion, as well as the Nürburgring and Nordschleife, Monza GP and Costa Azul circuits to be tested. It also includes full support for virtual reality, as well as simple ways to compete and counter time.