Best Batman and Best Joker

So far, we’ve talked about all the work and talent for creating the new Gotham defender, but in the end there was a factor that crowned the work of Lockstand and Dini: the main character’s soul can only be distinguished by the voices of Batman and Joker. These are Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill.

For Conroy and Hamill, this is not a challenge, but a reunion with some of themselves. One of the dreams of Batman fans. The duo is already known for their work in “Batman: Animated Series” and even collaborated on subsequent games. However, even if they are familiar with Dini’s work, the project will ask them to do their best.

When “Batman: Arkham Sanctuary” was released in August 2009, no one missed Nolan’s “Dark Knight” license. Although Heath Ledger’s jokes have received unanimous praise, Hamill is still fascinated with the same intensity. For players, it’s just as important for Warner and Lockstand itself, and they left clues throughout the game for the sequel.

It is said that the base “Batman: Arkham City” was designed during the development of “Batman: Arkham League”, but this is not completely correct, but Roxsteady and Dini created, but did not The idea, the nuances and the amount of materials and ambition to do it are wonderful. Looks like he leaves them in the ink tank. Therefore, in October 2011, will come the direct continuation of the Batman phenomenon in video games. Call for history.

Batman: Arkham City (Arkham City) keeps all the elements to conquer the fans and bring them into an open world. In other words, it is by far the best entertainment in Gotham City. Logically, Batman needs to update his library of actions and abilities in the city and raise the elements of invisibility and investigation to levels never seen in video games.

Although, to be honest, what is really memorable about this sequel is its plot. A person who can deal with any crusade work, brought Batman out of his limits from beginning to end and brought him back. A must for a bat, in addition, can have a first-person experience.

At some point, everyone wants their own Batman: Arkham. Or at least something similar. A mixed formula of action, environment, investigation and invisibility. As examples, we can say “Remember me” from Capcom, Ubisoft’s own “Watch Dogs” and even most news after the restart of the famous “Tomb Raider”. It is no exaggeration to say that the new phase of Assassin’s Creed also borrows many elements from the game.

Their veins. SEGA’s adaptation of Marvel’s first-stage film made the same mistakes as Batman’s previous work, while Activision experimented with “Spiderman” and “Mutant,” but did not achieve the same commercial success and influence as Rocksteady. At least on the console.

Obviously, at some point in the industry, the type of action itself received comprehensive feedback from the mind, so the game will more or less eventually incorporate many elements of Arkham rooted in the ground. After all, Insomniac’s own Spider-Man, or in its own way, the official Deadpool game has the same audience as Rocksteady’s proposal.

However, Rockstandy still has a lot to tell. Or at least an excuse for us to climb – finally! -Batmobile.

Can you defeat Batman: Arkham City?

The development of the third game “Batman: Arkham” began shortly after the release of the sequel, but the alarm did not sound until August 2012. Paul Dini, who wrote the first two races, got out of the car. Moreover, Dini did not participate in the revenge scenario of the Harley Quinn DLC. This is not due to the lack of persistence of Warner Bros. and Lockstand.

It’s interesting to put it in context: we’re at the dawn of the next generation of consoles, and Warner isn’t going to cool its new star license. So while Rocksteady is shaping the future of Batman, his Montreal department buys time by bringing the lost chapters to the table: As you guessed from its name, “Batman” Arkham Origin “gave fans a prequel, especially first class. This legend also strengthened Batman’s character.

Rocksteady advised the Warner Montreal team and restored many important elements of the precon (such as combat aspects). More importantly, they even tried to increase the depth of the scene by increasing the diversity of enemies.

However, although it is an excellent game, it was overshadowed before the first installation. And Conroy didn’t express his Batman voice (which is reasonable, because this is a prequel), which didn’t help much.

Finally, in the summer of 2015, with the success of the hype and the technological development of a new generation of game consoles, the legendary brochure will appear: “Batman: Arkham Knight”. Technically, this is a completely different game from a technical point of view, which was called from the beginning the final chapter of Legend and Conroy’s Batman. Rocksteady puts all the meat on the grill.

problem? In addition to the disastrous release on PC, although it is an important heir to “Batman: Arkham City”, the last chapter of this chapter can also be considered one of its own hype beyond expectations. Excellent and excellent game: Yes. Of course, this is essential, and its plot and design will make anyone get lost in the new Gotham. Especially this time, we will have the opportunity to get in touch with the impressive Batmobile. The best legend? May be.

However, if we are bold and critical, we can say that it is not equal to the first two parts in detail. A different factor that makes them truly unique: the way we look and make his Batman, we bring him in a way. At least at the plot level, there is an excuse.

“Batman: The Legend of Arkham” (including “Batman: Arkham Origins” and “Blackgate”) does not have the original trajectories, but overall it was and continues to be the highlight of superhero games and is a video game. one of the biggest references in action. modern.

Something insurmountable? Well, the threshold is high enough that games released in the short, medium or long term do not cover it. But this does not mean that the new star formation can transform everything again and set new standards. In fact, although we like the “Batman: Arkham” legend, we can’t wait to see how Warner and Lockstandy outdo each other.